Crested serpents shoulderThis article is part of the Crested Serpents fluff.
The Crested Serpents are a Chapter of Space Marines specializing in jungle warfare.
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Dracius Fortam is the third Chapter Master of the Crested Serpents.



Born into one of the many isolated tribes on Vitam, Dracius spent his childhood and early teens fully exposed to the dangerous planet. He became a skilled hunter and smart survivor.


Aged 17, Dracius was on a hunting expedition that led him into the area of the jungle above Nidum. He came across a group of Scouts training and followed them for some time, trying to find out about them.

Early life

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Captain of the 2nd Company

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As Chapter Master

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As Chapter Master, Dracius has access to the best equipment from the Chapter's Armory. Dracius rarely chooses the large elegant weapons that other Chapter Masters favour. He would much rather customize a simple weapon.

  • Little Prasius. A highly modified bolt pistol. Little Praesius is fitted with a scope, extended reach and is able to fire specialized ammunition.
  • The Shredder. This chainsword has belonged to Dracius since he was first recruited into the chapter. It has since been customized to make it even sharper and stronger.
  • Nature's Gift. The scale from a slain Hadracus named Profanos, crafted into an durable storm shield.


Having spent an extended period of time as a scout, Dracius excels at stealth and careful planning. He is an outstanding marksman and ferocious warrior.