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It's a collective name for Regnum Aquilae’s vast armies.  

If a need arise every able bodied man and woman may be and will be conscripted into it. Normally however, in its ranks serves around 1~3 percent of planets population. What's more, women are conscripted only in extreme situations, because they are the key to maintaining steady population growth.


Line Brigade

Basic organizational unit of DDF is a Line Brigade, composed of 3~6 battalions.  They in turn split into 2~6 companies divided into 2~6 platoons. Each platoon is composed of from two to four ten-man squads and a five-man command squad.

Las Weapons

Las Weapons: 1- Lasrifle; 2- Four-barrelled Heavy Lasgun; 3- Lascarabine

Heavy support.

Each company has a pair of heavy support squads attached to it. Those heavy support squads consist of from three to five fire teams, each of which is armed with heavy bolter, las-cannon, heavy flamethrower, auto-cannon or mortar.  

Every battalion has a artillery battery composed of four gun howitzers.  

Each Line Brigade is supported by an independent artillery company, composed of four artillery batteries, and a heavy artillery battery. Moreover some Line Brigades may have infantry support tank company attached to them.

Mechanized infantry and infantry brigades

Line Brigade, as opposed to Conscript Brigade or Support Brigade [composed of those under the age of 17 or otherwise consider not suitable for combat under normal circumstances], means that in its ranks serve professional soldiers or fully trained conscripts. So both mechanized infantry and infantry brigades may be called Line Brigades.

Tank brigade

Tank brigade is composed of 2 battalions.  They in turn split into 4 companies divided into 2 platoons. Each platoon is composed of 4 tanks, once of which is a platoon’s command tank.

Every tank brigade is supported by a battery of self propelled gun howitzers and anti air defense company.

Siege brigades

Formed after the Siege of Mavalis. They utilise uniforms and tactics copied form the Death Corps of Krieg, with only addition being standard DDF Dragoon armour hidden beneath the long coat.

DDF Machine Park

Silesia Pattern Leman Russ Main Battle Tank


Silesia Pattern Leman Russ Main Battle Tank

Vulkan Pattern Tank Hunter


Vulkan Pattern Tank Hunter

Legio Morfeus - the Sleeping Knights

It's a Titan Legio who has sworn it's allegiance to the White Eagles. Originally composed of those few tian engines evacuated by the Zahrandits from their home forgeworld, it has significantly grown in size since as more and more titans joined it ranks - either constructed or "liberated".

Operating outside of the Imperium and away from most stable warp routes forces of Regnum Aquilae are always in need of more firepower, and when such a need arises Legio Morfeus is always there to provide.

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