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The Disciples of Charon are Warband of former Guardsman and other forces that have fallen to Chaos and declared their Alliegence to the Daemon Prince Charon and to his Patron The Changer of Ways Tzeentch. The core of this force is the 1st, 2nd Telios Imperial Guard Drop Regiments and the Telios PDF that were Corrupted on the day of their Founding by the Bringers of Change   Chaos Marines.


The Disciples of Charon were once part of the innumerable legions of humanity that formed the Imperium of Man and their God the Emperor of Mankind and for years the World of Telios was one of the Millions of Worlds that Provided Troops for the Imperial Guard. The Telios Regiments originally Followed the Cadian Regiments in Organization and millions of the Worlds Population died in hundreds of Wars on a thousend Worlds until a chance Meeting with the Famed Elysian Drop Troopers Convinced the Planetary Govener of the need for Drop Troops of their own and set about Forming 2 new Regiments that aped the famous Regiment, that was in 972.M41 and the Planet looked forward to continuing their Service to the Emperor but the Winds of Fate had other Ideas. By 976.M41 the 2 Regiments were ready for service and the planet began preparing for the traditional founding ceremony and with Navy Transports already enroute  everything seemed to be proceeding as planned and even the reports of Warp Storms in the nearby Systems couldnt damage the World's sprits. When the Worlds Astropaths confirmed the aproach of a fleet the Governer assumed it was the Navy Transports and even ordered the Planets Defences Offline so when The Bringers of Change Fleet Broke Warp they were completely Defenceless but the Planet still had 2 full Regiments of Imperial Guard and the PDF who would surely put up a stiff defence but as soon as the First Drop Pods Landed they threw down their weapons and pleged Alligiance to Charon and to Tzeentch. Everything had been planned, the Formation of the Regiments, the Warp Storms everything all part of the plan for little did the Governer know but he had been working for the Changer of Ways his entire life in order to Provide Charon with the Forces neccesary to convert or corrupt yet more forces for Tzeentch. With these new units The Bringers of Change awaited the arrival of the Imperial Navy and when they Broke Warp they were assaulted from all sides as the Girgons carried out boarding actions on every ship in sight which were soon overrun with the Forces of Chaos and their Daemonic Allies. With the Navel Ships secured and the Planet's Population Loaded onto the Transports and Ships the Bringers began the Process of turning Telios into a Daemon World but they would never finnish the rituals needed as soon an entire Brotherhood of Grey Knights Warped into the System, drawn to the Daemonic Corruption like Moths to a Flame but these were not the easy Prey the PDF and Imperial Guard and Navy had been as these were amongst the most powerful of the Emperors Followers. They smashed through the thin Traitor Line and Made for the Planets Surface where they easily overwhelmed the Human Defenders and made for the Summoning Grounds. The Bringers of Change Leader Thanatos was fully aware of the Grey Knights but unlike the fanatical followers of Khorne the followers of Tzeentch plan ahead but even ther best plan can be undone and as the Traitor Marines were boarding their Thundehawks the Grey Knights fell upon them with righteous fury and cut the Traitors down where they stood, Thanotos tried to stem the Loyalists with his formidable Psychic Power and turned several of the Grey Knights to Dust but even though he was a mighty Psyker there was one amongst thre Knights who was even more Powerful and the two fought on both the Material and Immaterial Realms until Thanotos was finally bested and blasted with a beam of pure warp energy that left him unarmed and helpless. But Charon was not about to let her Chosen Champions Fall and Summoned Daemons to help and soon the Grey Knights were faced with Hordes of Flamers and Horrors. With this destraction what was left of the Bringers was able to escape first to orbit and them to the Warp while on Telios the Grey Knights finished the Cleansing of Planet which was soon destroyed from orbit leaving no trace of the Former Inhabitants. Since their Corruption the Telios Units have Been Reinforced by Cultists and other Traitor Units including Ogryns.

Battle Doctrine

The Diciples of Charon, since their fall have tried to maintain the dicipline that the False Emperors Imperial Guard are famous for and to that that end they continue to operate in the same manner as before. The regiments commanders are fully aware that a diciplined force is more effective than a mindless rabble and so the 2 Drop Regiments and the PDF operate as they did before but the Remainder of the Diciples of Charon are little more than Cannon Fodder consisting mainly of Cultists. Battle plans therefore consist of the Cultists wearing down enemy forces before the Disiplined Forces destroy any pockets that are too tough for the Cultists. Armoured Vehicles are uncommon and most are light Vehicles used by the Drop Regiments such as Tauros assault vehicles, Leman Russ Tanks have been seen operating with the Diciples and these are suspected to have been a Part of the PDF's Armoured Units.


Exact Numbers are hard to determine but it is known that at their fall the Drop regiments Consisted of 2,000 Men each and the PDF consisted of 8,000 giving a minimum of 12,000 and when combined with Cultists, Imperial scholers believe there may be 18,000 in their ranks.

Notable Campaigns

Corruption of Telios (976.M41) - An attack by the Bringers of Change resulted in the Corruption of the PDF and the 1st and 2nd Telios Imperial Guard Regiments with the overthrow of the Planetary Governor, unfortunaly the Grey Knights intervened and killed all but 8 of the original Gorgons. They escaped into the Warp with the Corrupted units and Imperial Navy Ships. The Telios Units form the core of the Children of Charon.

Corvedai Massacare (979.M41) - The first confirmed assault of the Diciples of Charon was an attack on the Corvedai System in which they executed a massive drop Assault on Corvedai V Destroying the Worlds PDF and capturing their equipment, 38 White Scars were also cornered and Destroyed by The Bringers of Change.

Notable Diciples of Charon

General Bartlett - Former Colonel in Chief of the Telios PDF and now senior Commander of the Diciples of Charon although he is still subservient to The Bringers of Change, he is completely devoted to Charon and was probaly, aside from the Planetary Governer, the first to be Corrupted.

Governer Edwards - The Former Planetary Governer of Telios now reduced to a Chaos Spawn, by rights he should have been destroyed years ago but is kept by General Bartlett a pet.