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The Desert Griffons are a chapter of the 25th Founding loyalist Space Marine chapter. The Desert Griffons are based near Zoragon space in order to combat the growing Zoragon forces being amassed by T'eyucion the older. They are seen as filling in the role previously filled by the now destroyed Bronze Vipers.

The Desert Griffons are known for their planetary strikes, with a heavy use of drop pods and flyers. The chapter, while headstrong, strictly follows the Codex Astartes, and maintains good relationships with the Ultramarines and their successors.


The Desert Griffons were created to originally combat the ever growing Chaos threat gathering near the Eye of Terror, more specifically the warband known as the Berserkers of Arnkorn.

However in M41.878 Zoragon military leader X'pelous the Cruel started to attack Imperial worlds, culminating in the Battle of Havenport, where the Desert Griffons lost against the Zoragon forces. The Desert Griffons were directed to protect mankind from the Zoragons.

Favoured weapons/tactics

The Desert Griffons usually have a vanguard of Thunderhawks, Storm Ravens, Storm Eagles and Strom Talons spearheading their armies, before deploying squads of Space Marines to engage in short range firefights. Drop pods are also dropped from the atmosphere and distribute tactical marines to take objectives on the battle filed. Thunder fire cannons are usually used in lieu of tanks such as Land Raiders.


The Desert Griffons adhere strictly to the Codex Astartes, basing their chapter structure around the teachings of Gulliman. This results in the chapter being made up of the stranded 10 companies, each led by a captain, and overall comprising to roughly 1000 marines.


The Desert Griffons are based on the barren planet known as Yeth. Yeth has small spread out cities, with the larger ones being based in the mountains. Often the bulk of the recruitments come from these cities, though residents of the smaller towns are sometimes used instead. Rarely the nomadic people of the great deserts are taken in the night and recruited instead.

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