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Surkan, a very talented and powerful member of the Librarius of the Winged Knights, he lived and served during the 41st Millennium as one of the best Epistolaries the Chapter ever had in its service. In line to be the next Chief Librarian of the Chapter, Surkan never reached that point because of a very pivotal choice that he made.

He was also noted as being the most skilled Biomancer ever to have served in the Winged Knights, though far from the most skilled to have served as a member of the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. It was this particular set of skills that played a role in his Renegade status as well as attracting the interest of the Inquisition.

The Sealed Records

By order of a body unknown - presumed to be the Inquisition - the surviving records pertaining to the life and deeds Surkan, later labelled as the Dark Epistolary, were sealed and removed from the care of the Chapter presumably to be kept by the Inquisition. It was always thought by those who suggested that the Chapter was indeed compliant with Surkan's actions that the Chapter retained a copy of these records, but such suspicions could never be proven.

Contained within these records are fragments and outlines that attempt to detail the actions and associated defiance that led to his Renegade status, the Chaos Taint and enhancement suspected of being present in the days or even weeks of his life, and the possible circumstances surrounding his resurrection at the hands of the Ruinous Powers. It is thought that, though the Ruinous Powers - specifically Nurgle - had a hand in sowing the seeds of corruption months or even years leading up to his death and resurrection, his loyalties did not actually shift until the twilight of his life.

The Buried Truth

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Current Activities

Fighting his former brethren in the Conflict of Corruption, Surkan is working to not only bring members of his former Chapter into the service of Nurgle, but also works closely with The Infectors of his Warband. His aim with working so closely with The Infectors is to see if he could use them to make turning or killing his former Battle Brothers somehow easier.


Some time during the final years of the 41st Millennium through circumstances unknown to the Imperium, Surkan resurrected into the service of the Chaos God Nurgle - presumably as a result of his corruption during the days or even weeks leading up to his death. His allegiance now firmly with the Ruinous Powers, he serves as a sorcerer in the Plague Bearers Warband - a once loyalist Space Marine Chapter that fell into the service of Nurgle centuries before Surkan's own fall to darkness.

Once a skilled Biomancer, his skills now make him incredibly apt at the sorcery typical of the servants of Nurgle. Much like he was among his former Loyalist Brothers, he is one of the most powerful sorcerers within the Plague Bearers Warband.


Upon his resurrection, the mutations Surkan possessed were typical of any other servant of Nurgle. His psykic gifts combined with his skills as a Biomancer in life before his resurrection afforded him the ability to mutate himself in ways that often escape description. He has even been able to warp and 'mutate' his own armour to fit his mutated form.


Because of his gifts in terms of being able to mutate himself and his armour, he often does not carry any weaponry unless it allows him an advantage that his mutations cannot offer. This means that - with the exception of one incident during which he bore a particularly powerful Relic Staff of the Warband - Surkan has never gone into battle with anything but himself and his armour.


By Surkan

"I... am mutation. I am... disease... I bring death. BLESSED BE... FATHER... NURGLE!"
—Surkan changing into combat with his former Battle Brothers of the Winged Knights.

About Surkan

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