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Technical Specifications
Type Interceptor Operational Ceiling Unknown
Vehicle Name Daggerstar Class Light Interceptor Max Speed 2,500 kilometers per hour
World of Origin Buhilia Range Unknown
Known Patterns Kraelis Prime pattern, Buhilia pattern Main Armament 1 Tiple Linked Lascannon, 2 Multilasers
Crew 1 Secondary Armament two missile hard points, 1 multi-role hard point
Powerplant Unknown Main Ammunition Unknown
Weight Unknown Secondary Ammunition 2 or 3 missiles depending on loadout
Length 15.4 meters Armour
Wingspan Unknown Superstructure 30 millimeters
Height Unknown Hull 30 millimeters


The Daggerstar is a small starfighter used as an interceptor in the Kraelis Sector. It was a descendant of the locally produced Star Knife Interceptor model but unlike its predecessor was designed for full operational capability in space. The Daggerstars entered service shortly before contact between the Imperium and Kraelis and remained the primary Starfighter model of the sector's battlefleet.

A movement among the officers of Battlefleet Kraelis who had been assigned to task forces sent to nearby sectors and seen the Fury class Interceptors, and Starhawk class bombers used by the bulk of Imperial battlefleets led to the creation of the larger Swordstar class Interceptor in mid M41 Daggerstars remain the primary Interceptor craft for Escort size Carriers, and larger non-carrier warships.

A M40 attempt to develop a successor design to the Daggerstar which would require fewer complex components, thus making it cheaper to build and easier to maintain. This project ended in disaster when it was discovered that thinning the plating around the fuel tanks made them exceptionally vulnerable to attack and other forms of damage leading to a large number of losses from near misses or minor debris strikes which wouldn't significantly harm the older model. In recent years rumors of a second successor project have been heard on the sector's forgeworlds but no such model has entered production as of late M41.


The Daggerstar class interceptor is 15.4 meters in length. It carries a single pilot and two dedicated missile hard points along with a third multi-role hard point. On Daggerstars assigned to carriers this hard point is typically used for a third missile or a disposable fuel tank while the rare planet based Daggerstar wings usually equip this hard point with a booster to allow the craft to reach escape velocity. In addition to the hard points the craft carries a nose mounted triple-linked Lascannon array and two multi-lasers with one at the end of each wing. The Kraelis Prime pattern carries thicker armor but suffers from slower acceleration and a lower maximum speed and is rarely used outside of units based near the forgeworld of origin.