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Da Gretchin Of Tzeenlch


Gretchin Clan



Current Big Sorcerer Mech

Gark Da Zappa

Base Planet

Anchus IV


Eye Of Terreor


Chaos, Tzeenlch

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Favored Weapons/Tactics

Lots of sorcerery and lots of techy stuff

Killak Kans

Killa Kans 1
these fun sized killing machines are much more well equipped and have magic infused into them making them just that more dangerous also any that join the small collection that they have are upgrade and painted to a blue and gold.

Doom Buggies

The fist doom buggies were simply the ork ones readjusted for Grots now they have there own which are incredibly fast and dangerous however there was one problem in the beginning they were simply shredded to bits solution, mini force field that surrounds the buggy using a miniature version of the ork mek force field which provides allot more protection. Although the Buggies are still easily shot down most of them will survive at least a few battles instead of breaking in the fist one because someone shot it with there pistol.


This is one of the more unique contraption partially no to are ever built magically the same nore last more than one battle the interesting thing is that they are controlled by minor demons trapped inside which has one objective destroy the enemy and that is what they do some are simple devices like a large killa kan without the pilot and instead one of the wrecker devices or a could be a large battle wagon loaded with a  bunch of explosives that charges right down to the center of the enemy than goes kaboom  on the occasional there are the creative ones like a kopter that flies over the enemies lines scorching them with arcane fire that one didn't last as long as the owner would have liked. the most famuse creator is Rik the Builder who is obsessed with them creating the most effective and crazy ones around (for example one that actually stayed functioning for three battles strait).

Battle Wagons

allot more well armed and armored than ork one these usually head a Truk charge right through the enemies lines with spikes and whatever else the builders stick on it (including chain weaponry on the bow usually) with lots of mounted heavy but short ranged weaponry these will break just about any line this module is called the demolisher for it's incredible effectiveness there are other types but this is the most common it's crewed by heavy asult Units capable of even further damage should their Wagon get disabled.

More to come.




non known

Notable Gretchins

Gark Da Zappa

""Dis is ma Zappa Sticka And if ya Don't Listen ups I ist gona Stick you had with it.""
—Gark has said this to people may times when they don't follow his orders, and i is quite effective if they know what it feels like to be zapped with it.

Rik the Builder

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