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"We provide tools constructed from incorruptible metals and designed solely to deliver destruction. We are the Dealers of Death adhering to the will of the Omnissiah!"
—Kistor, Current Fabricator of Cyansus

Cyzansus (pronounced: Kai-zan-sus) is a Forge World located in the Sertarian Sector and it's establishment was paramount during the sector's reestablishment in the 40th Millennium. This particular Forge World produces no unique pieces of technology with the exception of one tank -- the Siege Breaker, which are a variant of the Baneblade.

Cyzansus spends large amount of resources supplying its home sector, with abnormally high amount of it's resources going to the Sertarian Sector as well as one of its neighbouring sectors. However, equipment made on Cyzansus has been used in a number of sectors across the galactic south-west of the Segmentum Pacificus.

Historical Overview

Cyzansus was built relatively quickly for a Forge World, resulting in its output and product quality being less than satisfactory for a number of years. Slight improvements over the years were made, but the sheer demand for war machines in the Sertarian Sector alone often upgrades difficult.

Discovery of STC Designs

During either the late part of the 40th Millennium or the early part of the 41st Millennium (since records of the exact events were neglected in light of the importance of the discovery), a number of technological designs that were determined to have originated from an STC machine were discovered in a lost archive in the ruins of a once Imperial world. Presumably left there for several millennium, many of the designs were incomplete or damaged beyond all usefulness. There were less than half a dozen designs that were usable, with all but one relating specifically to relatively obscure yet important technologies found primarily in the manufactorums of Forge Worlds.

Cyzansus Industry

The last STC design to be found was a near-complete design for the Siege Breaker super-heavy tank. Several details were missing, but such details were never eve guessed at for fear of committing heresy. Instead, the Siege Breaker was produced based on the near-complete design.

After the discovery of these designs, the manufactorums of Cyzansus were improved significantly and the quality of the world's output increased dramatically. They also became the first producer of the Siege Breaker super-heavy tank.


Though Cyzansus has been in existence since the early days of the sector in the 40th Millennium, the planet did not see any real conflict until The 2nd War of Sertarian, where a vast splinter of the Waaagh! attempted to make planet-fall. Due to the planet's substantial planetary defense systems as well as a presence of the Imperial Navy, very few ships Orks ever made it planet-side alive. The surviving Orks were picked off relatively quickly. Since that conflict, their defensive capabilities have become even more substantial, with the entire system in which Cyzansus is located benefiting greatly from the protective capabilities of the Adeptus Mechanicus' defensive systems.

In every subsequent war, Cyzansus has played a very significant role and its equipment and forces widely employed (especially given up until relatively large number of infantry regiments that the sector generates).

In 998.M41, the production of Siege Breakers was increased in order to meet the needs to the quickly growing conflict as well as replace the surprising losses of super-heavy tanks the war had inflicted.

Iconic Technologies

Siege Breaker Super-Heavy Tank

The Siege Breaker super-heavy tanks are a variant of the Baneblade which are larger and give up their Baneblade Cannon in favour of a second Demolisher Cannon. Their increased size is a byproduct of accommodating for the second Demolisher Cannon and its ammunition.

The Siege Breaker is a particularly useful tool against the Orks even though the style of warfare the tanks are involved in is not the sort of conflict that tanks were designed to be employed in. However, due to their veterancy against the Orks, the Sertarian Regiments have learned to employ tactics that allow them to use the Siege Breakers - especially the Demolisher Cannons - in ways that very few others would be able to do.

The tank was first developed on Cyzansus after the discovery of an STC design in the late 40th Millennium that allowed them to fabricate the tank. Currently Cyzansus remains the only Forge World to produce this tank, but Fabricator Kistor is in the process of allowing 'neighbouring' Forge Worlds to produce the Siege Breaker.