Crested serpents shoulderThis article is part of the Crested Serpents fluff.
The Crested Serpents are a Chapter of Space Marines specializing in jungle warfare.
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The Crested Serpents are a chapter of Space Marines specializing in ambush tactics. They are most deadly when fighting in jungle environments.

The Crested Serpents organize themselves strictly, as written in the Codex Astartes. Despite their formal structure, the Chapter has a surprisingly lenient attitude towards the use of animals in warfare.


The Crested Serpants are named in honour of the huge reptile that inhabits their home planet of Vitam. The creature is called a Hadracus and is at the top it's food chain.

The Hadracus is a rare and respected animal. It resembles a large snake with a frilled crest around it's neck.


Founded around M36 during the 19th founding, the Chapter's father chapter is unknown. They are suspected to be derived from the Ultramarines or Salamanders but neither are confirmed.

The Chapter has seen five chapter Masters. The current Chapter Master Dracius Fortam has been in command for almost 500 years.


The Planet Vitam where the Crested Serpents originate is a jungle planet teeming with life. The indigenous people live at one with the environment, discreetly manipulating nature to survive. This attitude has affected the tactics of the Chapter, who have been known to embrace wildlife and incorporate animals and nature into their battle plans.

Crested Serpents put a lot of focus on their scouts. As a final part of their training, Scouts must survive in their harsh jungle without technology. The recruits are forced to use their initiative and instincts to out-manoeuvre the deadly wildlife.


Crested Serpent vehicles are decorated as the Codex Astartes instructs. The Chapter relies heavily on vehicles. Crested Serpents field less tanks than other chapters, as they are usually unsuitable in jungle environments. The chapter favours smaller vehicles that can navigate rough terrain.

Image Description
Bike cs Bikes are popular among the chapter as they are ideal for navigating thick forests.
Dreadnought cs Dreadnoughts are ideal vehicles for Crested Serpents. The fact that Dreadnoughts move using legs rather than wheels means they are far more suitable for thick undergrowth. For this reason The Chapter usually field Dreadnoughts where other chapter might use heavy tanks.
Land raider cs Rarely filded in battle, the Chapter's Land Raiders are treated with great respect.
Land speeder cs Most Crested Serpent battle forces field 3 or 4 Land Speeders. These light vehicles can easily navigate jungles, recover information and ambush the enemy.
Rhino cs Marines of the Chapter prefer Bikes as a mthod of transport but are more than capable of fielding rhinos. These bulky vehicles will quite easily mow down trees to get it's passengers to the heat of the battle.