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"I thought I would never forget about her but then I thought- "

Crame Rumkowski is the brother of Chaos Lord Cain Rumkowski. A Chaos Champion of Chaos Undivided, Crame is a drifter among the Brethren of Spite, caught up in a life of pointless sex and drug abuse.


The Brethren of Spite

"Technically, yes."
—Crame, when asked if he would join the Brethren of Spite followed by a "Rock N Roll".

Crame joined the Brethren of Spite when the warband formed in 739.M37. His connections to Cain offered him various places as a lieutenant or champion, though he often rejected those in favour of engaging in substance abuse and wandering around.

Personality and Traits

"Rock and Roll"

Crame Rumkowski is lazy, inattentive and self centred. Easily forgetting peoples names and mixing them up, Crame finds it hard to build relations and often seems to be in a constant daze and generally simply wanders around. Crame is also generally passive and rarely becomes angry or upset unless quizzed or grilled by anyone he actually knows exists, such as Cain or Drow. Crame is also incredibly impulsive and erratic.


Physically Crame is similar in appearance to his brother Cain, with his helmet split along the middle producing a quasi grin across his 'face'. Crame also often wears a pair of thick black shades over his eye lenses for reasons unknown.



"Your a lazy good-for-nothing bum Crame. Do you think your father would have wanted this?"

Cain and Crame have a strained and distant relationship. With neither really liking and other and leading almost completely different lifestyles and with totally different personalities, the two struggle to get on and often quarrel and bicker. Ultimately Crame serves as another enforcer to Cain, but rarely preforms his duties and simply indulges himself at Cain's expense.

Drow Thel

"Your never going to know me!"

Crame at one point desperately pursued Drow's hand in marriage for reasons unknown to anyone but himself, eventually becoming bitter and disheartened for but a brief moment by her refusals to accept his pleas.



"Rock 'n' Roll"
"Yeah? Who is this? Cain? Xaphon? Rock 'n' Roll."
—Crame answers a vox call
"I wonder if Drow goes wild during battle. I wonder if gets crazy easily. Or at all. I won't go to battle with a girl who doesn't. If I can't make a girl come... Hm, I'm hungry..."
"A great numb feeling washes over me as I let go of the past and look forward to the future. Pretend to be a Daemon. I don't really need to pretend, because it's who I am, an emotional Daemon. I've just come to expect it. Daemons are real. That I was born this way. That I feed off of other people's real emotions."
"My names Cain. Cain the Chaos Lord."
—Crame impersonates his brother
"Mitch has it. Give the man his money, Mitch."
—Crame tries to convince Orion Strasse that Mitch has his money.


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"Stop deliberately misunderstanding me"
"Sorry, I prefer classical."
—Calios Kottel, Lord of the Void Sirens