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Coven of Dark Fates

Founding Dates:

  • Order of The Emperor's Tarot: 027M35
  • Became the Coven of Dark Fates: 241M36


Numet Sub-sector (AKA the Steel Saint Sub-sector)

Center of power

Hekate, Bastion of Dark Truths


  • Inquisitor Xen John
  • Mae Suhmers
  • "The Fallen Saint"


  • 2,300~ Fallen Sisters of battle
  • Thousands to Millions of liberated Heretics

Once known as the Order of the Emperor's Tarot, the Coven of Dark Fates is responsible for the spread of Chaos throughout the Ecclesiarch controlled Steel Saint Sub-Sector. At the core of this fallen Coven is the Rogue Inquisitor Xen John, who had caused the fall of the Order of the Emperor's tarot to Chaos, and the Order's former Prioress Sister Mae Summers. Together with an army of fanatical followers and a keen knowledge of the inner most workings of the Imperial Cult these two have begun a crusade of liberation freeing several worlds from the lies of the Imperial faith.

History of the Fall

Crusade of the Saint of Steel

Little is certain about the Crusade of the Saint of Steel, what is known is that the Numet Sub-sector and all the surrounding Sub-sectors were once beleaguered by the forces of chaos as well as the foul Greenskin hordes. During this time a unknown, and assumed, Adeptus Sororitas Sister emerged amongst the people of the Numet Sub-Sector upon the Sub-Sector's capital world of Asteria.

No man, woman or child saw the face of this Saint even after her passing, instead her steel helm was all any ever saw or knew her by. Instead the miracles she exhibited and her firey will to drive off the dark powers of chaos in the name of the Emperor made her seem as lively and understandable as if she had never donned a helm. With almost no support from outside their own sector the people of Numet within fifty years had driven out most of the Chaotic taint from their lands, while what remained of the Greeskin's might slowly withered and died.

With new-found zeal the people of Numet returned their lands to the service of the Emperor erecting mighty temples in the honor of their undying lord. Meanwhile a new Order of Adeptus Sororitas found itself around the Steel Saint. Naming themselves the Order of the Emperor's Tarot, as when the Steel Saint is near it is the only Tarot one will find themselves ever drawing, they began to vigorously re-teach the truths of the Emperor to the people of their Sector. However the Saint of Steel's life and Crusade would be cut short, tricked by chaos forces the saint was left alone with against several champions of the dark gods. While the Saint was victorious her life was forfeit, though her body never recovered her will, that the Order of the Emperor's Tarot watch over and teach the people of Numet remained.

Peace of the Order of the Emperor's Tarot

Following the Death of the Saint of Steel the Order of the Emperor's Tarot entered into their own golden age. Times were relatively peaceful for the Order, while the enemies of the Imperium are tireless and never ending, in the Numet Sub-Sector neither Chaos nor Xeno taint could lay hold. For nearly a millennium the Order lead the devout people of the Numet Sub-Sector and all the surrounding Sub-Sectors as they held back the tide of darkness with faith, fire and strength of arms.

With the Order of the Emperor's Tarot nearby local Ecclesiarchs boasted that the Numet Sub-Sector could be held by faith alone, often overlooking the fact that the entire sector in the said past millennium had also hosted the good graces of a powerful presence of Imperial soldiers and a fleet of Imperial warships all of which held the Dark Forces further at bay from the Numet Sub-Sector.

During this time the Order of the Emperor's Tarot served as a way point for a great number of traveling inquisitors, wandering Missionaries, and of course Confessors and Cardinals should they pass by the Sisterhood's abbots. The Order of the Emperor's Tarot in it's Millennium of relative peace had become a home of faith more-so than a militaristic order, though in the eyes of the sisters that was a sign form the Emperor himself of the power of their faith..

The voice of the Inquisition

The downfall of the Order of the Emperor's Tarot began near innocently enough. A single Inquisitor by the name of Xen John appeared in the Numet Sub-Sector hunting heretics, most notably a cult naming itself the Cult of Lies. In a move the Sisters though obvious he went to their Abbot seeking a place of refuge and assistance. Prioress Mae Suhmers answered the Inquisitor's request, seeking to prove her sisters in true battle and to serve the Emperor even more greatly than she had before she swore herself and her Covenant to the service of the Inquisitor until such a time as he had driven out the taint from within the Numet sector.

However what Xen John uncovered shocked Mae and her sisters, never had they imagined what this inquisitor would find had existed just beyond their sight. Instead of a small cult of foolish chaotic followers more and more signs of corruption within the Adeptus Terra and the Adeptus Mechanicus were found. Even the soft spoken words of the Inquisitor, muttered to himself when he thought that the Sisters could not hear him, went to further incriminate the other Organizations proving them further corrupted than the Sisters had ever feared.

Quickly the Prioress sent warning to the rest of the order, those outside the Adeptus Ministorum could not be trusted. Soon those of Mae's covenant began sharing tales of the corrupt nature of the Adeptus Terra and the faithlessness of the Adeptus Mechanicus, urging their fellow sisters to keep a wary eye on these waiting heretics. Few sisters listened to these warnings in the beginning, surely this was simply something born of inexperience and a weak faith. However soon enough events would prove to the sisters who doubted that indeed the warnings of Prioress Mae and Inquisitor Xen might indeed prove true.

Agents of Chaos disguising themselves as Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus as well as forces of the dark ones from within the Departmento Munitorum, even some disguised as agents of the Adeptus Arbites worked together launching several coordinated attacks against the Ecchlesiarchy and the Order of the Emperor's Tarot. These attacks, followed by now convinced Ecclesiarchs and Sisters preaching against the Adeptus Terra and Adeptus Mechanicus, drove a widening wedge between the Adeptus Ministorum and it's two sister organizations. Urged on by further attacks and a unusual lack of Imperial aid, eventually the Order of the Emperor's Tarot lead the way demanding a purge of the Adeptus Terra and the Adeptus Mechanicus leaving only those they themselves knew were pure. While Xen and the local Ecclesiarchy supported the Order's decision, the Adeptus Terra and the Machine Cult cried treason declaring the Order as radical traitors to Imperial Throne.

Fall of the Order

Soon Numet was wreathed in civil war, on one side the Ecclesiarch, the other, the forces of Imperial rule in the Numet Sub-Sector. The nature of this war devastated the Ecclesiarch in Numet, churches were torn down and many a preacher and devout follower of the emperor was gunned down by foreign Imperial Guard forces. But the damage to the Imperial rule in Numet was just as severe as frenzied followers of the church slew any that the Confessors and preachers of the church deemed corrupt, without a second thought. Marginally protected from this the Order of the Emperor's Tarot was able to watch in silent horror as, in their eyes, the Imperium tore itself asunder and more corruption than ever before came pouring through the wounds.

The long worked plans of Xen Jon worked as he had intended. The Ecclesiarch and the Imperium in the Numet sector were at war with one another an no mater which side won his benefactors would reap the reward. Over the years as he pretended to search for heresy, creating false cults and heretics around the Order, Xen had prepared the sisters. With unnatural tongue he introduced dark thoughts to the sisters' minds, and with great deception he caused the sisters to spill blood which would serve to subtly taint the souls of the entire Sub-Sector. Now with his plan coming together and Numet ripe for it's fall, Xen turned his attentions to the last obstacles in his path.

First he began with Prioress Mae and her Covenant, these sisters had long been closest to Xen John and each of his most subtle corruptions had accumulated within them. By this point, unless he could cause these women to fall into the darkness then the corruptions within their hearts would eventually come to notice, enlightening the Ecclesiarch to the true Heretic. Beginning with Mae, he privately visited each of the sisters using his unnatural tongue, his otherworldly charms, and corrupting logic he eventually caused them all, one after another to submit to his will. Each sister pledging their allegiance to Xen. For those of the Covenant who did not fall quickly Xen used the might of those already taken by the warp and dark sorcery to bind their souls forever dooming them to the madness of the warp.

From there Xen turned on the rest of the Order, subtlety attacking the leadership rotting their very souls from within. Xen's betrayal was never noticed until he finally turned his attentions to the Order's Canoness Superior, whom was considered likely to become the next saint of the Numet Sub-Sector, as the two meet the entire order was gathered outside the primary Abby on Asteria. What transpired between the Canoness Superior and Xen's enthralled sisters is unknown, however even as Xen and the Canoness faced one another the alarm was raised. Soon Battle Sisters raced to the defense of their Canoness only to find their own barring the way, and the sisters entered into the civil war of the Tarot. For days the still loyal sisters fought their own who had been twisted by the acts of Xen John and his followers. The civil war would continue for eight days until on the eighth hour of the final day a cry of dismay echoed from the Canoness' chambers.

Soon Xen and the Canoness left her chambers, the Canoness was enveloped in the corruption of chaos so thickly that it seemed to reach out further corrupting the sisters who laid eyes on her, causing more to turn and serve Xen's dark will. The resistance of the Order continued even long after each sister had set eyes upon their Canoness, however now the soul of the entire order had been thoroughly tainted and many sisters even forgot for what reason they were resisting Xen and his followers only that they need to fight against him. By the eight day's end over half the Order had died, and the last vestiges of resistance in both the sisters and the canoness had faded into the furthest recesses of their minds. With the fighting over Mae stepped forward, she declared the former canoness a "New Saint", herself as the next canoness of the order, and that the order was to be renamed as the Coven of Dark Fates.

The Coven's Rise

With The Coven of Dark Fates behind him, Xen John began to march against the planet Asteria. The Sisters who once served the Ecclesiarchy turned their weapons against the churches and preachers of the Adeptus Ministorum, a great many devout followers of the Ecclesiarch were gunned down brutally by the sisters of the Coven. As the major cities of Asteria watched their churches burned the sisters turned swiftly against the offices of the Administratum and the Adeptus Arbites. Despite already being alerted to the coming of the sisters and reinforced to deal with the political upheaval due to the religious civil war the Sub-Sector was undergoing, the two branches of the Adeptus Terra lasted no more than a couple of hours against the sisters who were set towards their destruction. Last Xen turned his Coven against the governor's palace. The Governor, Xen threw down himself slaying the man while prattling off accusations of treason against the Throne as if speaking a private joke, Xen would then raise the governor's youngest daughter and a member of the Coven to rule in the former's absence.

With Asteria conquered, the Coven of Dark Fates began demanding that new temples be raised over the ruins of the old. These new temples would depict the Emperor as the Coven saw him, the fifth and final chaos god with the other four standing beneath his banner. While the corrupted sisters watched over them, the people began the harsh work of rebuilding what the sisters had torn down. Meanwhile the Coven oversaw a religious rebirth amongst the "stagnant" people of Asteria and as their corruption spread amongst the population spreading like a chaotic fever, the sisters deemed the world to be undergoing a rebirth and as such renamed the planet, from then on the world was known as Hekate. Two years later Imperial forces would learn of what had happened upon Hakate, but unfortunately, or by Xen John's design a number of chaotic raiders would attack the Sub-Sectors surrounding the Numet Sub-Sector and a fleet of devoted worshipers of the God-Emperor, unaware of what had transpired would take position over Hekate bearing tidings and good will from the Ecclesiarchy.

Xen John and the sisters deceived these messengers from the Ecclesiarch, welcoming them while singing praise to the emperor and they accepted them into the deepest reaches of the Coven's Abbey. What transpired inside is unknown, the truth lost as only the messengers truly understood what decree from Terra they carried, however shortly after Mae Suhmer stepped out from within the Abbey she lead her corrupted sisters and their hoards of twisted followers on the attack. Using confusion to their advantage they assaulted the ships of the Ecclesiarch taking them all by storm, as the bays opened up for they emissaries of the church they instead found themselves welcoming the hoards of chaos. After four days of fighting the flagship of the Adeptus Ministorum fleet, Divine Right, again opened it's bays now greeting Xen John and the former Canoness Superior, now going by the title as The Fallen Saint. From Hekate the now desecrated fleet would draw froth a army which would carry the twisted words of the Coven of Dark Fates to the unenlightened worlds of the Numet Sub-Sector and begin a crusade of truth throughout the surrounding sub-sectors.

Militants of the Coven

Sisters of the Coven

The central power of the Coven of Dark Fates is the former sisters of the Order of the Emperor's Tarot. Their power armored forms and fanatical zealotry, leftovers from when they served the Ecclesiarch, both terrify and inspire the heretical forces about them. The fall of the Order of the Emperor's Tarot was so sudden and confusing for most sisters that many still believe themselves to be in the service of the Imperium even as their core beliefs and values have been corrupted beyond recognition.

Sister of Battle

They were once the centerpiece of the Order of the Emperor's Tarot, devoted Sisters of Battle whose prayers, flames and Bolters caused immense fear in the followers of the Dark Gods. Now ,however, they sing hymns of madness, comprised of lyrics no mortal throat should sound. While their weapons strike out at the very church they once were blindly devoted to, they rejoice in the dooming of their own souls. For each of these sisters the story for who they became as such is different, some had the blessing of Xin's private attention, others were brought into madness by the unnatural uttering of their sisters, some where driven mad by the corruption about them, yet some still were bound to the darkness by dark spells, and yet others still were born into this darkness and eagerly sought out and joined their fellow sisters of chaos.

The Weeping Sisters

File:Chaos sister plague.jpg
Born of the Despair of a great many sisters who, retaining a portion of their minds and true loyalties, were forced to watch as their bodies performed unspeakable acts of debauchery, blood-lust and the unnatural. The grieving broken souls of these sisters attracted the attention of the Plague God, who soothed their pain the only way he knows how. Now each sister of this sub-sect weep tears of corrosive plague, their corrupted bodies giving thanks and praise to the Emperor and to Grandfather Nurgle for their new forms. Since coming into Nurgle's influence these sisters often behave in a celebratory manor hosting feasts of rotten food, and visits to lakes of the sisters own corrupted tears. These sisters on the battlefield, wield weapons thoroughly corrupted by their god, flamers that spew corrupted vomit, bolters whose bolts were each drenched in the tears of the sisters, and blades covered in the sisters own waste. The use of these sisters as troops of horror and infection requires little mention.

The Daughters of Wrath

File:Chaos sister wrath.jpg
Once they were the sisters who violently tried to resist the spreading corruption of their Order. However the corruption of the Order was far further than these sisters ever imagined, they themselves were corrupted within their souls without knowing. As the sisters fought their blind rage attracted the attentions of Khorne the Blood God. These sisters slowly degraded as the battle continued on cries of righteous indignation and praises of the Emperor, and became shouts of blood lust and cheers of victory. After each of these sisters fell to chaos they became little more than weapons, either wandering about aimlessly and passively or in a battle rage mindlessly killing. These sisters mindlessly fight and attract the attention of their new god, as well as drawing new members to their number, as cultists and fallen sisters lose themselves to the mindlessness to slaughter and wrath. 

Sisters of True Faith

File:Sisters of the True Faith.jpg
The Sisters of True Faith are the ultimate elite within the Coven of Dark Fates, these few select members out of each of the fallen sisters are the only who truly accepted the heresy of Coven of Dark Fates. Without binding spell or forceful magics these sisters were coerced into the service of Xen by his maddening logic alone. Since then they have received greater attention from Xen and his mad teachings, these favored sisters preach Xen John's twisted faith to all who can hear and in turn serve as both cornerstones for the moral center of the heretics beneath the Coven and as a means to further spread Xen John's corrupting influence. In terms of war-gear these sisters are the most spoiled of the Coven, each receiving the top choice of arms and armor. The Armor of each Sister of True Faith is covered in chaotic runes and wards granting the wearer additional protection and further reinforcing the corruption of the wearers soul. A specialized psychic hood has been added to their armor allowing the taint psykicly infused into their voices to spread further as they preach of heresy.

The Faithful

Even as the Ecclesiarch was thrown down in the Numet sector, replaced by the teachings of Xen many of the people in the Numet sector still saw the Order of the Emperor's Tarot as the centerpiece of their faith. Now with the Imperial forces tearing down their long standing churches and the Sisters of the Order turning to new ideals the people quickly followed, hoping that their new prayers and forms of worships would remove the horror of war from their worlds, or at least alleviate the pain. Within months vast swaths of the Numet Sub-Sector's population had turned to follow Xen John's ideals or completely fallen into the embrace of chaos. Out of these throngs the sisters gathered their new army of fanatical followers.

The Fate Sworn

File:The Fate Sworn.jpg
The Elite of all heretic forces to swear themselves to the Coven of Dark Fates. These forces travel with the Harald of Truth fleet of the Coven, ready at any time to charge forward slaying the enemies of the Coven. Often they would be treated as a screening force for the heretical Adeptus Sororitas sent forth in small waves to judge the strength of a enemy or to slow a certain enemy advance. However despite their treatment as a weak tactical sacrifice the Fate Sworn are the best trained and equipped of the heretical followers of the Coven of Dark Fates.

Each Fate Sworn is given Carapace armor to help protect the wearer and lengthen the lifespan of the Fate Sworn so they might keep pace with their traitor Adeptus Sororitas counterparts. This armor also includes built in support equipment such as a individual vox-set, helmet mounted illuminators, and copies of the Coven of Dark Fate's holy texts. While the armaments of each Fate Sworn may vary they are typically armed with specialized auto-Stubber Rifles, heavily modified Las-Carbines, assault shotguns as well as rocket and grenade launchers.

The Enlightened

File:The Enlightened.jpg
These are the helpless masses, those who were once unenlightened to the truth about the Emperor but thanks to the Coven granted understanding of the true state of their Imperium overlords and the lies about their god they had been taught. The masses lead in their zealous rage by the Coven of the Dark Fates will typically arm themselves with whatever weaponry they can acquire as well as whatever dark blessing the sisters and the local chaos cults can provide before throwing themselves viciously against the oppressive machine of the Imperium that had denied them the truth the Coven had reviled to them. However such troops are scarcely more effective than your average citizenry and are of little consequence to the Coven of Dark Fates, for if they die it was fated as such.

Seers of Fate

File:Seer of Fate.jpg
The Seers of Fate are what few psykers from within the clutches of the Ecclesiarch the Coven of Dark fates could rescue from their horrendous fates. However even rescued by the sisters of the Coven few of these are expected to survive as the sisters have very precise demands of these psykers and will harshly treat any who do not meet their expectations. However those few women who survive the demands of the Coven and adapt to the ideals of the Coven's leader Xen are blessed in the eyes of the sisters often placed before most others. These  Seers of Fate are used to decide which world the forces of the Coven will next invade as well as assists in weaving the spells of 'enlightenment' revealing the truth to the souls of the innocents upon whichever world the Coven sees fit to liberate from the lies of the Ecclesiarchy and the Imperium.

Technically Non-combatants, the few Seers of Fate within the Coven are highly guarded resources. However when placed upon a battlefield their spells often will begin twisting the souls of the enemy making them more accepting of the truth the Sisters preach. Meanwhile in situations where the Seers of Fate can must battle themselves each is a high level psycher with a vast arsenal of powers at their disposal.

War gear

Weapons of the Coven

The Coven of Dark Fates uses a simple variety of weapons most of which are carry overs from when they served the Ecclesiarchy.  However many of these tools of war have either been rededicated to a new force or replaced with a weapon more suitable to their new faith.

Used by the Sisters of Battle

The Former Sisters of Battle amongst the Coven of Dark Fates typically rely upon the same weaponry they had once carried before the fall of the Order of the Emperor's Tarot. As such there is very little difference in their combat style and equipment then that of their loyalist counterparts.

  • Power Armor
  • Bolters
  • Heavy Bolters
  • Auto-Cannons
  • Flamers/Heavy Flamers
  • Multi-Meltas
  • Chain-Swords
  • Power-Swords

Used by the Weeping Sisters

Dedicated to the Plague God the Wargear of the Weeping Sisters has been thoroughly tainted by their god, allowing each sister to happily spread their disease even further while battling in the name of the Daemon Emperor and of Nurgle.

  • Corrupted Power Armor: Corrupted by the powers of the Plague God these suits of once holy armor now serve as the home of thick swarms of flies which further spread plague and disease while also disrupting weapons fire directed towards the wearer.
  • Infested Bolters: The Bolters of these sisters are drenched in the infected fluids of the weeping sisters, making these weapon's rounds into living disease.
  • Bile Spewers: Once holy flamers, now these weapons spread the infected juices of the Weeping sisters so all may share in their grandfrather's embrace.
  • Plague Knife: An iconic weapon of the followers of the Plague God, this blade infests all those cut by it.

Used by the Daughters of Wrath

The Daughters of Wrath have no true preferance in wargear, they simply kill when placed on the battlefield. However close combat weapons have been noticed more often with these mindless servants of Khorne and eventually their gear matched their new role as close combat infintry.

  • Power Armor
  • Bolters
  • Chain-Swords
  • Chain-axes
  • Power-Swords
  • Power-Axes
  • Mutant Claws

Sisters of True Faith

The Sisters of True Faith receive their choice in Wargear but on average each is certain to have the four same pieces of equipment upon them.

  • Power Armor
  • Psychic Hood
  • Bolter
  • Power-Sword

Weapons of the Faithful

The weaponry of the Faithful is diverse and of a wide array of qualities. Some of their weaponry might prove to be crude while others might be advanced wargear. However a slight standard does exist amongst the classes of the Faithful.

The Fate Sworn

The Fate Sworn are the only trained and Coven equipped force in the military forces of the Coven of Dark Fates. as such they typically follow an armament standard which complies with the following. leaving specialized weaponry to weapons teams, specialists and the Enlightened.

  • Carapace Armor
  • Personal vox-unit
  • Iluminators
  • modified las-Carbine
  • melta charges
  • Frag gernades

The Enlightened

Typically rapidly armed rebels whom simply had taken arms from whichever source they could find. The Enlightened have no standard for weaponry whatsoever and can be ineffectively wielding anything from a rusty pipe to a Auto-Cannon to piloting a Leman Russ.

  • Armor: whatever is available.
  • Weaponry: Whatever they might acquire.
  • Equipment: Whatever they have on hand.

Faith of the Coven

Since falling to the guile of Xen John the Coven of Dark Fates has had it's faith in the God Emperor of Mankind transformed. Instead of worshiping the God Emperor in the fashion the Imperial Cult demands, these twisted sisters have turned to a pantheon of gods to worship of which the God-Emperor, or a dark parady of him according to the Ecclesiarch, is the central figure.

The Daemon Emperor

The primary god in the pantheon of the Coven of Dark fates. The Daemon Emperor is a take on the God-Emperor that depicts the Emperor as a all powerful Daemon of Chaos. Instead of the Emperor actually guiding humanity from the Golden Throne on Terra the Emperor has ascended past his humanity, becoming a Daemon of Chaos who has been reluctantly gifting those who worship him despite how their acts have hindered him in attempting to bring the madness of Order to the Warp. It has been the Ecclesiarch and the High-Lords of Terra who have kept this knowledge secret, claim the sisters, using this to keep the rest of the Imperium under their own control, and away from the embrace of the Emperor.


The Coven of Dark Fates worship the Daemon Emperor in much the same manner as any Adetpus Sorosita have worshiped the Emperor, save now instead of preaching the texts of the Adeptus Ministorum they screech the teachings of Xen John and the history of the Emperor as they see it.


Khorne possibly is the only Chaos Gods whose followers possibly worship him more than they do the Daemon Emperor, though since when the Sisters of Wrath are not in battle they are silent and nearly unresponsive this is only guessed. The Blood God receives great mention from the Coven of Dark Fates as they recognize that every imperial commander and ever sister of battle to ever step on the field of war is in some way paying tribute to this god.


Blood and death are the only forms of worship Khorne truly recognizes. As such any sister or heretic who wishes to devote some form of service to the blood god can only do this when in battle, while this makes gleaning the Blood God's favor in war extremely simplistic it is also very dangerous.


Certain to never outshine the Daemon Emperor in the eyes of even his most devoted amongst the Coven of Dark Fates, Nurgle is often portrayed as being close to the Emperor himself by his followers. To those amongst the sisters of the Coven and their heretics who worship him, Nurgle is nothing less then a grandfatherly figure who cares for them and spoils them like a grandfather would while their true father, the Emperor is unable to.


To dedicate worship to Nurgle amongst the heretics of the Coven of Dark Fates is a joyous affair filled with merriment and food. However to the unprepared this spells doom, often the joyous feasts and parties held in Nurgle's favor are done so with rotted foods, tainted drinks filled with bodily fluids, and hosted in rooms filled with infected creatures and noxious fumes.


Lesser worshiped than Khorne, Tzeentch is possibly the true power behind the enlightenment of the Coven as it is through sorcerious powers that Xen John touched the souls of his followers bringing them to the Dark Truth. Even now the magics of the Lord of Lies are used paradoxically to end the lies of the Imperial creed bringing more to the truth of the Coven of Dark Fates. If the Coven is part of the deceitful god's grand game, or simply a side effect is entirely unknown.


The Worship of Tzeentch is a complex and vast affair amongst the Coven of Dark Fates, spells, runes and ever changing prayers grant Tzeentch his due from the Coven of Dark Fates, or so the Sisters claim. As the rituals are perpetually changing it often becomes nearly impossible to tell if the sisters are worshiping the Emperor, the other Dark Gods, or Tzeentch.


The least worshiped of the Chaos Gods amongst the Coven of Dark Fates. Before their fall it was rare to find a member of the Order of the Emperor's tarot with enough time to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, and now well after the fall there are only a scarce few who have truly debased themselves enough to consider following the Prince of Dark Pleasures. Instead the few sisters who have fallen to Slaanesh seek perfection of themselves and of their feeling, often behaving as if their other sisters are merely a joke feeding Slaanesh's power.


To worship Slaanesh is to enter into vast acts of debauchery, bringing immense pain and pleasure to oneself. However many of the Coven of Dark Fates unwittingly also serve Slaanesh as they seek to create perfection amongst themselves and their fellows for the sake of the Daemon Emperor.

Great Voices of Truth

Xen John

File:Xen John.jpg
Once a Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, when Xen John fell to the temptations of chaos is unknown, nor is it known how he had acquired all of his heretical knowledge without even Adeptus Soroista who stood near him realizing the taint within his soul. What is known is that through the use of dark rituals Xen John used the powers of chaos to taint the Order of the Emperor's Tarot 'enlightening' them to the darkness of the Daemon Emperor. Since he had corrupted the Order of the Emperor's Tarot Xen John as been the defacto leader of the Coven of Dark fates, directing their will and their campaign to free and 'enlighten' the Imperium.

What means Xen John uses to spread his influence and power over others is unknown though many of the Inquisitors who still hunt him suspect that Xen wears items that expand his corrupt psychic powers and possibly bind the souls of others to himself. However as Xen's manipulative powers have always been great, and his current following is almost in-penetrable no new knowledge can be gained about Xen John, his current behavior or his current abilities.

Mae Suhmers

Once a Prioress of the Order of the Emperor's Tarot, Mae Suhmers was the first to fall into the madness spread by Xen John. Her twisted words heavily influenced the sisters of her Covenant during their fall into the ways of Chaos. Since the rise of the Coven of Dark Fates Mae has served as the official leader of the coven giving their marching orders and directing the Coven in battle. However as she is effectively the bed-servant of Xen John any directive or order she gives to the Coven is first approved by the fallen Inquisitor himself. In battle she is as cruel and destructive as any chaos lord, but as devout and driven by faith as any Sororitas. In her time Mae has spent time in contemplation and celebrating all of the dark gods, while seeking the Emperor's influence within each.

"The Fallen Saint"

File:Fallen Saint.jpg
Once the Canoness of the Order of the Emperor's Tarot, The Fallen Saint was declared as a Saint, according the claims of Xen John,  by the Ecclesiarch emissaries whom had come to Hekate the day the Coven had set forth capturing their vessels and launching their crusade of truth. Once the Fallen Saint had been a devout Canoness so filled with the emperor's light that miracles seemed to surround her, to such an extent is is possible that she indeed was considered to be tested for the possibility of being a Living Saint. That was, however, before Xen John lead her coven down the path of damnation. Since the fall of the Order of the Emperor's Tarot and the rise of the Coven of Dark Fates the Fallen Saint has transformed into something else. Always at the cusp of Daemonhood the saint emits a dark aura of corruption so powerful that one must have a pure soul to look upon her or risk the corruption of their own soul. The Fallen Saint is a point of faith amongst the sisters of the coven as they believe she of all mortals is closest to the Daemon Emperor, representing all the dark madness that is order and discipline.

In battle The Fallen Saint wears very little, instead relying on her skill and dark power to protect her. Already the Saint's flesh is like Iron, while her unnatural speed and corrupting aura make it nearly impossible for any mortal man to raise a hand against her. The Saint typically acts alone, or with very little support, raising the moral of those heretics beneath the Coven where needed or spreading corruption with her mere presence amongst the vulnerable and those whose faith is thin.

Worlds filled with the Coven's Dark Truth

Throughout the Numet Sub-Sector and the surrounding Sub-Sectors the clash between Chaos Pirates and Imperial forces along with the continued, if nearly subdued, civil war between the Adeptus Terra and the Adeptus Ministorum have created a period of uncertainty and desperation amongst the local populations. As allies turn against one another, and even xenos forces take advantage of their space's current disorder, the people have become susceptible to the truth carried by the Coven of Dark Fates. Dozens of words have turned either to chaos or have joined the Coven in their new version of the Imperial truth, and with the Coven's fervent preaching and continued influence it is likely that more will fall soon.


Once known as Asteria, Hekate is the first world the Coven of Dark Fates ever liberated with their Dark Truth.  Since that time Hekate has served as the home of the Coven's growing cult and from where they draw the greatest number of their fanatical followers.  Since the time of the Crusade of the Steel Saint, Asteria had been both a shrine world, and considered as a paradise agri-world. Now renamed as Hekate, new shrines filled with Chaotic sorceries dominate the planet, while farms of twisted crops feed the thousands to millions of cultists who now call the planet home.


Once a Hive-world known for providing swaths of criminal scum to the Imperial Tithes for use in the never endings wars of Mankind. The Coven of Dark Truths descended upon the planet viciously. After conquering the planet in a brutal fasion, the coven dedicated the world to their own twisted version of the Imperial faith. The men of the planet were to give themselves as tribute serving as soldiers for the new Ecclesiarchy the Coven established, while the women were carefully selected from a number of them soon joining the Coven's ranks. The world still provides for the Coven's armies as the Imperium has yet to launch a invasion to retake the planet.

-Files Sealed by the Ecclesiarch, Enlightenment and Truth will be brought to you soon-

The War of Truth


The Numet Dark Crusade

Throughout the Numet Sub-Sector the Coven of Dark fates is a cursed name as their forces, aided by a seemingly never ending tide of upheaval and discord surrounding the sub-sector, continue to strike world after world often increasing the size of their cult following and even gleaning new initiates ready and eager to don the armor of a  Dark Adeptus Sororitas of the Coven. The Numet Dark Crusade has continued even through the 41st millennium as the Ecclesiarchy fiercely struggles to maintain the faith of the once blessed Sub-Sector even as the former defenders of the faith strive to tear down the Imperial Cult.

This Crusade has tested the mettle and faith of a great many warriors, from Freebonder,  to Astartes, to Imperial guardsman, to even other Adeptus Sororitas. While a great many are able to easily resist the corrupting influence of the Coven of Dark Fates, so to are a great many heretics and traitors eventually drawn to this power and even those of weak faith might find themselves bending their knee to these female heretics. Overall the Numet Sub-Sector is a ready target for a imperial crusade, however do to a perpetual cycle of religious civil wars, xeno invasions and interference from the dark powers no crusade formed has ever reached the Numet Sub-Sector with enough military force remaining to make a decisive blow against the traitors dwelling within. Conversely few agents of the Dark Powers have bothered with the Sub-Sector and those that have often find themselves dragged into a conflict which quickly sees either themselves or their armies destroyed.

Morduun conquest

Cought by surprise by the sudden appearance of the Coven of Dark Fates while the civil war between the Ecclesiarchy and the Administratum raged, The Corrupted Sororitas tore asunder the planetary defenses leaving PDF bunkers burning with their former occupants sacrificed in methods most horrifying. After they turned their attentions upon the Arbites and the local governor and his household. The Arbites had nothing with which to stop the Sisters, and soon every male member of both the Arbite enforces and the Governor's house was slain and turned into decorations for the fallen Sororitas vehicles. Meanwhile the women were dragged away to be initiated to the ranks of those faithful to the Deamon Emperor, while the Coven's own twisted missionaries went out into the street. While resistance initially was fierce from the devout and from the gangers who refused the sister's authority. However as the weeks of the Coven's occupation continued the masses came to accept the Covens twisted faith with a unnatural fever leaving fewer and fewer loyal to the true ecclesiarchy, and even many in the resistance movements began to suddenly change faiths. Soon the entirety of the planet had fallen under the twisted will of the Coven of Dark Fates.

-Information sealed by the Ecclesiarch, liberation and truth will come soon-

Those who Share or Deny the Truth



Hell Dogs

The Hell Dogs in the service of Valkyura Warpschild have had numerous contact with these devoted warriors of Chaos.  The Hell Dogs have made it a point to maintain a healthy relationship with the Coven despite their Mistress' stance on the sisterhood, as their numbers are few.




By the members

About the Coven


"Foolish children, failing to even follow the simplest edicts of the Dark Gods. The Daemon in me rages as they place the Anathema at the top of the Pantheon. But the Marine in me... he is justly amused."
—Argyle the Glutton, Draugar Lord of the 13th Storm[src]
"The Coven of Dark Fates? I heard they have connections with an Inquisitor. We don't like Inquisitors. I think I'll be keeping my distance with this...Coven..."
—Reimer, Chapter Master of the Dawn Hunters
"Looking back, does anyone really remember why we decided to keep the Sisters of Battle around after the Apostasy? Because this might be proof of that decision coming back to haunt us."
Greyon Autaris
"Their existence delights me, their beliefs confound me, and their leader I find quite repulsive. I know not what to make of that esoteric sisterhood, bar that none of them seem as kin of mine."
Valkyura Warpschild
"I always get a laugh when idiot fundie Ecclesiarchs question my faith when they have entire orders of Sisters of Battle and even Saints turning to the Moronic Powers. Do they realize they made the wrong choice? No I suppose they never do, have fun having your minds and bodies warped forever, good riddance you ratched witches."
Douchard Bagge
"Our Lady does not approve of their order, but allies are allies...if they want to join the fight, I say let them."
Sgt. Garret Wade