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Located in the Segmentum Tempestus, the homeworld of the Storm Angels is the planet of Coriolis. A nominally temperate world, it’s inhabitants live in moderately sized hab-cities. These cities are each self-sufficient with their own hydroponics and life-support generators, as well as the exterior of them is five foot thick reinforced rockcrete. This is due to the devastating storms that sweep across the world roughly every three years.

These storms include heavy lightning storms and hoverbike sized hail that can tear massive chunks from a hab’s surface, as well as torrential rain that can even submerge entire hab-cities in the lower valleys for months at a time. Despite this, Coriolis is a flourishing planet. Its major export is simply water, of which there is an abundance of. It is frozen, cut, packed, and distributed to various systems within the Imperium that are in need, in particular are areas of continued military strife where fresh water is difficult to come by.

The planet also maintains a planetary defense force. The Master of the Storm decreed that able bodied men and women be allowed to serve as nominal protectors of Coriolis and any other planets the Storm Angels minister over while they are at war. These forces are designated as part of the Storm Angel Chapter and are vassals to the chapter itself.