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"Mord, your colleague Coco is after my ass and it's your job to keep him away. If I see just one of those black-armored flunkies of his you can kiss this year's Saint Sabbat Feast Day bonus goodbye."
Douchard Bagge

Inquisitor Corinth Cordoba is primarily involved with the Ordo Hereticus, where he leads the mysterious "Shadow Cabinet," known more colloquially as "The Closet." Though he typically works alone or with a very small coterie of agents, when he needs to bring out the big guns he can call on the storm troopers of the Emperor's SAS (Superior Assault Squadron).



Corinth possesses a remarkable talent, he is able to empathize with nearly any creature, and then put that empathy to the wayside on command. Combined with his cognitive gifts, this empathy gives him great insight into how others think and how they will behave given a particular set of circumstances. Corinth is loyal and brave, and lacking in obstructive pride.



Corinth mostly makes do without the rarefied and exotic weapons favored by many Inquisitors. As he tends to rely on bodyguards, or more infrequently the SAS, he doesn't carry much in the way of weaponry: a mastercrafted autopistol, a 6" carbon steel knife, and a few situation-appropriate grenades are his typical load out. He makes use of an auspex, a Cameloline cloak, a Narthecium fit for use on humans. Corinth typically eschews the use of armor in the midst of an investigation in favor of the discretion of a Rosarius, but he dons a lightweight flak vest when observing his retinue or the SAS in combat.



On Enemies

"To think a gaggle of Tech-Heretics could have devised such a horror. Some of my colleagues are a little too dismissive of what it represents, and the comprehensiveness of it's threat to the Imperium."
—Corinth on Ashur-El Artashumara
"All that gloating smacks of someone licking their wounds after a very deep and terrible fall. Beware Alistair, you may have seemingly found solid ground for now, but there is no ground floor in Hell."
—Corinth on Alistair
"His captors did him a great, final unkindness by not breaking him completely. There is a sort of peace there. If the opportunity arises, I shall conclude this tragedy with a measure of dignity."
—Corinth on Maalik Tenin

On Colleagues

"We all respect your father's deeds, of course, but you must put any notion of filial legacy aside. We do what we must, with no thought of accolade or recognition. That you were seen fit to bear the rosette must be enough, and even this pride should be put aside for to keep it in your breast is to hand the Enemy the knife of your own unmaking."
—Corinth on Kymbeline Skota
"I've heard some of the stories, but there must be something more, something that has rendered him so hollow."
—Corinth on Mord Bösewicht von Totenkinder
"Some of my colleagues are quite brash: rosette in mailed fist, beating the enemy into paste as soon as they've closed in. Then there's the likes of Dakaur and myself, able to turn a bit of patience and charm into leads that guide us to ever more highly placed heretics."
—Corinth on Roi Dakaur
"Has he forgotten? We represent a higher power."
—Corinth on Zekavran Toravn
"She treads in dangerous ethical territory, she and the rest of her little cabal. I would be greatly distressed if she were to follow Bile's footsteps into damnation."
—Corinth on Cherrice Bauyon
"He does good work. Uninspired work certainly, but necessary."
—Corinth on Rayas Mearas
"Too many of our number keep questionable company because it seems vital to the task at hand. Still, I worry that the redemption of Lady Vulsen's pet heretic may be insincere."
—Corinth on Jacki Vulsen
"More than one colleague has disparaged Inquisitors with such...soft backgrounds to me in confidence. I think it an unhelpful attitude, we benefit from the myriad perspectives of our similarly myriad histories. Perhaps some great insight is imminent, one that a different mind wouldn't have pondered at all."
—Corinth speaking circuitously on Alexei de'Ossmann
"I wonder, what story lies behind so potent a gift towards one who was then relatively unproven? What did they see in him, and what would they think of his alleged collaborations with xenos?"
—Corinth on Bradan Peregrem and his Relic Blade.
"There is a disturbing duality present in his behavior and his after-action reports. Reading between the lines, I fear he may be insane. It is a sad reflection of our times that this alone is not sufficient to rein him in."
—Corinth on Jericho Terrius
"It is not his deeds that impress me, though he has served long and well. One need only look at the company he kept throughout his career to track, almost to the moment, when he faced the dark night of the soul. It is my earnest belief that he persevered in that inner struggle."
—Corinth on Malleus Skotus
"I understand we have him to thank for the banishment of the vile Halor."
—Corinth on Jax Tiro
"Perhaps there are better uses of your time? There are surely multitudes of Xenos plots for you to uncover and destroy, why dwell on Inyle? He may yet submit himself for censure when he completes his mission."
—Corinth to Braith Heilus
"You will return to us: victorious, in chains, or in a black bag, but you will return."
—Corinth to Inyle Tumedus

On Others

"Nearly any inquisitor short of Totenkinder will tell you he is an apostate traitor. Yet he seems to have made himself indispensable to a number of individuals and agencies that have, thus far, put him beyond our reach. This is a frustrating set of circumstances to be sure."
—Corinth on Douchard Bagge
"I was going to say something, but then I realized it wouldn't have made a difference."
—Corinth on Ezekiel Cornatus

On Allies

""There have been incidents where the Equalizers' proficiency with urban pacification would have been greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, having them on hand tends to tip one's hand prematurely."
—Corinth on the Equalizers chapter.
"I have severe misgivings about the operations these Astartes involve themselves in. Never mind jurisdictional issues, but the ability to sneak about the battlefield is just not the same thing as possessing the subtlety required for proper intrigue. These warriors should ply their trade on the battlefield as the Emperor designed them for. If I find that they've worked at cross purposes to the Shadow Cabinet, I'll have the lot of them censured."
—Corinth on the Spider Knights chapter.


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"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe: attack ships on fire off the Eye of Terror. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. But I've never seen a man who looked that good in a dress. It's wrong."
Douchard Bagge
"Bite me, you naive bastard! This about Inyle's atrocities, this is about my with him. My position is at stake because of my association with that heretic, and I'm not about to lose it because of him!"
—Inquisitor Braith Heilus
"Are you sure he doesn't use Polymorphine? Are you absolutely positive?"
Greyon Autaris