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Early Life

Samantha was born on Cadia around twenty years before the beginning of the 13th black crusade. Her parents both died when she was 10 when a heretic cell committed a terrorist attack against their guard base. She was trapped in the rubble of the bases hab building for almost 2 days, leaving her with a rather bad case of claustrophobia and made her less open to others. She ended up in the Schola Progenium which put her on the path to becoming a commissar. At 15, she entered commissar training and spent the next 5 years learning the craft of the commissar. This period also hardened her further. After her training and her period as a junior commissar she was assigned to the Krieg 357th armored regiment. The Krieg guardsman surprised her in the fact that they for the most part they didn't need her to weed out cowards and deserters because all of those types had already been weeded out by Kriegs intense training.


Her personality as it could be described by someone who doesn't know her would be somewhat dour. This is the result of her past experiences along with commissar training. If someone we to spend the time to get to know her better they would learn that there is more to her. She keeps her softer side hidden due to not lining up with her profession and hides it behind a grim and stern wall. That wall only ever comes down when she is alone with her self, or possible is she become very inebriated.


Samantha has piercing emerald green eyes and mid length blonde hair that reaches down to her mid back. She keeps her hair up in a bun most of the time to keep it out of the way. She has an angular feminine face that could be described as pretty. Her body is lean and muscular due to her training as a commissar.  


Standard Death Korps Commissar uniform and kit