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A Tactical Space Marine of the Chroniclers Chapter

Chapter Planet


First founding chapter

Unknown- possibly White Scars.


Unknown, likely third or fourth.

Battle style

Librarians and Chaplains

Chapter Master

Adrian Jevras

War cry

As the Tome decrees it! The Emperor above all!

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The Chroniclers are a Space Marine Chapter organised acording to the Great Tome of the Chroniclers, written by their original Chapter Master, Erius Saxian. Their battle style focusses heavily on their Chaplains and Librarians, who tend to the Tome, and they have clashed with the Inquisition on many occasions.

History of the ChroniclersEdit

Imperial records are damaged, making it hard to tell for certain when the Chroniclers came into existence and which first founding Chapter they were decended from. However, the first imperial report on the Chroniclers was shortly after the fourth founding, meaning that they were likely created in or between the third and fourth foundings.

The Chroniclers were originally a fleet-based chapter, travelling through space, until they helped fight Chaos forces away from the besieged world of Lexicon. Three companies- the fifth, eighth and ninth- stayed on the planet surface to drive away any remaining traitors. By the time that all the Chaos marines, demons and traitors made been forced into the southern mountains, Saxian declared that Lexicon was to become the Chapter Planet of the Chroniclers, striking a deal with the planet's govener to construct a fortress-monastery in exchange for protecting the population.

The TomesEdit

The Chroniclers originally followed the ways of war of the Ultramarines and the Codex Astartes, but Saxian soon found that he disagreed with it's teachings. He, and several of his most trusted advisors, created the Great Tome, a book telling of the ways of the war that the Chroniclers should follow, written in ink made from the blood of the Chapter Master himself. The Tome tells them how the chapter should be organised, as well as how they should go into battle.

The original Tome, often referred to as the "First Tome", was destroyed when Saxian was killed and the pages were pulled into the Warp. The Tome was reconstructed by his successor, Derius Mastrak, reconstructed the found pages and replaced those that were missing, but this was eventually stolen when the Chief Librarian, Ovariax, turned to Chaos and took it, giving it it's nickname of "the Heretic's Tome". A third Tome was created by the current Chapter Master, Adrian Jevras, which is the one used at the end of the 41st millenium.

Notable members of the ChapterEdit

  • First Chapter Master, Erius Saxian
  • Current Chapter Master, Adrian Jevras
  • Head Chaplain, Craiss Necroval
  • Treacherous former Chief Librarian, Kudas Ovariax


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