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The Children of The Star are a chaos warband that have centered their beliefs and cults around the Tyrant Star, A stellar anomaly found in the Calixis Sector.  It has been recorded by the Inquisiton that wherever the Tyrant Star appears, the Children are not far behind.   



The Children began as an unknown Founding chapter known as the Steel Paladins, they were created for the purpose of keeping a vigilant eye over the Calixis Sector of the Segmentum Obscurus. A lot of their details have been either destroyed, lost or kept under guard by the Inquisition. They were to investigate the Tyrant Star and quell any chaos rebellion that arose due to the star. They were a fleet based chapter with their main battle cruiser Hand of Vengeance on constant watch for any chaos fleets or to quickly react to any distress calls within the sector.   

Dark Enlightenment 

On the surface of Thieal, the closest hive world to the Halo Stars there were reports of a potential chaos uprising within the city. The chief librarian accompanied by his personal guard of 5 veterans from the first company had made planetfall. Their task was to find and eliminate any signs of chaos, the stormraven gunship that they used to arrive had landed 100 miles from the city with the hope that any adversaries had not seen them. When they were within 40 miles of the city the librarian began hearing whispers and non-intelligible voices in his head, beckoning him to a particular area. What he had discovered was an entrance to a cave that the voices begged for him to enter. He ordered his men to stand and watch for any intruders that would attempt to strike at them from the outside. The passage was narrow and tall, a normal man would probably feel extremely uncomfortable in this situation. The voices grew louder and more understandable as he reached a large opening. Dozens of people rallied around a single man who was completely covered by his robes save for one forearm that was brandishing a mark of chaos, chanting and reading from a book next to a ball of an unknown nature. The librarian unleashed his psychic might causing all the cultists to grab their head as they were wracked with pain. He walked towards the man who was chanting as his back was against the base of the pedestal holding the book. Before the man died he looked directly into the librarians eyes as if he was directly communicating with his soul and said "Look to the star and you shall hold power beyond your understanding..." The librarian began hearing more voices in his head saying "The star is your salvation... It begins with the book..." He grabbed the book and began reading the unholy text within its pages...   

Fall From The Emperor's Light