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"I shall not pass on softly, not unless I'm atop a large pile of bodies!"
—Charles Vernton
Charles Vernton

Charles Vernton In Imperial Guard Uniform

Charles Vernton was a trooper within the Imperial Guard whom served alongside his fellow guardsmen during The Siege Of Klaros Vos, a Tau controlled world, which fell after the help of several Space Marines.


Vernton's service within the Imperium was very much down to blind loyalty and obedience. He cared only for the completion of his tasks, though he often questioned his fellow guardsmen's motives. More than once, he felt the Commisar's were simply not trying hard enough to prevent guardsmen from retreating in the face of danger, which often placed him in the dangerous, despising ire of the Commisars. This often landed him the most dangerous, most suicidal tasks with which only the bravest, or stupidest, dared sign themselves in for. However, Vernton did not see these as punishments, with a sense of naivety the Commisars could only shrug their shoulders at, he believed they were infact tests of his strength and will, which he gladly and confidently took on. Eventually, the sight of so many battles left him with a scarred mind, leaving him with a sadistic and cruel love of suffering and death within the enemy, and his fellow guardsmen's, ranks.

The Siege Of Klaros Vos (960.M41 - 962.M41)

Late in his military career, a Tau controlled colony suffered a solar-storm on an uprecendented scale, leaving much of the planet's defenders dead with only a handful of the force to protect the citadel in the colony. The Imperium, having learnt of the planet's weakened garrison, launched an attack hoping to catch the survivors off-guard. The Imperial Guard featured prominently in the plans for invasion, having been rushed towards the planet with haste. However, as Charles Vernton was to discover alongside his comrades, the Tau were incredibly agressive combatants, fighting for every inch of land, leaving the guardsmen climbing over the corpses of their comrades, in some cases quite litteraly, and demoralising them to the point that the Commisars were beginning to agree with the guardsmen. However a few die-hard loyalists, of which Vernton was a member of, amongst the number of soon-to-be deserters were planning to take on the Tau company that had been left to guard the citadel within the colony. The Imperium, having heard of this audacious plan, sent reinforcements in the form of Spacemarines. The fifty Guardsmen and six Spacemarines marched through a large forest surrounding the colony, coming across Tau combatants and patrols whilst simultaneously wiping these unfortunate groups out. Having reached the citadel, the assault was launched, with the few men within the group charging head-down into the citadel's defenses. The garrison was cleared with speed, Vernton distinguishing himself through dissemboweling and decapitating his opponents via bayonet or shot.

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