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"Lest none reside on the seat of traitors more than one lifetime...."
—part of Carta Exheredatus declared upon Lothringen Primus's governor's seat

Carta Exheredatus is Imperial declaration that is usually used only by influential inquisitors or high ranking members of Adeptus Terra.


When Carta Extremis (stripping one of all his titles, ranks and acknowledgements) is thought to be too harsh punishment for one's actions, Carta Exheredatus may be issued instead.

Carta Exheredatus can be issued upon a person or, in rare cases, upon seats of power. By this declaration, one loses his rights to rule some organization or area, for example planetary governor can be declared Carta Exheredatus stripping the family of rights to pass the title down on its descendants forcing the governorship to be passed on some other family or invidual. It can also be issued on a seat of power, such as particular world's governorship, when the seat becomes un-hereditary and every time the governor dies or retires, new governor have to be elected or otherwise appointed upon the seat.

Used on

  • Lothringen Primus's governors's seat


Carta Exheredatus comes from "Carta" - declaration, and "Ne exheredaretur" - disinherited. With some dabble it is tranformed into more High Gothic style language and becomed "Carta Exheredatus". Use this declaration in your works, if you find it useful and appropriate for situation. --RemosPendragon (talk) 08:59, May 13, 2014 (UTC)