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 The Bringers of Change are a Chaos Warband that is all thats left of the Loyalist Chapter known as the Grey Gorgons. They are currently led by the former Librarian and now Sorcerer Lord Thanatos. They are known to worship the Minor Choas God Charon  and to a lesser extent Tzeentch.  Although the original members were all original Grey Gorgons, Casualties have reduced their number and it is not known if any still live. Some of the Chapter may have remained Loyal and may have even fought during the Centurion War against their former brothers.


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The Bringers of Change were once Loyal Space Marines known as the Grey Gorgons who fell to Chaos in the late 41st Millenium. The reasons for thier fall is well known to the imperium as it happened during a major campaign to reclaim the Centurion Cluster from seccessionist forces. The Centurion War was a massive campaing fought in 931.M41 and 954.M41 between the Imperium and the seccessionist Adeptus Mechanicus Fabricator-General Atilla, the master of a massive Forge World designated Iterium VI. In his goal of creating his own empire he persueded the Fabricator-Generals of 6 other Forge Worlds to unite under his command and cede from the Imperium. Knowing he would not be allowed to go peacefully he set about creating an army to do his bidding, using the power of 7 Forge Worlds he set about creating an army that he believed would be enough to break away, to this end he also used the long standing ties of his world to the vaunted Knights of Guilliman Astartes Chapter and to the Grey Gorgons to convince them that his goals were honest and during the coming war these two Chapters would commit themselves fully to Atilla and his plan much to the ruin of them both. Allied to these formidable forces was the Atilla Legion, an army 17 million strong created from the PDF and Imperial Guard regiments in the Cluster along with millions of poorly trained but very well equiped militia units from the worlds of the Cluster, the Elite Atilla Legion units that were encountered in the final 2 years were equipped with a lighter type of Power Armour similar to that worn by some Inquisitors as well as with Boltguns. Further strength was added from the massed Skitarii Regiments of the Forge Worlds along with Titans and Knights based there, against virtually any foe this Army would sweep all before them but Atilla knew that the Imperium would commit vast forces to retake these importent worlds but he was set on his path and plunged his worlds into war. The Imperium did as expected and in 708.M41 the Imperial forces arrived to begin the War that was to last 23 years and claim more than a billion lives.
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Bringers of Change Colour Scheme

During the fighting the Grey Gorgons and Knights of Guilliman were always at the forefront of the fighting but by 940.M41 the Knights had tired of the constant war and retired to their Homeworld only to be nearly destroyed by the Death Ravens. The Grey Gorgons for their part had no such qualms, many were already disenchanted by the Imperium and they revelled in their new found freedom commiting scores of atrocities as they slowly but surely fell to Chaos. With each passing week the pull of Chaos became greater and greater and by 935.M41 the Gorgons had fallen completly and allied themselves to the Daemon Prince Charon and his God Tzeentch but they kept thier new alliegiance a secret, particually from the Knights of Guilliman who they knew would never follow them by turning to Chaos. Having fallen the newly renamed Bringers of Change were in time able to fully corrupt Atilla and his subordinates by 940.M41 and the war which started as rebellion bacame a full fleged Chaos incursion as Traitors from all over the Galaxy flocked to this new conflict including followers of 3 of the main gods, only Slaneesh would not commit to the War. With the support of the Chaos Gods Daemons and cults became a major part of the Atilla Legion along with Chaos Marines from several warbands, Charon himself was able to manifest during the final battle on Iterium VI where he created havoc before being banished by the Grey Knights. 

The armies of Atilla were eventually pushed back to the Forge World Iterium VI and defeated but the cost was high and Atilla and other forces including the remmenents of the Bringers were able to escape into the Maelstrom where they continue to raid the Imperium who had paid a heavy price for victory.

Battle Tactics

With just 70 Chaos Marines in thier ranks The Bringers of Change rely on Cultists, Mutants and Deamons to fight most of thier battles and are more than happy to sacrifice there inexhaustable numbers to achieve thier goals. They are also especialy adept at amoured warfare and count a number of armoured vehicles in thier armoury along with Deamon engines granted to them by thier Patron. They also are able to call on Tzeenchian Daemons due to Charons Alliegience to the Changer of Ways. Since their fall a number of Rubric Marines have been seen to operate with them.


The Bringers of Change are organised as is typical of most Chaos Warbands and have no set Companys rather they operate as a single whole. They incorparate a vast number of Traitors known as the Disciples of Charon and they form the main bulk of the Bringers Attack. Since thier break form the Imperium they have had to make do with with the equipment the took with them but the vehicles they posses have been granted gifts by thier patron Gods.They are known to have several Chaos Terminators that were originally part of the Word Bearers Legion but have since sworn Alligience to The Bringers of Change. Raptors and Havocs have also been seen operating with the Bringers. Despite the low number of Choas Marines The Bringers of Change have shown themselves to be formidable foes.

Allies and Enemies


Disciples of Charon~ The two forces have been allies since Telios and the Diciples actually form the bulk of any Bringers Force due to how few Chaos Marines there are.

Thousend Sons - Fellow followers of Tzeentch

Word Bearers ~ Have been known to serve together during Raids into Imperial Space.


Nurgle, Death Guard ~ Both Tzeentch and Charon are enemies of Nurgle and The Bringers of Change strive to disrupt Nurgle and his Followers whenever they can.

Warband Fleet

The Bringers of Change Fleet is known to consist of several Cruisors and Frigates that turned Traitor during the Telios Attack with the Fleet Flagship being the Strike-Cruiser Enlightenment.


After the Centurion War those Grey Gorgons that had fallen were examined nad from these corpses it was dertimed that the Grey Gorgons were of Iron Hands descent. Since their fall it is likely that their Gene-Seed has become as corrupt and mutated as the Gorgons themselves and is no longer capable of producing Astartes.

Notable Campaigns

Centurion War (931-954.M41) - The Bringers of Change fought during the war and were corrupted by Chaos during the fighting.

Corruption of Telios (976.M41) An attack by the Bringers of Change that resulted in the Corruption of the PDFand the 1st and 2nd Telios Imperial Guard Regiments with the overthrow of the Planetary Governor, unfortunaly the Grey Knights intervened and killed all but 8 of the original Gorgons. They escaped into the Warp with the Corrupted units and Imperial Navy Ships. The Telios Units form the core of the Diciples of Charon.

Corvedai Massacare (979.M41) The Bringers of Change attack the Corvedai System with thier casualties from the Telios Attack replaced with Renegades from other Chapters and manage to corner and kill 38 White Scars, the Gene-Seed is believed to have been used in the creation of new Chaos Maines and the equipment captured has since been put to good use.

13th Black Crusade (999.M41) Thanatos and his followers fight during Abaddons attack on Cadia

Notable Bringers of Change

Lord Tikan - Former Chapter Master of the Grey Gorgon's. Disapeared sometime in 700.M41 and their were rumours that he noticed the growing corruption in his Chapter and that he willingly went into exile along with dozens of his men rather than be a part of it. Rumours abounded during the Centurion War that he fought against his former brothers, certainly there were unknown Astartes wearing plain grey Armour present during the final Battles but whether they were Tikan and his brothers is unknown at present.

Lord Thanatos~ Thanatos was once a loyal servant of the God-Emperor and the former Epistolary of the Grey Gorgons who was said to so powerful that he was consided to one day become the Chapters Chief Librarian. Assigned to the 9th Company he is believed to have fallen to Chaos during the Centurion War. However unknown to any Thanatos was long dead, killed over a hundred years before the outbreak of the Centurion War in his place was Sobek, a member of the Thousend Sons Legion and a sorceror of immense power. Sobek fought during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, he survived the Rubric and for Ten Thousend years he has served Tzeentch and Chaos. Whether he chose the Grey Gorgons to corrupt or if they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time is unknown but for over a hundred years he slowely corrupted the Chapter and may have orchestrated the War itself. Following the end of the war he led his new followers into the Maelstrom.

Champion Lucius- Was once the Senior Sergeant in the Grey Gorgons 9th Company before his fall and is now a mighty Chaos Lord and Thanatos's most loyal Servant although like Thanatos he is in fact an imposter, who he was before the war and what Legion he hails from is unknown.

Torgal~ Formally of the Word Bearers he now commands the Terminators in the Bringers Ranks.