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Lady Inquisitor Braith Heilus is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, serving to document the various encounters the Imperium of Man has had with alien threats, specifically Tyranids. She has recently taken to pursuing the Rogue Inquisitor Inyle Tumedus for his incorporation of Xenos in his retinue of acolytes, alongside a long list of personal vendettas.


Early Life





Heilus appears in a red, sleeveless vest, with her lengthy brown hair brought down to her shoulders. She wears matte black boots with fours buckles on each, and carries a Sacristan Model Bolt Pistol holstered at her thigh, and a Devil's Claw Catachan Knife which is slung across her back.


Acolytes and Allies

Rankar Garnder

Recruited into the Cardinal's Crimson Honor Guard, Rankar is an exemplar of faith as well as a pinnacle warrior within Lady Heilus' retinue. Sworn to protect his lady, Garnder's capabilities with a sword have made it all too difficult for enemies of the Inquisition to ever reach Braith upon the battlefield. Equipped in a suit of Ignatus pattern power armor and armed with a double-edge power sword, he is Heilus' sword and shield.

Salena Alkins

A Warp-Seer used to foresee the future, Salena's role ranges from predicting where a target will be located to foreseeing an event Braith and her retinue must prevent for the good of the Imperium. Armed with a Mars pattern inferno pistol.

Rawne Leveresa

A Judge of the Adeptus Arbites, Rawne is as cold and unforgiving as one can expect from someone of his rank an title. With Leveresa at her side, there is literally nowhere a heretic can hide, as Judges of the Arbites have authority over not just the masses, but high-ranking Imperial Government as well. Armed with his Ultima pattern power maul and bolt carbine, none may escape his wrath upon the battlefield.

Jonell Arildsen

Inquisitorial Storm Trooper often assigned to Lady Braith's retinue, Jonell's slight-of-hand is matched only by her fierce devotion to the Emperor of Mankind, and therefore His Holy Inquisition. Armed to the teeth with a hellgun, pistol, and auspex, alongside her set of carapace armor, Jonell is an overall dangerous soldier that has killed her fair share of heretics and xenos alike.




"Seriously! Am I really this easy to find? It's just one damn Inquisitor after just missed him, no I refuse to help you, and yes threaten all you want, I'm done helping Inquisitors with their pointless endeavors... what do you mean your just going to kill me? You really need to learn a new negotiation tactic."
Berheven Jirlis upon first encountering Braith Heilus.
"The work requires a rigid outlook. Anyone who tells you differently is probably wrestling with blasphemous doubt in their heart."
Mord Bösewicht von Totenkinder