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The Bone Reapers are a Loyalist Space Marine Successor Chapter of Blood Angels' lineage, created sometime during the early 39thth Millennium during the 24th Founding. Like their progenitors, these Scions of Sanguinius take pride in their ability to meet the foe head-on. Due to their secretive and aloof nature, their heroic acts and valorous deeds have been mostly unseen by the majority of their brethren Astartes Chapters as well as other Imperial forces. Originally, the exact origin of the Bone Reapers' gene-seed was unknown, as the Magos-Biologis did not have adequate access to this Chapter's genetic-tithe, as samples were difficult to obtain for many centuries due to the crusading nature of the fleet-borne Chapter as well as their secretive nature.

However, the truth of their genetic lineage was only revealed during the Second Battle of Mantho, half a millennium later, when several Bone Reapers fell to the Blood Angels' genetic curse, known as the Black Rage. Their genetic flaw revealed to all, the Bone Reapers felt shame in the eyes of their fellow Space Marine Chapters. On that portentous day, forever after known as 'The Revelation', the fate of the Bone Reapers was irrevocably changed forevermore.

Chapter History

The Bone Reapers are a later Founding Blood Angels Successor Chapter, which wasn't officially recognised as such until nearly five centuries after their inception. Like many Space Marine Chapters, they were created sometime during the 39th Millennium, during the age known as The Waning, a time of rebuilding for the Imperium, whose armies were exhausted by the Redemption Crusades which occurred in the first two centuries of that era. Many worlds and systems had fallen to Ork invasions, Chaos insurgencies, or new alien menaces while internal strife embroiled countless star systems across the galaxy. To combat the spreading anarchy, the Adeptus Terra imposed ever-stricter rules and doled out ever-harsher punishments. Many systems were turned over to direct governance by Space Marine Chapters to preserve stability. The Bone Reapers came unto this tumultuous age, to help stem the tide of anarchy and strife.

The Bone Reapers are believed to have been created during the 24th Founding from unknown lineage. The exact date of this founding is unknown. Officially, there is no record of the Bone Reapers' progenitors. It is unclear whether this came about as a result of a clerical error within the Administratum, or if the Chapter's leaders in ages past intentionally obfuscated the truth for their own ends. Whatever the truth, the Chapter's real heritage was later revealed during the Second Battle of Mantho in 812.M39, when an entire company of Bone Reapers succumbed to the Blood Angels' genetic flaw known as the Black Rage, following the death of their Chapter Master while fighting against the Orks of WAAAGH! Goresplatta'.

Forever after, this day would be known as 'The Revelation' within the Chapter's annals. The Bone Reapers felt a deep-seated need to atone for what they perceived as 'weakness', for they believed that martyrdom was preferable to an existence of suspicion and doubt. The Bone Reapers launched an eternal crusade, determined to drive forth the foes of mankind and bring honour and glory in the name of their fallen Primarch Sanguinius. These successors have only grudgingly accepted some of the Blood Angels' traditions, but for the most part, cling to their traditions as a Codex Astartes-oriented Chapter. The Chaplains only half-heartily attempt to curb the Chapter's inherent warrior traditions, such as the bloody tradition of taking of bones from their fallen foes as personalised trophies in which to decorate their battle-plate. Despite these excesses, the Bone Reapers have proved to be a resilient and resourceful Successor Chapter, worthy of being true scions of Sanguinius. It remains to be seen, however, whether or not their genetic curse will fatally undo the Chapter, like so many latter founding Blood Angels' Successor Chapters that have fallen before them.

Notable Campaigns

"Brothers, there is no backing down for there is no victory in death! There is only victory in the death of our foes! We are the Emperor's wrath! For the Chapter!"
— First Captain Lupermen of the Bone Reapers elite 1st Company
  • Reaping of Bones (312.M39) - This is the first recorded campaign of the Bone Reapers Chapter, and is believed to have occurred sometime just after their founding. The Bone Reapers had been granted the verdant planet of Mantho as their new chapter home world as well as the surrounding system as their demesne. This world is located near the western border of the Segmentum Tempestus. When the Bone Reapers arrived to take possession of their new home, they found it overrun by a large Ork WAAAGH!, led by the infamous Warboss Skull'eata. They immediately prepared to make a planetary assault on the xenos-infested planet, but quickly found themselves overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the greenskin forces. Sending out an astropathic call to any nearby Astartes Chapters for assistance, their request was quickly answered by the Salamanders Chapter. The two Chapters quickly devised a tactical plan to whittle down the greenskin forces. The venerable Salamanders utilised a complex and subtle plan that denied the planet's resources to the enemy by employing a scorched earth policy - withdrawing from the planet's outer zones, which were then laced with multiple traps such as extensive minefields and pre-planned ambushes to break up and whittle down the invasion force before they could mount a concerted assault. Meanwhile, the Bone Reapers continuously harrowed the Ork horde, seemingly striking down the foe from everywhere using hit-and-run tactics to stoke the Orks' own homicidal rage and ill-discipline against them. The Orks became enraged that open battle had been so far denied them. When the final assault came, the Bone Reapers had the honour of leading the primary assault against Warboss Skull'eata's stronghold as the Salamanders attacked several Ork positions at once. The Salamanders goaded the Orks, trapping them in pre-arranged killing grounds of their choosing, targeting and destroying their leaders and slaughtering swathes of the enemy in the resulting confusion. The Bone Reapers initially took heavy casualties, but their tactics and training eventually helped them carry the day, as the continued to march inexorably towards their objective. The push on Skull'eata's stronghold was a difficult prospect, as countless new battle-brothers died due to the lack of overall leadership, which at that time was due to the very low amount of Sergeants within the Chapter. Despite the lack of battle-hardened veterans to lead them, their Chapter Master Apollo and Captain Lupermen of the elite 1st Company, led by example, fighting at the forefront of the Bone Reapers' assault. Their dauntless courage in the face of overwhelming odds, martial pride and honour of these veteran Astartes, helped to stoke the righteous indignation of their fellow battle-brothers, driving the Bone Reapers ever onwards. When the Bone Reapers finally reached their objective, they managed to storm the stronghold and fight their way within. Though the Chapter was outnumbered, the Bone Reapers fought with insane zeal. Chamber by chamber, they brought the stronghold under their control until they finally forced a confrontation with Warboss Skull'eata and his band of Nobs. With his pair of deadly weapons - a power-axe and power sword - Chapter Master Apollo strode forth to confront the massive greenskin, a hulking brute who stood several metres taller than its foul kind. With lightning-like reflexes, Apollo managed to strike the monster down, taking Skull'eata's head with his deadly blades. The morale of the Orks broke after they saw the death of their leader, and soon their hasty withdrawal became a route as the Salamanders and Bone Reapers linked up and systematically slaughtered the greenskins. Once their primary objective had been taken, the two Chapters proceeded to prosecute their xenocidal campaign against the Orks until their foul presence was cleansed. The bonds between the Bone Reapers and Salamanders were tempered in the heat of battle as they both shed much blood between them. This forged a lasting bond of friendship and cooperation between the two Chapters, as both agreed to fight alongside the other whenever the need arose. The Bone Reapers took Skull'eata's massive skull as a trophy of war, and Chapter Master Apollo had his Chapter's artificers mount it upon his right shoulder pauldron. The Chapter Master then proclaimed, "Those Orks who lead shall look upon this trophy and see their future fate - this is what we shall do with their bones!" Thus began the Bone Reapers tradition of taking the bones of their fallen enemies as trophies.
"No heretic or daemon leaves this cavern of my endless rage!"
— Newly instated Chapter Master Lupermen Black-blood, during the Cleansing of Sepheris Secundus
Herlexcon today

A pict-capture of Herlexcon, the Mighty City

  • Cleansing of Sepheris Secundus (420.M39) - While continuing their eternal crusade, the Bone Reapers encountered the world of Sepheris Secundus, whose people had turned away from the light of the God-Emperor and had fallen under the malign influence of the Ruinous Powers. Sending forth their Scout Marines to reconnoitre the enemy's positions, the Bone Reapers quickly discovered the source of where the rot had first taken root -- the city of Herlexcon -- the world's once-great capital city before the corrupting influence of Chaos had taken hold and twisted it into a dark parody of its former glory. The Bone Reapers launched an all out drop assault on the capital city, but did little collateral damage, as the majority of the city was concealed kilometres deep beneath the surface of a hallowed-out mountain. However, many of the above-ground defences were controlled by Chaos cultists, and soon, a number of drop pods were shot down by deadly macro-laser fire. This did not deter the Bone Reapers however, as the loss of a few drop pods wouldn't halt their advance. Despite the loss of nearly fifty Astartes in the initial assault, the Bone Reapers continued to press their attack. The approach to the main gate which led to the subterranean passages of the underground city bristled with twin-linked bolter turrets, rocket launchers and static plasma cannons. If the nigh-impregnable gate had been assaulted by Imperial Guard troops, it would have been considered a suicide mission. However, the transhuman warriors of the Bone Reapers Chapter were breed apart, and always valiantly faced their foes not matter the odds. Under the superlative leadership of First Captain Lupermen Black-blood and his elite Sternguard Veterans, these elite warriors would play a pivotal role in taking out the gate's defences. With the help of their Chapter's Scout Marines, they were able to pinpoint a blindspot in the gate's defences -- a single approach up a narrow path located on the southern side of the mountain. As First Captain Black-blood and his Sternguard Veterans made their silent approach, the Scout Marines acted as outriders, taking out any snipers and clearing the path of any hidden traps. Though it took many hours to finally reach their objective, the Bone Reapers elite warriors found what they were looking for -- a narrow chasm that gave access to the mountain. But the way was not clear, as the servants of the Lord of Pleasure blocked their path -- daemons of Slaanesh -- who vowed to halt the transhuman warriors from stopping the corruption that ran rampant across the planet. With a prayer on his lips to the God-Emperor, First Captain Black-blood led the assault against their daemonic foes. Though vastly outnumbered by the servants of the Lord of Pleasure, the Bone Reapers acquitted themselves well. With his massive two-handed power sword, Death Reaver, the First Captain cut a bloody swathe through lithe Daemonettes and the twisted forms of gibbering Chaos Spawn alike. None of the foul creatures were spared his wrath. After hours of brutal fighting, the First Captain and eighty of his Sternguard Veterans emerged victorious. They continued their mission, clearing the tunnels with both flame and sword. Soon, they had slain most of the heretics that had controlled the automated-defences, leaving the way open for their fellow battle-brothers. With the main gate finally opened, the rest of the Chapter poured through and penetrated the turbulent depths. The Bone Reapers finally reached their objective, and utilising explosives, made a breech in the city's walls, enabling the Chapter to break through the city's last line of defence. Much to their surprise they encountered an unnamed Dark Apostle of the traitorous Word Bearers Traitor Legion. The servant of Chaos was undoubtedly the architect of the planet's fall to the whims of the Chaos Gods. Mockingly, the Dark Apostle taunted his loyalist cousins, "Fools, you cannot best the might of Slaanesh! The Lord of Pleasure will surely grant you an experience beyond limits...the gifts of endless pain and pleasure...indivisible. Come then loyalist dogs! We have such sights to show you!" Enraged at the Dark Apostle's temerity, Chapter Master Apollo strode forth to strike down the foul servant of Chaos. But utilising the gifts granted to him by the Dark Prince, the Dark Apostle cast him down with fell sorcery. Enraged at the sight of the gloating Dark Apostle, as he stood over the body of his slain Chapter Master, Luperman was filled with righteous indignation. With a fury he had never felt before, the First Captain went blood-mad and broke ranks. Charging into the Dark Apostle from his blindside, Lupermen knocked his adversary off his feet and drove him into the rocky pavement in a furious takedown. He then proceeded to beat the Word Bearer to death, until his head was an unrecognisable bloody mass of brain matter and broken bone. He then proceeded to tear off the Dark Apostle's armour, and in a final, bloody act, tore the bones from his enemy's body. With vengeance satisfied, the now de facto Chapter Master ordered his warriors to slay all those who would serve the Dark Gods. Stoked with rage, the full force of the Emperor's wrath was unleashed upon the city's inhabitants, as the Bone Reapers fell upon both the heretic and the daemon, to their utter destruction. In the end, Herlexcon had been saved, but at a bloody cost. A decade later, Sepheris Secundus became a world faithful to the God-Emperor, giving itself over entirely to the worship of the Emperor of Mankind. The capital city was rebuilt, with mile-high cathedrals and bell towers, linked by avenues lined with the statues of thousands of Imperial Saints. Eventually, Sepheris Secundus became a Shrine World of great significance, with millions of the faithful flocking to the Magnificent City on annual pilgrimages.
  • Battle at Kulth (431.M39) - Responding to a series of frantic astropathic distress calls from several Imperial deep-range outposts in the Periphery Sub-sector, the Bone Reapers made all haste towards War World of Kulth, which had been beset by a large Ork invasion force comprised of the Bad Moons clan. The war-broken world was no stranger to the predations of the greenskin menace. As the Bone Reapers entered the flames of war, they soon found themselves in a desperate struggle against a much larger Ork army. The sheer number of greenskins threatened to overwhelm the Space Marines. Surrounded, and outnumbered by the vile xenos, it was only by the dauntless leadership and tactical cunning of Chapter Master Lupermen Black-blood that they were able to survive. Leading his warriors in a furious counter-assault, the Bone Reapers took advantage of their inherent speed and ferocity, and came to grips with their foes, whittling down the Bad Moons. Though the Bone Reapers wanted to fight on to the bitter end, the Chapter Master's will prevailed, as he ordered his warriors to make a fighting withdrawal, leaving a pile of Ork bodies in their wake. In their final desperate hours, less than a one hundred of the Bone Reapers' force remained, and soon, the remaining battle-brothers prepared to sell their lives dearly. Only the timely intervention of the Astral Claws, supported by the vessels of Battlefleet Calixis, broke the deadly siege of Kulth. The surviving Bone Reapers owed a blood debt to the Astral Claws for their Chapter's salvation, and swore to uphold this debt in the Astral Claws' time of need.
  • The Second Battle of Mantho (812.M39) - A massive Ork WAAAGH!, the likes which had not been seen in nearly five centuries, descended upon the Chapter homeworld of the Bone Reapers. With only a skeletal force comprised of Chapter Serfs and Neophytes, and led by a few battle-scarred veterans, the defences of Mantho were woefully inadequate to halt the advance of the massive greenskin invasion. Sending a desperate astropathic Chapter recall across the width and breadth of the galaxy, the crusading Bone Reapers made all haste towards their beleaguered homeworld. By the time they arrived, Mantho had descended into a churning cauldron of total war. Though the token force of Astartes had held out a valiant defence for nearly a week, the Orks now laid siege to the Bone Reapers' fortress-monastery -- a sea of greenskins stretching off into the horizon. Soon Orks scaled the fortress walls, bellowing war cries while the Space Marines blasted them from above. Enraged at the treatment of their fellow Manthoians and the temerity of these vile xenos invading their realm, the Bone Reapers struck back with all the savagery they could muster. When the remainder of the Bone Reapers Chapter arrived in orbit, they immediately launched a coordinated lightning assault on the flanks of the Ork invasion force, and soon tore into their rearguard. The onslaught was temporarily halted, but this only offered the defenders' temporary respite. Soon battle was joined by the Orks' mighty Warboss, Belrukk Goresplatta'. At first, the Bone Reapers had caught the Orks by surprise, slaying thousands as they fell upon the horde, but then the Orks' numbers started to come to bear. Into their midst, the formidable Chapter Master Black-blood entered the fray, his mighty power sword taking the heads of several Orks with each deadly swing of his deadly blade. Soon, the Chapter Master cut a bloody path towards the mighty Warboss, and challenged Goresplatta' to single combat. The massive Ork was only too happy to oblige. A titanic struggle ensued, and soon the two combatants were bleeding from a score of wounds. But despite his formidable fighting skills, Lupermen Black-blood finally fell to the Warboss's massive iron claw, which severed the Chapter Master's head. Leaderless, the Bone Reapers fury was unfettered. The brutal death of their Chapter Master unleashed something dark within the psyche of the Bone Reapers -- a terrible fury which could not be contained until every last greenskin was brutally slaughtered in a hail of blood. At that moment, nearly an entire company of Bone Reapers fell to the genetic curse of the "Black Rage." These afflicted Astartes fought as they had never fought before -- they fought not with cool reason and righteous might, but with hearts beating for vengeance -- a berserker's blood-thirst on their lips. Unstoppable, all that stood in their path was obliterated. The darkness previously hidden within them, was fully unleashed, as the blood-maddened Bone Reapers left bloody abattoirs in their wake. The fury of the afflicted battle-brothers carried the day, but those who survived were mercifully granted the Emperor's Peace to ease their suffering. Their true heritage revealed to all, on that day, the fate of the Chapter was forever changed. This day came to be known in the Chapter's annals as "The Revelation."
  • Battle of Spite (124.M40) - A little known engagement in official Imperial records, the Bone Reapers fought a ferocious battle against the notorious Chaos Warband, the Twisted. Evidence however, contradict these assertions, consigning the entire event to conjecture.
  • Blood Wars (910-911.M41) - The Blood Wars is one of the darkest chapters within the Bone Reapers' annals. During the Red Blade Wars, the Bone Reapers fought alongside the Murdering Sons Chapter upon the hive world of Gloriam Secundus to cleanse it of the foul taint of greenskins. Throughout the campaign, the two Chapters vied with one another to claim the most victories. It was on the capital world of Gloriam Secundus where the two Chapters fought alongside one another that matters would come to a head. During the Battle of Hive Ebonspire, the ferocious counter-attack spearheaded by the Bone Reapers' 1st Company elite, the Bone Hunters, helped to drive off the attacking Ork forces. But it is here that the fog of war obscures the truth of the events that occurred following the final counter-attack. It is not known, with any certainty, which Chapter was responsible for starting the feud that continues to this day. Evidence compiled from pict-captures, vox traffic, witness testimony and helmet feeds taken from fallen Astartes on both sides, would paint a general picture of the dire events that surround that fateful day. Many Imperial scholars believe that some of the Bone Hunters had fallen into the throes of the Black Rage, and continued their indiscriminate slaughter even after the Orks had been annihilated. The afflicted Bone Reapers then tore into the Murdering Sons' ranks, unable to distinguish between friend and foe, and so, the Bone Hunters brutally butchered the Murdering Sons' Chapter Master Evlon. Outraged by the actions of their supposed 'allies', the enraged Murdering Sons turned their wrath upon the rest of the Bone Reapers in a hail of bolter fire. When testifying before a formal Inquisitorial tribunal, many surviving Bone Reapers maintain that it was the Murdering Sons who had instigated hostilities between the two Chapters. They had a reputation for arrogance, and would often provoke their fellow Astartes for their perceived failings, which sometimes resulted in violence. Whatever the truth of the matter, what is known, with any certainty, is that the resultant battle saw brother-fighting-brother, with the death of many dozens on either side. The fighting devolved into a savage war of attrition between the two Chapters, which resulted in the loss of over half their number on both sides. With the two combatant Chapters refusing calls to end their battle and aid with the pacification of Gloriam Secundus and its surrounding conquered worlds, an Ordo Astartes Inquisitor, leading three large Crusade forces from the Black Templars, were despatched to sunder the two and end the strife. In the decades after, both sides would claim that the other Chapter was responsible for setting in motion the terrible chain of events that led to their confrontation. This conflict is a source of pride for both Chapters, and a source of secret shame. Though both claimed victory, each Chapter feared they had actually lost, and in truth, the battle proved bloody but inconclusive. In retribution for their disreputable actions, both Chapters were forced to undergo a fifty-year long Penitent Crusade for taking up arms against one another. This conflict has created lasting enmity between the Bone Reapers and the Murdering Sons Chapters. Both have sworn vengeance upon the other should the opportunity arise and each Chapter has banned one another from entering their respective demesnes. This terrible event came to be known forever more as the Blood Wars.


Like their Progenitors, the Bone Reapers gene-seed also carries the genetic Flaws inherited from Sanguinius. Like many of their contemporary Successor Chapters Founded in later centuries, the Bone Reapers are greatly affected by the genetic flaw of their Blood Angels' heritage, particularly the Black Rage. Those battle-brothers who fall into the throes of the Black Rage are placed within the ranks of their Chapter's Death Company. Displaying a merciless disregard for their afflicted brethren, unlike other Blood Angels Successors, the Bone Reapers take a much harsher attitude towards their lost brothers. They are known to hurl their Death Companies into battle with no concern for their afflicted battle-brothers' lives, and often utilise them in a shock assault role -- a blunt instrument to hammer away at the enemy's front lines no matter the cost. They are particularly used in Zone Mortalis operations, where the likelihood of surviving in these most treacherous and dangerous environments are almost nil. The callous disregard for these doomed warriors can most likely be attributed to the Bone Reapers' inherent need to expunge themselves of the genetic flaw that they perceive as a sign of inherent weakness. Before the Second Battle of Mantho, they were one of the few scions of Sanguinius to have been entirely free of the madness that haunted the Angel's bloodline. But since the time of 'The Revelation', the curse now flourishes within the ranks of the Bone Reapers, whose battle-brothers are now prone to falling victim to the Black Rage. This has warranted the Chapter raising a Death Company of its own, and since that time, there are no less than at least 20-30 afflicted battle-brothers who make up its ranks at any given time.

Chapter Organisation


Prior to the Second Battle of Mantho, the Chapter adhered closely to the Codex Astartes. Accordingly, they had a nominal strength of 1,000 battle-brothers under arms, further divided into ten companies of roughly 100 Space Marines each. The only exception to the standard makeup of a Chapter, was that the Bone Reapers had a propensity for utilising a large amount of assault oriented units, which comprised both the 8th and 9th Companies, as they eschewed the use of long range weapons. The Bone Reapers also adhered closely to the Codex's prescribed command structures, types of officers and other common elements of standard Space Marine Chapter structure. The Bone Reapers also rarely utilised Chaplains, with only a handful to spread between the ten companies of the Chapter, and rarely possessed Librarians within their ranks. The reasons the Bone Reapers possessed a lack of psychic battle-brothers within their ranks was not known. Imperial scholars speculate either this was due to their gene-seed being incompatible with those who possessed latent psychic abilities, or possibly, a personal choice on part of the Bone Reapers themselves, as some Chapters' hatred for the mutant and the Warp borders on the pathological.


Following 'The Revelation', the Chapter underwent drastic changes to their overall Chapter organisation and structure, choosing to follow some of the ways of their Progenitors. Though they still do not possess any kind of Sanguinary Guard but the Bone Reapers do utilise cadres of Honour Guard. These dedicated, elite warriors are responsible for accompanying the mightiest Bone Reapers officers into the thickest of the fighting. Due to their susceptibility to falling to the genetic flaw of the Black Rage, they now possess a Death Company of their own, which usually comprises 20-30 afflicted battle-brothers at any given time. The Bone Reapers also utilise a more balanced organisation of their fighting forces than the Blood Angels, and now incorporate a higher number of Tactical Squads than their assault-oriented kin. After the events of 'The Revelation', the Bone Reapers possess a higher number of Chaplains, with at least three assigned to each company, to guard against the effects of the Black Rage and psychologically ministering to those who fall to its effects.

Like their fellow Successor Chapters, the Bone Reapers also maintain a Librarium of potent psykers who are highly talented and trained to master the power of the Warp at the highest levels. But for whatever reason, the core of psychic battle-brothers from which to chose from a pool of candidates, remains woefully small. Due to the Bone Reapers' propensity for undertaking continuous crusades, and their isolation from the rest of the Imperium, the Bone Reapers have a distinct lack of availability to technological resources. They often have to fight under-strength, particularly in terms of the use of heavy vehicles like Predators and Land Raiders, of which they possess very few. Also, interestingly, the Bone Reapers do not possess a large amount of Techmarines to maintain their vehicles and equipment. The reasons for this remain unclear. Due to their lack of Techmarines, the Bone Reapers do not make extensive use of armoured elements, as they do not have the needs to maintain such vehicles in the heat of battle. Therefore, hey have been forced to rely on their aerial assets, such as Jump Packs, Thunderhawks and Stormtalon gunships, which suits their style of warfare which is heavily dependent upon drop assaults and lightning attacks.

The only other noticeable difference between the Bone Reapers and other Codex-oriented Chapters, is that they sometimes are known to boost a deployed Battle Company with additional battle-brothers from other companies, forming a temporary Demi-Chapter, which can comprise 120-200 plus Astartes, if the circumstances dictate the need for such additional forces.

Chapter Homeworld

The Bone Reapers Chapter is a fleet-based Chapter, having no Chapter homeworld of their own. They operate solely from their substantial Chapter warfleet which continuously crusades throughout the width and breadth of the galaxy.

Chapter Recruitment

The Bone Reapers recruit from a number of worlds while crusading throughout the galaxy. The Bone Reapers are known to recruit from a variety of worlds as long is it is not a Chapter homeworld or planet that belongs to another Chapter. They primarily look for hardy genetic stock from types of worlds such as Death Worlds, Feral Worlds or even Hive Worlds. The deadly conditions of such worlds, which are often inimical to human life and compounded by the brutally harsh conditions of ceaseless warfare, often make for ideal Astartes candidates. Many of the cultures from which the Astartes recruits exist in hellishly dangerous environments populated by all manner of predatory beings. The Bone Reapers make use of the 'Hunting the Hunter' trial, which requires an Aspirant to to track down and slay, or sometimes capture a deadly predator creature native to their homeworld. This hunt is a test of cunning and determination as much as raw martial prowess, often requiring the Aspirant to track his prey in its own territory. The hunt may last days, weeks or even longer according to the conditions of the Trial and the weapons the Aspirant can either find or fashion for himself. Taking the target alive is perhaps the hardest of Trials, for the Aspirant must keep the foe restrained on a return journey that might prove every bit as arduous as the hunt itself. Through this deadly trial, the Bone Reapers learn much about their potential recruits. Those who succeed in this deadly endeavour is led away to join the ranks of the Adeptus Astartes.

Combat Doctrine

In battle, the Bone Reapers Chapter are the incarnation of the Emperor's wrath made manifest. Led by their tactically brilliant Chapter Master Bolerin Hallow, their coming is nothing less than apocalyptic judgement delivered upon the guilty from on high, as they descend from the skies in their Thunderhawk gunships and Jump Packs. The Chapter has conquered every form of foe the galaxy had thrown at them, that dares threaten the sanctity of the Emperor's realms. Their preternatural fury, as well as dread and awe they create, has caused entire armies to fall to their knees cowering before the wrath of these brutal warriors, lest they too perish beneath the Bone Reapers bolters and ritual flaying knives. Against the xenos, particularly against the greenskin menace, no quarter is given, and the wrath of the Bone Reapers is made manifest as a tide of unrelenting carnage that only gives way once complete extermination has been achieved.

Notable Bone Reapers

  • Apollo Staalo - Apollo was the first Chapter Master of the Bone Reapers, as such, he did not live long during his tenure as Chapter Master. He was eventually killed almost a century later after his Chapter's founding, by a Word Bearers' Dark Apostle during the Drop Assault on Sepheris Secundus.
  • Bolerin Hallow - Bolerin Hallow is the current Chapter Master of the Bone Reapers. A wily and deadly warrior, Chapter Master Hallow is a veteran with hundreds of standard years of service to the Chapter. In his long service he has accrued victories over almost every enemy of mankind, and many within the Bone Reapers consider him the greatest battle leader in their Chapter's history.
  • Lupermen Black-blood - Lupermen Black-blood was the First Captain of the Bone Reapers' elite 1st Company during the time of the Bone Reapers founding. Lupermen was known for his acts of fearlessness and ferocious hatred of the enemies of mankind. Before his death he was universally feared by both Orks and heretics alike. All who saw his deeds attested that he fought with the valour of Sanguinius himself. In battle he wielded the massive two-handed power sword, Death Reaver, which he used to slay the foes of the Emperor. One of his solemn duties was to utilise Death Reaver to grant the Emperor's Peace to those battle-brothers too far gone in the throes of the Black Rage.

Chapter Relics

  • Wrath of Apollo - The Wrath of Apollo is the artificer-wrought shoulder pauldron that was forged after the Battle of Mentho against the Ork forces of WAAAAGH! Skull'eata. This shoulder pauldron bears the massive flayed and polished skull of Warboss Skull'eta himself, whom Chapter Master Apollo won, when he took the Warboss's head in single-combat. It has continued to be traditionally passed down to each successive Chapter Master since that time. When this ancient chapter relic is in the presence of other Bone Reapers battle-brothers, it steels their will against the vile greenskin, as they remember the price paid by their brothers, and struggle harder to cleanse the galaxy of their foul taint.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

Bone Reapers Co

Bone Reapers company colours displayed on the left poleyn (knee guard)

The Bone Reapers primarily wear light brown coloured power armour (top of helmet, plastron and lower torso, arms, and lower legs) with black coloured shoulder pauldrons with silver trim. The faceplate, gauntlets and cuisses (upper legs) are grey in colour. The Bone Reapers are highly unusual for a Blood Angels Successor Chapter, as they are a more Codex Astartes-oriented Chapter than most of their fellow Scions of Sanguinius. They utilise white coloured squad specialty symbols on the right shoulder guard which designate operational specialty -- Tactical, Devastator, Assault or Veteran. A black coloured roman numeral is stenciled on the centre of the squad specialty symbol which indicates squad number. The colour of the left knee pad indicates company number in accordance with the dictates of the Codex Astartes -- White (1st Company), Yellow (2nd Company), Red (3rd Company), Green (4th Company), ect.. Sergeants are designated by black coloured helmets while senior officers and Veteran Marines are designated by dark red coloured helmets. A silver coloured Aquila or Imperialis is worn on the chest plate. Often, a veteran Sergeant or senior ranking battle-brother will incorporate gold details on their battle plate.

As a Codex-oriented Chapter the Bone Reapers do not bear the traditional blood drop markings on their armour nor any of the other traditional icons or heraldry utilised by their progenitors. However, those battle-brothers who belong to the Death Company bear the usual panoply common across all the Blood Angels Successor Chapters -- sombre black coloured power armour with details picked out in red. As well as the use of blood drops and blood-red saltires painted on portions of their battle-plate, to symbolise the wounds of their beloved Primarch Sanguinius.

Helm Designation

Like other Codex-compliant Chapters, the Bone Breakers make also make use of various helmet colours to designate certain specialists within the Chapter.

Bone Reapers Helmet Markings

Bone Reapers Designated Helmet Identification Colours

  • Sternguard Veteran: Dark Red with single white stripe - Senior Battle-Brother that leads a squad
  • Veteran Marine: Dark Red - Veteran Battle-Brother
  • Sergeant: Black - Battle-Brother assigned as a Sergeant. Veteran Sergeants' helmets also have a single white coloured stripe to designate their seniority.
  • Tactical Marine: Light brown and grey - Standard Battle-Brother of the Chapter.

Chapter Badge

The Bone Reapers Chapter badge is a simple large grey-coloured skull centred on a field of sable. Though most outsiders assume the symbolism behind this icon has something to do with their namesake, the true meaning behind this symbol is to bring fear to the foes of the Imperium. It also represents the ancient symbol of death used to mark the memory of the Emperor of Mankind's great sacrifice for humanity during the Horus Heresy. Following their revelation that were in actuality Scions of Sanguinius, it is also believed to represent their angelic Primarch, who died at the hands of the Warmaster.

Chapter Fleet

  • Heralds Might (Battle Barge) 
  • Son of Apollo (Battle Barge)
  • The Faithful's Might (Strike Cruiser) 
  • Fallen Angel (Strike Cruiser) 
  • The Old Slayer (Strike Cruiser)
  • Emperor's Halo  (Strike Cruiser)
  • Bone Dragon (Strike Cruiser)



The Bone Reapers and Salamanders share a mutual debt earned during a long forgotten campaign that occurred millennia ago. While the two don't fully trust one another, they share a strong respect for one another as warriors, and will fight alongside one another without comment. However, due to the recent events of the Blood Wars, their bond has become somewhat strained, due to the loss of innocent lives as a result of the internecine conflict between the Bone Reapers and the Murdering Sons.


Murdering Sons

Since the time of the lamentable event known as the Blood Wars, which occurred in the early 900's.M41, these two Chapters have had a lasting enmity that won't cease. The Murdering Sons claim it was the Bone Reapers who fired the first shot, by wantonly murdering their Chapter Master in cold blood. The Bone Reapers insist that it was the Murdering Sons who attacked them first, without provocation. Whatever the truth, both Chapters hate each other in extremis, and are forbidden, by order of the Inquisition, to be within the same warzone. Should they ever be in the same proximity, hostilities will most likely resume and the resulting bloodshed and collateral damage would be catastrophic.

Notable Quotes

By the Bone Reapers

"Death to the False Gods!"
— Bone Reapers' mocking battle-cry to the Forces of Chaos

About the Bone Reapers

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"Those brothers kin of blooded death, waited they with baited breath. Truth and pain in damning light, hide from all, their void dark sight. Imperator do they fight in vain, to be honoured amongst thy sons again. "
—Unknown Mortarchs Serpentia Marine

"Did we know? Well, we suspected, but every chapter has its own customs and tendencies, the sons of Sanquinius more that most. We had observed. We had watched. But we kept our suspicions to ourselves, lest we wrongly attribute and condemn either the Reapers or the Angels."
—1st Captain Ovair of the Obsidian Blades
"Bloody handed, but fearful. They fear the dark in their own souls. They fear they will not be strong enough to resist the call. This very fear will doom them."
—Teridax of the Star Reapers
"Yes! Yes! Give in to the fury, the rage, the hate! Give in and let it consume you, and take your first steps down the path to truth! From there, I will show you the way to perfection!"
Valkyura Warpschild
"The Bone Reapers are gutless curs who have no honour! We haven't forgotten their treachery on Gloriam Secundus. One day there will be a reckoning, and the Murdering Sons will be the ones to collect death's due."
— Sergeant Talon Xusia, Murdering Sons Chapter
"Humor me my loyalist brother. Heed the call of my blade and the barking of my bolter. Face me with the supposed courage you so often flaunt."
—Erik of the Crusaders Once Crossed