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"Bring the wrath of the Emperor upon the forces of Chaos! Pick up your blades and prove your worth to our Lady, for we may not come back from this journey, but will live on forever to haunt these foul daemons!"
Agathus Colchian, M36 Warp Incident, rallying the chapter against the overwhelming daemon force

The Blood Wights are a loyalist Space Marine chapter, successors of Sanguinius and Blood Angels. Allegedly created in M33 as one of the chapters of the 5th Founding. Their first assignment was to assist the Inquisition in cleansing the Chaos from the Feral world of Tumulus and its surrounding planets in what was known as the Redemption of Tumulus. They were awarded the Feral World after the successful purging and took root on the planet, maybe more than was expected.

Blood Wights are known for their divergent beliefs, specifically their unusual reverence for a spirit known as Lady Forlorn, whom the chapter believes to be the True Bride of the Emperor and their guide. Despite their exotic beliefs, Blood Wights proved to be steadfast allies and faithful servants of the God Emperor throughout the millennia. 

Blood Wight existence has been riddled with numerous calamities, tragedies and checkered events. Among them were the Warp Incident, chapter-wide Curses, Dark Eldar Cabals, Xenos scum, Slaanesh's corruption and heresy within their own ranks. But they always endure and stand ready to battle the enemies of the Emperor.


Chapter Banner

Chapter History

Redemption of Tumulus

Blood Wights were founded during the 33rd Millennium as part of the 5th Founding in the Year of Ghosts. Blood Wights were reportedly sanctioned and created from the Gene-seed of Sanguinius during this founding. Purpose of their creation was soon revealed to be battling the Chaos corruption sprawling across a cluster of worlds in the eastern-most region of Segmentum Obscurus. A long campaign later, Blood Wights came across the progenitors of this corruption on the Feral World of Tumulus who called themselves Witch-Brothers of the Night. With their Chapter Master Kraius Malacar spearheading the battle, Blood Wights took the planet in a decisive victory. Once the planets were cleansed of Chaos influence, Blood Wights were awarded the world of Tumulus as their homeworld and tasked with watching and protecting the sector for any signs of corruption.

Settling of Tumulus


Blood Wights took a liking to an old mountain fortress and started building around it and improving its existing structure. They named it Wrathspire and established the monastery in its halls. Throughout the years of settling on the planet and recruiting the local warriors, the chapter mixed in the local culture into their day-to-day. Kraius Malacar discovered an ancient statue within the halls of the fortress, the likes of an angelic woman reaching for the sky in the moonlit, cold stone chamber. The tales are told of Malacar going on a spiritual journey through the halls and labyrinths of the fortress, disappearing for a year. Returning a wisened man he proclaimed that this Lady Forlorn - came to him in a vision and showed him truth and offered guidance for the Chapter. She would be the True Bride of the Emperor and would light the path against the forces of Chaos for mankind and the Chapter itself. Upon reaching the spot where the statue was, the marines would feel the chill and presence of this spirit and would soon take to revering this wise spirit who would later on guide them through their plights and tragedies. The chapter however, would never forsake their loyalty to the Emperor himself.

The Warp Incident

During 723.M36 Blood Wights mobilize their entire fleet to defend Imperium of Man in 5th Black Crusade. However because of some disturbance in the warp, during the jump, the entire fleet appears inside the what seems like the Realm of Chaos. Unaware and unprepared, the fleet is scattered and soon decimated by the overwhelming forces of Chaos. Despite the chapters best attempts to regroup, the ever-changing nature of the chaotic realm did not allow for conventional tactics and soon the only vessel left was their flagship - The Stormbringer. The strange and abstract, everchanging nature of this reality would turn some of the marines and drive them mad. For weeks the Blood Wights fought valiantly against the raging hordes of daemons and traitors, looking for the opportunity of escape. Their prayers were answered in the darkest moment, a warp portal materialized for a short time, allowing for a hasty retreat. However, Chapter Master Agathus Colchian and his squad were routed away from the Stormbringer and could not make it. Surviving chapter's forces made it safely within the territory of Imperium and eventually found their way home but the scar of this event would fester and reveal itself in the future.

The Curse

With only half of the original chapter surviving, the Blood Wights returned to their homeworld to rebuild and repent. As they replenished their numbers, they started noticing a strange occurrence in relation to their catalapsean node mutation. Before, they would have to sleep for a long period depending on how long they stayed awake, but now, the slumber would kick in spontaneously and unnaturally. The victims would get pale, weak, and seemingly collapse into unconsciousness for up to months.

After millenia of trying to battle the mutation along with their best efforts to battle threats of mankind, Grand Chaplain Corellius received a vision and came to the conclusion that this is their punishment for leaving their Chapter Master to his fate in the Void. When the Chaplain asked for guidance all he would receive is the terrifying vision of the Eye of Terror. As part of their repentance, Blood Wights started sending patrols into the fringes of the Void to look for Colchian, alive or dead.

Call of the Grave

Despite their best efforts, they could not find their lost Chapter Master. Either as punishment for their failure or pure genetic misfortune, members of the Chapter would fall into the slumber for longer periods of time. Much to the dismay and terror of the brothers, they would not wake up even after years of sleep. This would later be known as the Call of the Grave. All Adeptus Astartes of the Blood Wight chapter eventually fell into the slumber within their mountain monastery. Last to be awake was Grand Chaplain Corellius. Before he inevitably felt the call of the grave himself, he delivered a true and pious prayer or even a plea to Lady Forlorn asking for forgiveness and redemption.

Due to the Chapter falling off the radar, an Imperial host is sent to investigate the planet. As they reach Wrathspire they are only greeted by the sentinel Dreadnoughts and a recording from Corellius explaining their situation. The Imperial regiment then sets up in the Wrathspire and overlooks the planet sector in absence of the Adeptus Astartes.

The Waking

Five hundred years later in 552.M40, one after another the entire chapter wakes only to be subjected to another threat. Dark Eldar emerge from the fringes of space and the Blood Wights are called to duty ordered to defend the Empire of Man from the Xenos threat. Upon their return from the campaign against the Dark Eldar, Corellius starts noticing traces of corruption within their own ranks. It soon turns out that as much as a third of the chapter has been tainted by Chaos during their long slumber and are being lead by the former Chief Librarian Lernaeus. This begins the Long Night - a several hundred year long campaign of hunting down every trace of their corrupted brothers. Even after the war against the traitors, the chapter would still be reminded and haunted by the remnants of this corruption.

Return of Colchian

One of the Blood Wight patrols pick up a strange signal on one of the fringe Chaos planets. They land to find their lone Chapter Master, bloodied and weathered but alive. Agathus Colchian reappears in 399.M41 after more than 3 millenia of missing in action but returns alive and not an old decrepit man as would be expected. What felt like a decade to the Chapter Master turned out to be 3000 years to his dismay. He was tested for amy signs of corruption ad proven clean of any warp influences, attributing this to his famed strength of will.

Rebuilding of the Chapter

With the return of their Chapter Master, Blood Wights start rebuilding their heavily diminished numbers from many plights that have befallen them throughout millenia. The first issue that required attention was the Curse of the Grave. To battle the affliction, Colchian disbanded 8th Company and dispersed the marines across all the other companies. With the opened slot the so called Grave Company was created. All the Astartes suffering from the Curse would join the regiment. The marines would still be in a weakened state, and per the request of the befallen warriors, Colchian ordered the Blood Rite. Every Astartes of the Grave Company would have to succumb to the craving for blood known as the Red Thirst and regular tithes of said blood would be collected from the population of Tumulus to sate the warriors and keep them at strength.

During this period Blood Wights also reconnected with some allies in the Imperium. Among them was a sect of Adeptus Mechanicus on Daedalus. The chapter came to the rescue of the Mechanicus as the Argus Sector was under Greenskin attacks and skirmishes. The Stormbringer launched half a hundred Drop Pods to the surface of Daedalus and liberated the planet in an impressive display. The two factions were bound closer by their future co-operation and through this alliance, Blood Wights gained access to the Mechanicus continued support in the form of technology and weapons.

Macharian Heresy

Parts of Blood Wight Chapter would be deployed in subjugation of the rebelling and corrupted worlds in what was known as Macharian Heresy. With Minotaur Adeptus Astartes Chapter spear-heading the liberation of the worlds, Blood Wights proved to be invaluable in their lightning strike, pin-point assaults on strategic heretic locations. The Blood Wight forces consisted of the 2nd Assault Company, 4th Tactical Company and the Grave Company. It would be the first time the Grave Company was deployed in full force and at full strength. Fighting relentlessly and without rest for months on end, they would sweep their exhausted opponents in a decisive manner. They would later break from the main force and launch their own small 30 year long crusade among the Chaos infested worlds on the fringes of Segmentum Tempestus returning victorious.

Argus Chaos Cult

In 502.M41 would learn of a Chaos Cult operating on the outskirts of Segmentum Obscurus and the Argus Sector. Sending one of their Companies to investigate and eliminate the threat, they would learn that the reason behind this corruption is Lernaeus, former Grand Librarian of the chapter and the leader of the Corrupted Brothers during the Awakening, who was thought to be dead by the Chapter. With these news reaching Tumulus, Agathus Colchian ordered full mobilization of the entire Chapter to hunt down and stop their fallen brother and the cultists under his command.

The liberation and cleansing of the worlds was much more difficult than expected as Lernaeus was once a part of the Chapter and knew their strategy and battle tactics. Chaos forces would set up traps and feinting armies, drawing in the vicious assault from Blood Wights and then surrounding and decimating their opponents. Daedalus Sect would send in some help to their allies in their time of need. With the combined forces and under relentless leadership and fury of Agathus Colchian, the Chaos forces would eventually be driven back to a single Feral World on the outskirts of the Argus Sector called Sepulcher. Lernaeus was fortified deep within and said to be opening warp gates and portals all across the surface of the planet. With not enough time and in fear of Corruption of other Imperial Worlds and Lernaeus escaping, Colchian ordered Exterminatus on Sepulcher. The Blood Wight and Daedalus fleets started heavy orbital bombardment on the planet, and Stormbringer released its entire supply of Cyclonic Torpedoes. Due to the worlds relatively small size and lack of preparation for this scenario from Lernaeus' side, the world was eventually devoid of all life. Even after the destruction, Colchian ordered Grave Company to stand vigil over the planet for 10 years in fear that Lernaeus might have slipped through their fingers a second time.

Heretical Allegations

Even as Blood Wights have kept their unorthodox beliefs secret for all of the millennia of their existence, doubts have always been raised within the Ecclesiarchy. After the campaign they waged against their fallen brothers, Ordo Hereticus of the Imperial Inquisition finally had enough cause and proof to investigate the divergent Chapter.

Inquisitor Rosanne Thrace was given a regiment and ordered to investigate the world of Tumulus for signs of heresy and execute all perpetrators. As the Inquisition forces landed planetside and presented their allegations of heresy, Blood Wight leaders did not take well to that and eventually the conflict escalated to full on warfare. Most of the Chapters forces were not present on the world, with only the 1st Veteran and 3rd Tactical Company defending Wrathspire. Despite the Blood Wights’ knowledge of the geography of Tumulus and their superior defensive positioning within their fortress-monastery, Inquisitions forces proved to be relentless and ruthless. Eventually remaining Blood Wight forces were driven back into the depths of Wrathspire, with Inquisition solidifying its hold over the planet and cutting off any hope of reinforcements for the Chapter.

Under pressure of extinction, Grand Chaplain Corellius convinced the Chapter Master to allow Inquisitor within the halls in hopes that they see the truth and their loyalty to the Emperor. Colchian notified Inquisitor Knox that the Chapter would surrender to the might of the Emperor only to prove their innocence of heretic allegations and devotion to Imperium of Mankind, but only the Inquisitor herself would be allowed to enter the Deep Catacombs of the monastery escorted by her guards. Fearless and noble as she is relentless, Rosanne Thrace agreed to the terms, ordering her men to launch a full scale eradication of the Chapter if she does not return in time.

As she entered the Catacombs, she was presented to the chamber where the Astartes of the Chapter would meditate and revere the Emperor and Lady Forlorn, as they called her. Venturing further in the Inquisitor witnessed what she conveyed in her report to the Inquisition: an avatar of this Lady Forlorn appearing as a grey winged angel covered in white smoke. As the Blood Wight marines would present it to Inquisitor, the spirit was once a human leader until her tragic death as she selflessly sacrificed herself for the glory of the Emperor. With countless proof of their devotion to the Empire, past records of the Chapters' unfailing loyalty and Inquisitor herself receiving the vision of this spirit, Blood Wights were redeemed in the eyes of the Inquisition and the Ecclesiarchy and the name of Lady Forlorn was put down in the annals as one of the Imperial Saints.

Chapter Homeworld

Nature of Tumulus

File:Reach living06 .jpg

The hardy and weathered people of Tumulus are known for their willpower and devotion to their ideals. Despite the intrusion of the Inquisition and the Imperium of Man, there still remain cults to the mysterious Lady Forlorn among the warrior clans of the feral world. The clans are hardy and quick to anger, vengeful but honest, resolute and cunning above all. The unforgiving nature of the planet requires them to be so. The cold spires to the north and south, the deep wetlands and overgrown jungles along the equator and the colluding of magma fields and cold salt water of the Great sea, all make the world breed strong and uncompromising character. Among the worlds most vicious predators are the Dreadhounds, huge doberman looking breed of dire dogs native to the tundras and marshes of the planet. Throughout the millenia, Blood Wights have bred and trained the vicious animals as battle companions, utilizing their quick speed and relentless attacks, that synergize well with their own combat doctrine.



Much like many other Chapters of Adeptus Astartes, Blood Wights command their forces from within their fortress-monastery that they named Wrathspire upon their settling of the planet. The building and its foundation is not original to the chapter itself however. Their first Chapter Master Kraius Malacar, settled inside the old citadel upon arriving. From old tales of the locals the building has been standing there as long ago as their texts remember. It is told to have been built by a mighty warlord who has been seeing visions of a beautiful, Grey winged angel with a dour and stoic look on her face. The mysterious spirit has been influencing the inhabitants of the world for millenia and protecting them from many threats, be it natural cataclysms or Chaos corruption.

The fortress is built into the side of a giant mountain range and can be reached only by means of aircraft or through an extremely narrow and steep passage along the mountainside. The entire side of the fortress is heavily protected with land-to-air weaponry to prevent any heavy assault through air, and the steep passage is easily held as a choke-point along with the natural defense of landslides and avalanches.

The halls of the monastery are laden with ancient history and spiritual presence. The cold stone architecture has been enhanced with modern materials to accommodate the defenses of the fortress, making it durable against siege warfare. However, the deeper one descends into the halls of this fortress the more untouched and ancient it becomes. Adorned with Imperial heraldry and local cultural tapestries the ruinous stone carved halls lead into the deep catacombs of the monastery, where the marines keep candles lit constantly to illuminate the prayer halls. Many statues can be found here, depicting figures of the past but perhaps the most impressive is a large statue of Lady Forlorn situated in the middle of a circular room. Her feet surrounded by countless candles and a hundred feet up a stained glass window lets illuminate the room as the rays of light pass through candle-smoke.

Chapter Gene-Seed

The Red Thirst

Similarly to Blood Angels and much like other chapters bearing gene-seed of Sanguinius, Blood Wights suffer from the genetic affliction known as the Red Thirst. It is a curse that afflicts all marines of the chapter. Despite the drawback, the wrath and anger the curse brings out inside the marine during the heat of battle makes them vicious and near unparalleled warriors. It also serves as a benefit to those afflicted by Curse of the Grave, as it wades off the weakness brought on by the curse. Coupled with the heritage of Tumulus and their faith and devotion for the Emperor and his Bride, they make a formidable fighting force on the battlefield.

Curse of the Grave

A much less vicious curse than the Red Thirst, the Curse of the Grave is a more insidious drawback but sometimes a blessing in disguise. The genetic tampering on the part of Adeptus Mechanicus, in order to potentially cure the Black Rage present in the seed of Sanguinius resulted in an altered stock and a different mutation. The catalapsean node of every Blood Wight marine is mutated to the point where they don't have to rest for up to months or even years, but this is a double edged sword, since if the marine does not sleep or meditate and stays awake for long periods of time, it will trigger the curse and the warrior will involuntarily fall into a slumber for an unspecified time, depending on how long he has been awake.

In some cases the curse becomes a more insidious version of itself turning the marine to physically being unable to sleep or rest conventionally. This is the fate of marines of the Grave Company whose skin becomes more pale and black circles under their eyes start forming even the hair becoming pale white or grey. They also become more unfeeling and cold, showing lack of empathy and becoming more ruthless. The only thing keeping these marines loyal and battle ready is seemingly blood tithes administered by the apothecaries and their daily prayers.

There are some cases, where the curse takes to the marine in a grander scale. Such is the case of Agathus Colchian, the current Chapter Master of the Blood Wights. He has been awake since the very beginning of his induction into the Blood Wight ranks. Formerly believed to fall to the slumber in a couple of years he has been going on for just above six centuries (bar the time he spent in the time distorted aether). Only required to meditate for some time to regain his energy, this extreme mutation allows him to be unparalleled in vigilance and prolonged battles, and is probably a big credit to his survival inside the Void for as long as he did. However, Colchian has been known to suffer from waking nightmares. Strange occurrences that twist reality and essentially let him dream while still being awake, creating illusions and distortions in reality. As the waking dream sets in, he has to pray and meditate for hours on end to regain his grasp on reality, or he might never return from that state of mind.

Divergent Chapter



Blood Wights have adapted a unique combat doctrine throughout the years fighting enemies of mankind that tends to work on any adversary with some tactical adjustments, be it Xenos, forces of Chaos or Heretics. The basis of the doctrine consists of lightning strikes on the enemy, utilizing Thunderhawks or Drop Pods, both usually equipped with heavy ordnance to cause confusion and immense damage. The Assault Company of the chapter is known for their brutal assaults using Jump-packs to drop down on their enemies via the Thunderhawks that provide heavy fire support from the skies. Blood Wights also have a considerable amount of Dreadnoughts, due to their tradition of letting the marines taken by the Curse of the Grave live on and fight even in their catatonic state. They favor dropping these machines of death via Drop Pods into the heat of battle.

The marines of this chapter favor subversion tactics to control the battlefield. This principle varies from situation to situation. They may send harassing parties against a large group of enemies to lure them out or split them up. Herding the enemy into an ambush of a lightning strike or an assault drop zone is another favored tactic. During the nominal assault intended to vanquish their opponents they often apply brutal force in a flashy and confusing strike, intended to disorient and rout their opponents to give the Blood Wights an edge. They like to use their large numbers of Thunderhawks as a versatile and deadly force. Often armed with underwing Stormstrike Missiles and Incendiary Bombs. The favored strategy is to pass the birds over their enemy doing as much damage and confusion as possible and then unloading the assault marines from the same Thunderhawks to finish the job.

Fighting long term campaigns is another strong suit of this chapter mostly due to their catalapsean node mutation. The long periods they can stay awake for gives Blood Wights an edge over other enemies who might need rest and keeps them on par with the ones who don't. This mutation also lets the marines be excellent sentries. Often sending out as small of a force as a single marine squad to overlook a world for signs of xenos or corruption, these specialized warriors can spend up to months without long rest to keep watch over a location.

Since the times of Kraius Malacar, Blood Wights employed an adaptable way of fighting both tactically and strategically. Every company's Astartes is trained to use multiple weapons and prepared to adapt in the chaos of battle as the circumstances may change rapidly. The marines in the squads are selected in such a way as to be interchangeable in case of casualties or unforeseen circumstances. This, however, somewhat eliminates the bond of squad members so prevalent in a typical Space Marine chapter for the sake of a tactical edge.

What sets them apart from some of their Astartes brothers is that Blood Wights don't seem to be interested in honorable and straightforward combat, rather trying to win the conflict in a clean, decisive manner with little casualty. This often sets Blood Wights at odds with other, more honorable chapters.


Blood Wights mostly adhere to the Adeptus Astartes Codex regarding their power structure and military composition with the exception for the two Assault companies the chapter employs. Blood Wights hold a lot of respect towards the numerous Dreadnoughts of the Chapter. Most of the marines submitted to the sarcophagus are taken by the curse. For that reason these war machines are revered, their wisdom sought for and their words heeded.

In war Blood Wights adhere to a pragmatic but thoughtful outlook. They will try their utmost to save an Imperial settlement from a threat they are confident in dealing with, but will also sacrifice the same group of people to save more elsewhere or obliterate a large enemy force as was witnessed in the Exterminatus of Sepulcher. Despite their calm and level-headed premeditation of battles, they execute every campaign with fast and vicious fury, descending from the skies, ravaging the enemy with their heavily armed Thunderhawks and charging into battle with great zeal. They will often go out of their way to take up arms against forces of Chaos, because of the particularly bloody history the Chapter has had with this ancient enemy. In moments like these their lineage and descent from Blood Angels truly shows, once they unleash their rage upon the most hated enemy. However the most distinct quality they have is their unparalleled vigilance and patience in war. Their ability to wait for the most opportune moment to perform a savage lightning strike, their vigilance and ability to fight without rest for weeks on end makes them uniquely effective.

They hold some unorthodox beliefs regarding the spirit and recently admitted Saint - Lady Forlorn. Unlike the way most Imperial Citizens revere and even worship Saints, Blood Wights hold this spirit in the same regard as an Adeptus Astartes Chapter would their Primarch. This exotic tradition could be also explained by the chapter not possessing the Black Rage unique to all other Successors of Sanguinius, and perhaps this is why Blood Wight Marines don't hold the same reverence towards their ancestral progenitor.

Outside of war, Blood Wights convey a sentimental but often cold demeanor. When dealing with anyone but their own brothers or allies, they are fairly demanding and perhaps even prideful but never in a boastful way. Astartes of this chapter are seen as callous and cold by any other Imperial power structure and because of this are often on the sidelines of any major political conflicts, only acting when their Chapter Master deems it necessary. When in their monastery and away from conflict the marines clad themselves in long grey, hooded robes, solemnly walking halls of their fortress vigilant and melancholic. The human clans of Tumulus and the surrounding worlds, see Blood Wights as ghosts or spectres hiding within their fortress and only descending to collect blood tithes or new recruits.

Astartes of this chapter are often of an artistic mind. Outside of battle they pursue different crafts and similar interests, be it painting, tailoring, smithing or pottery. Throughout the millenia Wrathspire has become filled with intricate tapestries, grand frescoes and monolithic statues, all depicting and honoring Lady Forlorn, The Emperor or their fallen brothers. Done for no other reason than aesthetic pleasing, this behavior is often very much encouraged among the Blood Wights as a recreational activity to bring their minds away from their Curse and not succumb to hopelessness.


Blood Wight recruits have to pass a very long and harsh trial to become a full member of the Chapter. The inhabitants of Tumulus are mostly hardy warrior tribes settling all across the mega-continent of the world. Because of this fact the Blood Wights have plenty of potential recruits to choose from. Upon their settling of the world, Blood Wight progenitors established several cultural festivals and trials within the feral worlds society to crop out the most willful, strong and capable warriors. The trials are started in secret since the candidates are merely 10 years old and a select number of Blood Wight Recruiters are sent to over-watch the development of these individuals. 

Once the Neophyte reaches his adolescence, the implanting of organs can begin and soon after the next part of the trial commences. Once the chemical and psychological treatment ends, the recruit is then transported to the Death World of Termentum, whose atmosphere is very thin and the whole planet is covered in ashen deserts, canyons and giant cave networks. The recruit is given a blade, a water canteen and expected to survive on the planet for a month. The world often has occurrences of daemonic possession and due to the 0 human population it is easily kept contained by the Blood Wights. Despite this being a highly physical trial due to unwelcoming nature and dangerous wildlife, this is mostly a test of resolve to survive and willpower to resist temptation. Once the recruit survives and passes tests for daemonic possession he is officially inducted into the Scout Company and continues on his way to become a full Blood Wight Astartes.

Chapter Forces

Chapter Command
Agathus Colchian
"The Wightlord"
Chapter Master of the Blood Wights
22 Blood Sentinels
1 Thunderhawk (Porphyrion)
1,200 Chapter Serfs & Servitors
Armoury Reclusium Apothecarion Librarius
Archas Marix
"Master of the Forge"
17 Techmarines
41 Tech-Servitors
8 Predator Tanks
2 Vindicators
2 Whirlwinds
7 Land Raiders
66 Thunderhawks
55 Gunships (Stormtalons and Stormravens)
12 Centurion Warsuits
17 Land Speeders
Assault Bikes
Attack Bikes
Venerable Chaplain Corellius
"High Sanctifier"
8 Company Chaplains
Brother Naximedes
20 Apothecaries
"Chief Librarian"
2 Epistolaries
4 Codiciers
4 Lexicaniums
5 Acolytes

Veteran Company Battle Companies
1st Company 2nd Assault Company 3rd Assault Company 4th Company
"Forlorn Redeemers"
Veteran Company
Captain Argyros
The Grand Sentinel
5 Veteran Squads
10 Veteran Terminator Squads
6 Dreadnoughts
"Peto Dexius"
Assault Company
Captain Metrophanes
10 Assault Squads
6 Spectre Dreadnoughts
"Peto Aristerus"
Assault Company
Captain Solon Thrax
5 Assault Squads
10 Assault Terminator Squads
4 Spectre Dreadnoughts
"Spectres of Sanguis"
Captain Warus Zenon
5 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
2 Terminator Squads
4 Dreadnoughts
Battle Companies
6th Company 7th Company 8th Company 9th Company Scout Company
"Wardens of Argus"
Captain Endo Madrioch
5 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
2 Terminator Squads
4 Dreadnoughts
"Avengers of Tumulus"
Captain Denochlyos
5 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
2 Terminator Squads
2 Dreadnoughts
"Blades of Wrath"
Captain Vhardis
5 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
2 Terminator Squads
3 Dreadnoughts
Grave Company
Captain Theron Achlys
4 Tactical Squads
4 Assault Squads
4 Terminator Squads
?? Dreadnoughts
Scout Company
Captain Andronymos
Master of Recruits
Scout Squads

Chapter's numbers were almost half as low as they were at their founding for a very long time. This is mostly due to the tragedy that occurred during the Warp Incident and the Corruption after the waking. However the chapter has been rebuilding and growing in numbers ever since. None of the companies are considered reserves. Each company is self sufficient and prepared for war.

Battle Companies

1st 'Forlorn Redeemers' Veteran Company

The marines of this company are revered and considered best fighters the chapter has to offer. Brutal and relentless as well as cunning, these warriors reign terror upon the enemies of Imperium. With a particular hatred for forces of Chaos, they utilize Lightning Strikes and Shock and Awe to paralyze their enemies and win the conflict in a quick and sweeping manner.

2nd 'Peto Dexios' Assault Company

The Blood Wight assault company nominally consists of assault marines often equipped with Jump Packs for quick maneuvering on the battlefield. Jumping into battle either by Drop-Pods or Thunderhawks, they reign terror across the skies with support from the battle-armed Thunderhawks.

3rd 'Peto Aristera' Assault Company

The divergent doctrine of the chapter has resulted in the forming of a second Assault Company. 3rd Company is more specialized in Deep Strike and Line-breaking, while 2nd specializes in Lightning Strikes and Shock-and-Awe.

4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Tactical Companies

The bulk of the Chapter, these three companies are well suited and competent to deal with any threat they should come across. Deploying similar tactics and equipment as the rest of the chapter, they adapt the doctrine of the chapter, deploying Thunderhawks and heavy weaponry to reign terror on their enemies, and then finish them off in close combat.

8th Grave Company

This company consists of the marines afflicted by the Curse of the Grave. Founded years after the Waking, its creation was to give purpose to those tormented by the affliction. Much like the entire chapter during the Call of the Grave, they suffer from the pale skin, sleepless features and general weakness. They do not require sleep, regaining energy only through devout meditation and prayer, but unlike the rest of the chapter they don't have a choice. They are cursed to wander sleeplessly until they eventually fall to the slumber. Due to the weakness caused by the Curse, the marines in this company are required to succumb to the Red Thirst. Not the proudest tradition of the Chapter, but the marines themselves agree to this in order to be able to keep serving their Lady and Emperor even with the Curse. Red Thirst and consumption of blood basically nullifies the weakness caused by the Grave Curse and allows the Adeptus Astartes keep fighting with renewed vigor and fury without the need to rest for long periods of time.

Scout Company

A Company reserved to initiates of the Blood Wights. They serve the same purpose as any other Scout Company. Reconnaissance, ambushes, smaller skirmishes and sabotage.

Chapter Fleet

Most of their fleet was lost in the Warp Incident, with only their flagship Stormbringer surviving the ordeal. Years later the chapter has rebuilt most of their fleet, but not to their original numbers. The fleet is under the command of the current Master of Wings - Alexios Spyre.


Battle Barge Stormbringer

  • Battle Barge Stormbringer - The oldest and most battle tempered ship in the chapter. It was part of the original fleet upon their founding and also the only one returning from the Realm of Chaos during the Warp Incident.
  • Battle Barge Hippalectryon- A barge created during the long slumber and used by the Scythian Satyrs before being reclaimed by the Blood Wights.
  • Strike Cruiser Eternal Vigil - The strike cruiser built son after the visions received by Grand Chaplain Corellius. It's sole purpose for 3 millennia was to patrol the edges of the Eye of Terror to look for their lost Chapter Master. Now it is the home of Grave Company and nearly a hundred sarcophagi containing those taken by the Curse. The ship patrols the sector, restlessly seeking any threat but most importantly watching for the signs of their corrupted brothers who may have survived.
  • Strike Cruiser Wrath 
  • Strike Cruiser Repentance
  • Strike Cruiser Devotion
  • Strike Cruiser Abolition
  • 16 Escorts
  • 66 Thunderhawks

Blood Sentinels

Blood Sentinels are essentially a version of the Honour Guard and Sanguinary Guard. These elite warriors are veterans of countless battles and are handpicked by the Chapter Master to join the Sentinels. Each one a vicious and unrelenting warrior, they often accompany their Chapter Master in battle upon disembarking from Colchians personal Thunderhawk 'Porphyrion'.

Each Sentinel is wearing deep purple Artificer power armor. The grey shoulderpads are adorned with golden wings and emblazoned with Blood Wight heraldry. Some Blood Sentinels choose to wear Winged Jump Packs, preferring to fly into the fray through the skies, while the rest clad themselves in long crimson cloaks with collars of sable fur. Each Sentinel is armed with an Angelus Bolt Gun and an Eviscerator or a Chainsword and an Inferno Pistol.

Chapter Equipment

Marine Weapons

Blood Wight marines have adapted and prefer bolt and plasma weaponry for long range combat and chain weapons for melee rending of their enemies. The standard equipment for a tactical marine consists of a Bolt Pistol and a Chainsword or a Bolter. A more experienced marine may choose to use a Plasma Pistol or a Plasma Gun instead of the Bolt weapons. A typical armory of the chapter would include:

  • Mark III Bolt Pistol
  • Mark Vb Godwyn Pattern Bolter
  • Mark IV Heavy Bolter
  • Mark VIII Absolo Pattern Assault Cannon
  • Mark II Ragefire Pattern Plasma Gun
  • Mark III Sunfury Pattern Plasma Pistol
  • Daedalus Pattern Power Fist
  • Astartes Chainsword
  • Eviscerator
  • Chainfist
  • Varied Range of Grenades

Power Armor

The chapter utilizes the standard Mark VII Aquila Power Armour among the Tactical Marines, the weathered and battle proven pattern that allows for versatile combat. Some veteran marines and High-ranking members of the Chapter have been given the chance to wear Mark VIII Errant Power Armour.

Blood Wights utilize the Terminator armor in smaller numbers than perhaps most other chapters do. Either due to the difficulty with production or the failure to adhere to chapters' combat doctrine. The Terminator squads are nominally part of the 1st Veteran Company and are usually dropped in to the chaos of the battle via Drop-pods and despite their smaller numbers are a fearsome sight on the battlefield. A common armament for a Terminator is either two Chain-Blade improved Power Fists, or said Power-Fist and an Assault Cannon.

Dreadnoughts are an important part of the Blood Wights chapter. Often the marine who is put inside this death machine has been taken by the Curse of the Grave and thus is revered among his battle brothers. Unlike the typical unit, Blood Wight dreadnought emanates a much more menacing and even cold aura due to the cryo-fusion manipulators that are required to keep the fever of the curse at bay.


Blood Wights command a very impressive air force, among which are the Thunderhawks and Stormravens, the backbone of the chapters army. Often armed for every occasion these birds carry the marines into the heat of battle quickly and reign havoc on the way there. Other than that, chapter holds a good amount of Drop Pods to supplement the lightning strike tactic as well as the standard Rhinos and Land Raiders for heavy ground support and transport.

Spectre Pattern Dreadnought

This type of Dreadnought is a modified version of a typical Mars Mark V. Designed by the Daedalus Cult Mechanicus for their Astartes allies this Pattern fields a melee weapon in each hand - be it Power Fists or Chainblades with under-slung Storm Bolters or Heavy Flamers. Another unique modification are the Gas Canister Exhausts that are embedded under the armor. At Dreadnoughts will the exhausts can release a hail of gas surrounding the war machine. This can be Choke or Smoke gas as the pilots choice. The gas also chills organic targets due to the cryo-fusion manipulators present in every Blood Wight Dreadnought. This pattern is the nominal Dreadnought force of the Assault company, acting as the ultimate line-breaker when its dropped into the fray via Drop-pod. Some of these modified war machines are also mixed into other Companies in case the enemy lines require some thinning.


File:Alien Jackal.png

These ferocious animals are originally part of the wildlife on Tumulus, but since the settling of Blood Wights have been domesticated by the marines and even bonded with them. Usually settling and hunting in the hills and marshes of the feral world, these canine creatures are very hardy, quick and stealthy. Because of these qualities, Blood Wights learned to integrate these beasts into their combat doctrine and are sometimes seen going into battle with them. Although seldom seen in larger campaigns, Dreadhounds are at their best in small single-squad sized operations, used for scouting and quick target neutralization. Especially a large part of the scout company, these loyal beasts train and live along their Astartes masters.

Unique Equipment

  • 'Bloodfury' Lascannon - This heavily customized lascannon is the most potent hand-held weapon in the Chapters arsenal. Twin-linked and utilizing the Hotshot technology of its smaller sister, the Hotshot Lasgun, its precision and penetration power is to be dreaded. The major drawback, however, is that it overheats very easily. Alongside replacing the power pack after every shot an in-built latch has to be held down for up to a minute to release a coolant into the weapons system under the risk of it going haywire otherwise. It is currently being held by Agathus Colchian, but often is given to any experienced marine in order to deal with heavy armor targets in a decisive manner. Capable of rendering a Rhino or a Landraider incapable in a single shot, the weapon is treated with care and respect it deserves.
  • 'Coldhand' pattern Narthecium - This modified Narthecium is virtually identical to the standard model and serves the same purpose, except this specifically designed model allows for quick transfusions of medically modified blood along with the other implements present in a regular Narthecium. This pattern is used by every Apothecary of the Grave Company to fuel the marines Red Thirst and drive away the weakness and the fever caused by the Curse during the battle.
  • 'The Accuser' - This power sword was constructed soon after the settling of Tumulus by the Mechanicus to serve as the Chapter Masters personal weapon from the remains of an old relic found within the catacombs of Wrathspire. Believed to once have belonged to Lady Forlorn during her lifetime it is a greatly prized artifact among the Blood Wights. Burning in a bright red corona of energy in battle, this power sword has seen more battles and shed more blood than any other weapon of the Wights. It's history was cut short and left unanswered after the mutiny of the Scythian Satyrs during the long slumber. The traitorous Imperial Guards in an attempt to pillage the monastery were driven back but not before snatching the holy artifact from the sentinels reach. It's whereabouts are still unknown presumed to be in the hands of pirates or other scum willing to pay enough for such a weapon. Blood Wights remain vigilant in their search to retrieve their sacred blade one day.
  • 'Goldenhand' - Originally one of the two cybernetic arms of a Daemon Prince named Halghaz, it was taken off of him once Agathus Colchian defeated him in battle and replaced his own lost, right arm. Upon his return and inspection for signs of corruption and treatment of injuries the arm was cleansed and improved. Since it would be too dangerous for the marine to remove it, as it was hastily attached in the heat of battle without proper treatment, only thing left was administering it as best as possible. Throughout the years, however, the mechanical arm grew more comfortable to its user and became almost a rallying cry among the Blood Wights. As it is carried into battle by Agathus Colchian its golden brilliance grants courage to the marines and strikes fear into the enemies hearts. The arm itself has been modified throughout the years to suit the purposes of its user. It contains a retractable power sword within its wrist and a built in Bolter. Lately it has been modified with a variant of a Psychic nullifier, similar to that present within Psychic Hoods of Librarians. Highly experimental and rare, this interwoven set of crystals sometimes lets Colchian negate a Psykers effect on the Warp, effectively cancelling their spell. Although very irregular and unreliable, this device can save his or his fellow marines lives, especially when dealing with Chaos forces.
  • 'Vigilance and Vengeance' - The modified pair of Lightning Claws were scavenged from a destroyed Forge World by the Blood Wights during the battle against Hive Fleet Karkinos. Each power gauntlet is fitted with three razor sharp, powered Adamantium blades and the mechanical arm itself resembles a claw with each finger being a razor sharp talon in itself, allowing the user to grip their opponent. Each grey metallic gauntlet is also equipped with a built-in Storm Bolter. The right gauntlet has been coated in gold to match the Chapter Masters bionic hand. Both gauntlets are adorned with Aquila wings and each plating is inscribed with the names of the brothers fallen fighting the Hive Fleet.

Chapter Heroes

Chapter Master Agathus Colchian

20160418 150100-1

The Wightlord in his panoply of war.

Agathus was born on Tumulus, among the warrior tribes of the Feral World. Much like the rest of the males of this worlds’ society, he was being watched unbeknownst to him by the Blood Wight Recruiters. During these trials masked as simple coming of age rituals, festivals and training he proved a valid candidate. Once he reached adolescence he was picked into the ranks of the Neophytes of the Chapter.

Throughout the years Colchian served valiantly first as a Marine in the Assault Squad, then squad leader and a Company Captain, eventually becoming the 7th Chapter Master, after 40 years of impecable service to the Chapter. Throughout these years he was highly regarded within the Chapter for his skill in battle and adaptability on the battlefield, oftentimes outmaneuvering his opponents and using any battlefield advantage to overcome a significantly more powerful foe. He was also regarded as the closest Astartes of the Chapter in relation to Lady Forlorn, said to receive visions and guidance from the spirit, although it could also be explained by his extreme catalapsean node mutation, which permits him from sleep and can often regress into hallucinations. However his strength of will and spirituality could never be doubted even by the most skeptical of onlookers. Because of this Agathus would often be the first among the Chapter to be sent on matters of Daemon incursions and witch reports.

His first campaign as the Chapter Master was however a massive tragedy and the biggest loss in Chapters history. The Warp incident that occurred as the Blood Wight fleet was traveling through warp towards the 5th Black Crusade. The entire chapter was lost within the Realm of Chaos and the only ship to escape would be the Stormbringer, but at the cost of leaving their Chapter Master behind, at his command. To his time sense, Colchian spent about 10 years within this abstract realm battling corruption, seemingly guided by the visions or hallucinations of Lady Forlorn, eventually escaping through a rift onto one of the fringe Chaos controlled planets where he came across a Daemon Prince - named Halghaz. They battled for an entire day in the feral jungles of the world and in the process, Agathus lost his right arm. With only a chain-blade, he managed to outwit the daemon and lead him into a trap, after which he ripped off the beasts mechanical arms and replaced his own with one of them. He was eventually found by the Strike Cruiser - Eternal Vigil, which was assigned to look for any signs of Colchian on the fringes of Eye of Terror.

Upon the realization that 3 millenia have passed outside the realm of chaos, Colchian had a spiritual crisis and was said to disappear into the Catacombs of Wrathspire for a month seemingly regressing into a waking-dream. Upon return Agathus took up his mantle of the Chapter Master knowing his duty still remains and he must lead his Chapter in the battle against forces of Chaos and any other threat to mankind. 

To this day Colchian serves as the Chapter Master and the most veteran Astartes of Blood Wights, leading his Astartes against the enemies of mankind with vigilance and un-compromised strength.

Agathus arms himself differently according to the battle and the enemy he is facing. However, the usual armament is his 'Dragons Bulwark' Artificer power armor, retractable power blade within his mechanical arm and a modified Plasma Pistol. Recently, the Chapter Master has taken liking to the twin lightning claws - 'Vigilance and Vengeance' due to their versatility and sheer killing-power.

Grand Chaplain Corellius

One of the most prominent members of the Chapter, Grand Chaplain Corellius was an extremely capable and wise Chaplain who very soon rose to the rank of the Grand Chaplain.

The fact that Blood Wights kept their minds and did not regress into despair during the Curse and the Waking could be mostly adhered to Corellius' guidance and leadership during this desperate time. Much of the period since Agathus Colchians' disappearance and presumed death, the Chapter did not have an official Chapter Master and instead the leadership would fall to a council of most capable high ranking members of the Chapter. Much of his life, Corellius was the closest thing to a single leader the Blood Wights would have.

His death came slowly and insidiously as the Chaplain heard the call of the grave himself. Administering the afflicted  Astartes as was part of his duty as Chapters' Chaplain, Corellius accepted his fate and a year later fell into the catatonic state himself. However his story did not end there, as his slumbering body was inducted into the Metal casing of a Dreadnought and to this day Venerable Dreadnought Corellius provides invaluable wisdom and guidance to old and new members of the Chapter. Out of respect and because of his capability both on the battlefield and in times of peace, he still holds the position of Grand Chaplain of Blood Wights.

Venerable Chaplain stalks the battlefield a cold menacing visage. His Dreadnoughts tomb adorned with a white ceramite skull inspiring terror into his enemies and a symbol of his position as Chaplain. Corellius' Dreadnought is armed with a Power Claw and a Heavy Flamer in one hand, and a Plasma Cannon in the other.

Wightlord Kraius Malacar

The first Chapter Master of Blood Wights and reportedly the very first marine of their founding. He is well known for his ferocity in battle and wisdom in leading the Chapter. During his time Blood Wights grew and prospered and also found the much needed spiritual guidance of Lady Forlorn. 

His pale, sleepless complexion and the embodiment of the Chapters virtues as well as its downfalls earned him the title of Wightlord as he is still remembered to this day. Malacar served valiantly as the Chapter Master for as long as a millennium until he died in a glorious campaign against his most hated enemy - the forces of Chaos.

Grave Captain Theron Achlys

The Captain of the infamous Grave Company was once a Sergeant of the 3rd Battle Company. Distinguishing himself among his brothers he was to be the Captain of the 3rd, but much like most of his brothers in the past, he heard the Call of the Grave and the insidious Curse set in.

Achlys could not sleep and he felt the coldness of the curse like a disease with a timer, fully knowing that one day soon he would succumb to the eternal sleep. As the years went by his hair went grey, his skin pale and his feelings cold. Even among his own he would not feel at home as they looked with fear and pity at their fallen brother, like he was already dead, a walking corpse. Yet Achlys' devotion to his Lady and the Emperor never wavered and his hatred for the enemies of mankind never waned.

A great burden was lifted of his shoulders when he was inducted into the Grave Company where all brothers that were taken by the Curse could unite and seek solace in eternal vigil. Achlys welcomed being among those who could understand his plight, as they voyaged through the void aboard their Companies Strike Cruiser Eternal Vigil bringing the fight to enemies of mankind. During a battle against a Chaos incursion, the previous Grave Captain fell in battle to cultists and Achlys was elected the new Company Captain by his brothers due to his experience and combat alacrity.

Since then Achlys has been leading the Grave Company often butting heads with other Captains due to his ruthlessness and cold, cynical outlook. This attitude was brought upon by more than 100 years of awaiting the Slumber while traveling aboard Eternal Vigil fighting countless xenos and heretics, with the only moments of peace being the moments he would spend in prayer.

Theron strides into battle clad in his modified Mark VIII Errant Power Armor wielding the 'Bloodshriek' a unique Eviscerator that has taken countless lives of the enemies of Imperium.

Lady Forlorn

File:Big eb81b2cab46d119aa3411f9a263fb34686b45c20.jpg

The mysterious angelic being was first encountered by Blood Wights once Kraius Malacar made his pilgrimage into the depths of Wrathspires' catacombs and returned a changed man.

From the ancient records found among the ruins of the planet, scholars and Adeptus Mechanicus uncovered that prior to its Feral State the world of Tumulus was a Hive World under control of Imperium, reportedly predating Horus Heresy. Vague records state of an exceptional woman leader, ruling the people of Tumulus with great wisdom. Once her people were betrayed however, she unleashed her righteous wrath upon their enemies. The perhaps more superstitious reports tell of an angelic, armored figure descending upon the battlefield with her blood red wings granting hope to her allies and striking terror into the hearts of their enemies. Her enemies were relentless and the war resulted in most of her people dying a horrible death. With the conflict coming to a decisive defeat for the loyalists, this heroic figure is said to have lead a glorious final push against the enemy letting her people evacuate in time. The repercussions of her wrath were so immense as most of the enemy force and indeed the planet were ravaged to the ruinous feral world it is now. 

The truth is perhaps less flamboyant as the records state. What could be deducted is that there was a human psyker and a leader who lead an unlikely rebellion against the forces of Chaos during the Horus Heresy. She was supposedly a great leader and heroically sacrificed herself to obliterate her enemies and give time for her people to escape. With the combination of heavy weapons and psychic powers the attack changed the world of Tumulus irreversibly.

Chapters Allies

Scythian Satyrs

The Scythian Satyrs Imperial Guard regiment has a checkered past in relation to the Blood Wights but they have often been allies and helped each other out, either due to political machinations or their fairly close proximity.

The very first meeting with this regiment was during the long slumber and needless to say it did not end well. Satyrs rebelled against their own command and tried to pillage the seemingly defenseless monastery, but were ravaged by the defending Dreadnought sentinels and driven off the planet with the Chapters famous relic blade - The Accuser. However, years later Blood Wights came to the aid of Scythis in an Ork WAAAGH! on the sector. During this campaign the chapter made a close working relation with the regiment and since then have helped their allies on numerous occasions.

During the civil war on Scythis, after most of the nobles were declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the leading Inquisitor, Blood Wights came to aid the Inquisition and the loyalist Scythian Satyrs under Vera Laurencius. After the victory and successful reorganization of the regiment, Blood Wights leadership recognized the great leadership of Satyrs new commander and extended their alliance, conducting several operations and campaigns against Xenos threats in tandem.

Daedalus Cult Mechanicus

Blood Wights first encountered this Mechanicus cult soon after their inception and settling on Tumulus. For millenia Blood Wights relied on their Mechanicus allies to supply them with repairs, armor and weaponry and Techmarines. Ages later Blood Wights received a distress signal from their old allies. The reports of greenskin plague was getting troublesome due to the fact they were organizing small, unpredictable raids on lightly defended settlements.

Blood Wights responded swiftly sending in 2 of their Tactical Companies to hunt down and suppress this threat. With cunning and intelligent planning the chapter lured most of the greenskins to a single world, and along the Daedalus Skitarii forces wiped out the Ork threat. Grateful for the assistance of their newfound allies they allowed the Blood Wights to keep the newly discovered experimental handheld lascannon which they named 'Bloodfury' and used it ever since.

Another encounter the two groups had was during the Argus Chaos Cult uprising when Blood Wights called in their Mechanicus allies in hunting down their corrupted brother who was raising heretics and demons all across the Sector. The Mechanicus answered the call for aid both due to mutual respect and their own investment in keeping the Sector safe. Along the Scythian Satyrs they nailed down the remaining heretics successfully.

The Daedalus cult has been a reliable ally and a steady supplier of weapons, armor and tech support. They even created a unique pattern of Nartheciums named 'Coldhand' pattern, specifically tailored to counteract the Curse of the Grave.

Chapters Enemies

Tzeentch's Corruption

The Chaos Lord Tzeentch has been the nemesis of Blood Wight chapter for many millenia. The cause of many sufferings the Chapter has endured, only their indomitable nature and guidance of Lady Forlorn has guided the Astartes through these dark times.

The very first, albeit indirect encounter Blood Wights had with the Chaos Lord of Change was during the Curse of the Grave. It is believed among the marines that the curse has been an affliction caused by the daemon, especially after they awoke from their slumber 500 years later, near half of their brothers succumbed to the daemon lords side and betrayed their chapter. Lead by Lernaeus the Crooked, these heretics formed a cult and were a major menace and a sign of shame upon the loyal marines. Eventually they were hunted down and believed destroyed.

Even the disappearance of Colchian could be attributed to one of the Lords of Change, due to the extreme distortion in time upon his return.

Because of this, Blood Wights take to great lengths to eradicate cults of Tzeentch in hopes that dethroning this daemon will lift the curse and bring salvation to the chapter.

Lernaeus the Crooked

Lernaeus was born on Tumulus and was among the most promising recruits of his generation. Coupled with that he was revealed to have the genetic mutation of being a psyker. Blood Wight recruiters saw great promise in the Neophyte and as he went through the rigorous recruitment process and the additional psyker testings he exceeded all expectations and showed great strength of will and devotion.


Lernaeus the Crooked after his ascension to Chaos Lord.

Years later after having been a part of a great many battles he rose to the rank of Chief Librarian. Lernaeus then joined his brothers to wage war in the 5th Black Crusade when the Warp Incident occurred throwing their entire fleet into the chaotic Aether. Perhaps this is where the corruption first took seed. Throughout his time in Immaterium Lernaeus started experiencing strange visions and the horrors of the warp he had to battle on a daily basis shook his faith to the core. Thankfully the chapters survivors managed to escape thanks to their Chapter Masters sacrifice, however the corruption had already taken root and Lernaeus hid it deep inside only for it to surface in the future.

It began after the 500 year long slumber the chapter collectively experienced. Blood Wight forces mobilized to fight newly emerged Dark Eldar threat and Lernaeus' corruption showed as he would ruthlessly execute his wounded comrades declaring their weakness and furthermore performing wanton acts of cruelty and needless sacrifice. Upon their return to the fortress he was approached by Grand Chaplain Corellius who chastised and interrogated his old comrade and brother in arms. Lernaeus fooled the Chaplain into a false sense of security only to stab his brother in the back weeks later. Lernaeus secretly gathered other corrupted brothers and cultivated their taint until eventually nearly half of the chapter were corrupt.

Unfortunately for Lernaeus the coup was caught in its tracks as Corellius saw it coming. The Chaplain rallied loyal marines and drove corrupted brothers out of Tumulus at a great cost. Lernaeus escaped to a nearby world secretly plotting, consorting with daemons and gathering forces only to reveal himself years later when he re-emerged starting a large scale corruption of the Argus Sector. This time he revealed himself to his brothers as a grotesque and heavily corrupted version of the Chief Librarian they once knew. Despite the great knowledge of his brothers tactics and having the support of daemons on his side, Blood Wights reinvigorated forces along with their allies proved too much for the traitor. He was driven back to the world of Sepulcher where in a last ditch attempt at victory he ordered his remaining forces to begin opening warp gates all across the planets surface counting on the fact that Chapter Master Colchian won't risk sacrificing millions of lives to take him down. This was his downfall as the allied forces ordered an exterminatus of the world, to the Librarians surprise.

Records of Lernaeus end there, but his influence and destruction reigned in his wake left a scar on the sector and Blood Wight minds, and the looming possibility that the traitor escaped into the warp still presides among his former brothers.

Quotes by the Blood Wights

"Take heed of our curse for it is a boon too. You will fight your foes with great vigor, you will not rest until they have all fallen. And when eventually your body succumbs to the slumber, your spirit will live on and you shall become wrath incarnate with one purpose only - avenge our Lady and purge the corruption from this world."
—Grand Chaplain Corellius adressing the newly recruited Neophytes.
"I will not rest until your kin have all been driven into dust and all memory of your filthy existence has been erased from the minds of the faithful!"
—Blood Wight marine facing down a daemon
"How far you have fallen brother. Have you so readily dismissed all you had believed? And for what? A sliver of power and endless slavery."
—Last surviving marine of a squad decimated by traitors. Addressing his former brother, before being executed.

Quotes about Blood Wights

Feel free to add to this section whatever your heart desires.

"If I see another purple clad human on my planet I am going to start stripping you into molecules!"
—Silugar the Voidweaver, Overlord of Svarog Dynasty addressing his subordinates.
"Giz more dakas on the flank boyz I hear birds commin' in from...."
—Ork cap'n before his band is decimated by a Blood Wight lightning strike.
"Yes, they are unbelievably righteous yes, they keep skulking around scaring our troops and yes, I can't stand their silent self pity, but they can sure clear out a planet of greenskins real well."
—Vera Laurencius, Colonel Commander of Scythian Satyrs.
"Wrath of my lady Slaanesh!"
—Lernaeus the Crooked, mocking Blood Wights battle-cry.
"Narcoleptic Space Marines?"
St. Athaliah the Flame
"I thought we suffered harshly for our chapter lineage, but it would seem our brothers in the Blood Wights are burdened even more than we. I pity those brothers brought low by such a dark affliction as the call of the grave."
—Captain Idria Salaman, Obsidian Blades 2nd Company.
"Lady Forlorn! What kind of patroness is that? Our Lady of the Flame would have her for breakfast."
—Unidentified Battle Brother of the Phoenix Brethren
"If you ignore your weaknesses, and don't embrace your boons, you will end up as our Blood Wight cousins. Sickly, dying and loathsome. They are everything we strive to avoid."
—Unknown Wings of Salvaxes Sergeant.
"A Lady sings her laments song, her knights have left, her sons are gone. Tears of blood run pure on white, she sings her song, into this dark night."
—Unknown Mortarchs Serpentia Marine.
"Thine rage. Thine hunger. I know it well, my friend. You were denied the Blood, and now get nought but slumber. A shame. A thrice damned shame. Ye can never taste of the Blood most Vile, but ye can have a warriors death. Verily! We shall cast off this gloom! Let us fight, O son of the Martyr, and free ourselves of this melancholy!"
—Aluduan the Blade Lord, Chaos Lord of the Vile Blood
"You angels are burdened by the call to the grave. We 'savages' are burdened by the inevitable descent to insanity. I do not know which is a more unfortunate fate for a loyal servant of the Emperor."
—Chaplain Cirevo Kain of the Laughing Skull Galyn Ord.
"Tastes like... bad dreams."
—Rrlksh, Amphra Krr-Dray

"Go to sleep, go to sleep, little Blood Wights. Go to sleep, Go to sleep, and you shall die. [sighs] May the Emperor and Primarchs bless your souls. And your 'Forlorn Lady' too, I suppose"
-- Tyros Wyrath, Acting Chapter Master and Blackshield of the Emperor's True Sons

"Not Weird at all "
—Lily Edwards