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The Blood Ravengers are made up of the survivng traitors from the Blood Rangers 3rd company corrupted during the 11th Black Crusade. Their original Chaos Lord perished at the hands of Captain Revan De Turk of the Blood Rangers 1st company. Ryan now stands as the Chaos Lord for the warband.

Traitor Guardsmen Alexander is in charge of the corruption of the new members. He ensures that those captured by the warband see the 'light' of chaos. He also has a grudge against his former General, Luna of the 501st Luna Guard.

The warband raids the Ehrendolch Sub-Sector to capture initiates and Guardsmen from it's worlds. The Chaos Lord vows the death of Chapter Master Revan De Turk will be the payment for his former Captains death. He on several occasions fled from direct combat with the Honor Guard.

During these Raids they search for the Chapter Master and the General to rid themselves of the problem the two pose. In any other occasions the Blood Ravangers would perform hit and run attacks on the Blood Rangers and the 501st Luna Guard. But during the 12th Black Crusade they stayed in constant battle with their loyalist brothers and former comrades.

Warband Size

  • 500 Traitor Blood Rangers
  • 1,000 traitor Guardsmen

Notable Members

  • Tamiel: The former Chaos lord of the warband and Captain of the Blood Rangers 3rd company. He was slain on Serpens by Captain Reven De Turk of the Blood Rangers 1st Company.
  • Ryan: The current Chaos lord of the warband and former tactical marine sergeant. He has vowed to kill Revan De Turk for the death of Tamiel.
  • Alexander: The former sergeant major of the Luna Guard's 5th Platoon.He is now charged with the corruption of all the captured initiates and Guardsmen.

Warband Fleet

  • Bane of The Blood Rangers (Battle Barge) - previously the Blood Rangers 3rd Company's Battle Barge "Bane of Traitors"
  • Glory of The Gods - Captured Imperial Destroyer
  • 3 Other ships