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  • Glitch FACE

    OK NO!

    April 1, 2017 by Glitch FACE

    OK NO! I WAS JUST READING THE GUIDE ON CHAOS WARBANDS, and something caught my eye. APPARENTLY dark apostles can only originate and / or exist within (or be from) word bearer armies. Even though they could be chaplains from a renegade chapter NOPE APPARENTLY NOT!!!

    I may be over-reacting but, but the painted model on the webstore is painted as an emperors children marine so why cant any legion get dark apostles.

    I am going to have at least one dark apostle in any fanon warband I make because it makes sense for most AND IF YOU CLAIM THIS IS AGAINST CANON THEN LET TZEENCH HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL!

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  • StrangerThings

    So for those of you who aren't already aware, Fall of Cadia happened and is apparently now a thing. From what I understand Ezekyle "Joke's Not Relevent Anymore" Abbadon finally got over his crippling inadequacy issues and pulled a "Just As Planned" that in reality went anything but planned. Also something something Trazyn the Infinite something something Saint Celestine something something Cadian Pylons did work, then didn't work, and then Cadia go BOOM.

    Honestly it was all rather confusing.

    Now, according to the ineffible will of GW, the Eldar (or Aeldari or whatever they're calling themselves these days) have thrown their own multicolored hats into the ring in what is already becoming the biggest game of Family Feud in galatic history. Als…

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  • SilveredKnight

    Now it would be the first time to actually do this, and I DON'T KNOW, literally, on how to correctly do this thing but to this end though I'm creating it, this, for the sole purpose of just trying to see what you gentlemen and ladies (if there are some) of how and what do you think of the Silver Knights thus far and other articles related to it. Im open for anything, as i would learn heavily on your thoughts and It would improve my writing and style within this wiki and hopefully also this would help me grow as a writer so please, I ask your honest and unfiltered thoughts and opinions. Thank you very much :D 

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  • IllumiNini

    Community War Pages

    December 7, 2016 by IllumiNini

    Alright, so I've started a Community Project page for the Krymzon Tyd Klan in association with one of the Notable Campaigns that my Chapter - the Knights of the Hawk - are engaged upon. Now here's what I'm thinking the Community could help out with if people are down for contributing:

    • I would like to expand upon the Krimzon Tyd Klan.
    • I want to create a page (which I'll probably do very soon) for their WAAAGH! and/or the actual war their fighting in (the Solar Rampage).
      • I weas thinking we could have a list of other Klans that are involved. I do not plan to write any pages for these other Klans, but people should feel more than welcome to add in their own and/or create their own Klans to put on this list.
      • I was also thinking we could put down wor…
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  • OvaltinePatrol

    This is what 6 year old OP did to the back of the June 1991 issue of White Dwarf. Earliest 40K fanon?

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  • Das2Eazy

    Community Collab Chapter

    December 1, 2016 by Das2Eazy

    Hey guys, starting a community collab chapter. It's a 2nd founding Blood Angels successor called "Ordo Angelus" (Order of the Angel). If you guys want to help out, i'm all for it.

    The chapter's insignia is through these links:

    A blend of the cross from the second link and the wings from the first link. The wings should have a bit of red on the feathers and the cross is gold with a droplet of blood in the centre.

    So far, the only thing I have about them are sketches o…

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  • NecrusIV

    The following blog lists some data I collected regarding the 33rd Featured Article vote, which supports the repeated claim of fraudulent voting taking place.

    The sudden spike in the creation rate of user accounts during the voting period (~29th of November) suggests a sudden influx of sock puppet accounts created specifically to rig the vote.

    User Accounts Created 2016

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  • Doomhammer015

    Teuton Brotherhood

    November 27, 2016 by Doomhammer015

    Hello all.

    I am a new member of the Community and still trying to get a hang of writing Fanon and using Wikia. My First Space Marine Chapter Teuton Brotherhood has been evolving a lot as I start making more lore about the planet, natives, and environment. But I am not sure if I have gone overboard and gone too detailed about trivial things. Should I make a seperate page about the Homeworld Koein? Because I feel like that section takes waaaaay too much space when I should be talking about the Chapter itself.

    I am still messing around with the fluff of the chapter (A Lot), along with the specialties, beliefs, culture, organization, geneseed, and so on. And there are a lot of sections that are incomplete.

    Just curious about what y'all think abou…

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  • Das2Eazy

    Laughing Skull

    November 12, 2016 by Das2Eazy

    Hey guys, writing a blog regarding my chapter. So, I would like some feedback from the viewers, from likes to dislikes. No flames please, constructive criticism on the other hand is very much appreciated. I'm currently having a writer's block with the notable campaigns, but do not fret, I shall be done before the month's end (probably).

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  • Kingslayer1

    Heart Attack Sandwich

    November 9, 2016 by Kingslayer1

    It's my signature dish and I felt I should share its health boosting effects with the fine folks on this wiki. Let me show you how it's done: 

    • Spam
    • Butter 
    • Bread 
    • An egg (or two if you really want to stack dat cholesterol) 
    • Cheese 

    Right, so go ahead and get the that stick a butter and cut of a thicc slice. Put it in a pan or skillet and then turn on the heat. Watch that glob of condensed goodness melt into a puddle of flavor as the heat increases. Get an egg out and crack it. Pour that egg in and fry it like one normally fries an egg. Take the egg out and put it aside. You can either discard the skillet you just cooked the egg in or clean it if you want to use it for cooking the meat. 

    Next up you peel open a can of spam and question just why ex…

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  • NecrusIV

    Ideas for new articles

    October 26, 2016 by NecrusIV
    • Victorum Alphaxae operation MXVI: Crown Sigil of the Seventh Star
      • An operation with Sons' Scions and Brothers Propitious encountering the Alphaxae on the Srown Sigil of the Seventh Star.
    • Shadow Eldar
      • Not Dark Eldar. A rogue Craftworld that [REDACTED]
    • Placere Afflictionem Hanc
      • An Inquisitor that was involved with the Ordo Xenos until M40.998 and has since been spotted on Yserbis 9 by a scout servitor.
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  • BrowncoatMando

    Xenocide Info please

    October 23, 2016 by BrowncoatMando

    To everyone who contributed Imperial Guard or Space Marines to The Cancridrae Xenocide :

    Things has asked me to do some of the writing as he doesn't have as much time as he used to lately. 

    So I'm writing this post to ask you guys for some info,specifically 

    1. What are they good at?

    2. Anything specific you'd like to see them do(any regimental rivalries, someone becoming a one man army,surviving against impossible odds, one man takes an enemy stronghold almost single handed- stuff like that)?

    I don't have all the details fleshed out yet so I can very easily write more battles featuring your units.

    Would appreciate the info.

    -The Emperor Protects


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  • RemosPendragon

    For those who haven't noticed, Fantasy Flight Games is done with Games Workshop.

    Actual announcement on FFG's own site.

    Just thought this would be something to share.

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  • Kingslayer1

    I got bit in the hand by my dog and it like totalled my hand. I probably won't be editing as much if any for a week or something like that until my hand heals up. Rest in pepperoni my right hand's fine motor skills.

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  • RemosPendragon

    As it is well known, the English language on internet is hugely degraded to the point that it is in most cases completely unreadable. As part of the admin team on this site, I do not want to see such messy pages here which is why I'm particularly eager to flag pages for quality issues regarding spelling and grammatic mistakes.

    Now we all do mistakes sometimes and it is completely understandable if there are few misplaced letters or odd sentences in articles. However, if the whole page is written without capitalizations, for example, that is a reason enough to flag the page.

    You all do have an opportunity to download and install a spell checker for English for your web browser at any time you want. Also claiming that you are not native Englis…

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  • StrangerThings

    Any fanon Imperial Adepta (Adeptii? Adeptuses?) interested in slaughtering some filthy xenos? If so, I have a proposition for you.

    Basically I'm looking to flesh out some events concerning the Amphra species, and hoping I can get some more factions from this wiki involved in them. This is not a request for a fully-fledged collaboration, merely a expedient way of asking for permission. It also helps me coordinate in case you have any specific requests in return for the service of your IG, SM, etc.

    • The "contributions" go towards two different events: a prelude battle called the Siege of Korinthos (taking place in 998.M39), which is planned to end in a pyrrhic victory for all involved parties. The Siege will be detailed here on the Amphra's main…

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  • NecrusIV

    DoW III

    May 4, 2016 by NecrusIV

    Amazingly, Dawn of War III, is not only looking to be a success, but a bar-raising triumph for the entire real time strategy genre. And just how new developer team Sega and Relic has done it with surprise, delight, and surprise you. The trailer is a mesmerising, cg cut scene, that'll flat out knock you on your arse. Thoughts? Will DoW III be a 10/10 GOTY?

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  • NecrusIV

    Well, nice knowing you Wikia Wiki-Based Advertisement Profit Enterprise™. Let me know when you start introducing subscription fees, mmkay? Thanks xx

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  • OrkMarine

    Okay so I know I might not be the most frequent or contributing user on the wiki but that still doesent give users such as T42 an exscuse to abuse me when I occasioanlly visit chat to talk to my friends. Being a socially awkward depressed "beta" in real life has left me with really no friends there and the only people I talk to are the charcters in ck2 and the users on this wiki.

    Today when I entered I was immedietely hit with a torrent of passive aggressive insults from T, ranging from making fun of myaddictions (that ive been working on fixing for years now) and bringing up the pain of old memories (namely ghost, my ex e-girlfriend). It was so much I eneded up leaving chat and nearly cried in my bedroom, I know we havent allwayas got alon…

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  • Chapter Master Hydralin Cain

    I have finally reached the status of Chapter Master after hours of battle with my brother, Abel, who was the only one in our chapter, the Thorned Blades, who even came close to my mastery of the blade and hammer.

    Our battle was to the death and I was victorious and, as is our way in the Thorned Blades, his death placed me into the spot of Chapter Master. His death will not go uncelebrated for he was a good soldier and a great leader and his death will ripple through the hearts of our Astartes. We will burn his body on the great funeral pyre we have constructed outside of our fortress. We will drink good for his death was not an end but a new beginning for the Thorned Blades.

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  • Khalael

    Featured Article Overhaul

    January 28, 2016 by Khalael

    Okay, so simply put: given the expanded user base; the archaic nature of the old system and the fact that new users clearly don't seem to understand how the FA process is supposed to work. It's time for an overhaul.

    We'll be scrapping the currently active 23rd Featured Article Vote and starting from scratch with a new process which is as follows.

    1. Nominations: These will be held on a dedicated forum in advance of the upcoming Featured Article Vote and the thread will be found in the Community Decisions Board. The process of this will be expanded further in the thread itself.
    2. Preliminary Voting: Having received the nominations, they will be split up into even groups according to weighting of the nomination (this will be covered in the nominatio…
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  • BrowncoatMando

    A matter of time

    January 11, 2016 by BrowncoatMando

    Just a question really... wondering when people are usually in chat around here? I ask because of my ongoing collaborations with a couple of other writers(who I have seen little of recently) and the general quiet around here lately... --BrowncoatMando (talk) 05:46, January 11, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Kingslayer1

    Where did it go?

    December 20, 2015 by Kingslayer1

    So the home page has vanished. Is anyone else seeing this or is it just something odd going on on my end?

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  • Imposter101

    Wikia is currently making a transition to new infobox templates, etc and has placed a tab showing how many infoboxes need to be altered, etc. While users could already do so before, it is now going to be made clear that users who try to edit and alter the infoboxes and any other templates that are unique to the wikia or otherwise and cause damage will be considered vandals under the Wikia rules.

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  • Imposter101

    It would be incredibly helpful if users could begin categorizing their own images as it helps the wikia administration greatly in their work. If individual users could work through their own images, it would be much easier than trying to have the admins go through all of the files alone.

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  • Imposter101

    Age of Being Mediocre

    Key themes of this time
    > Rampant Admin abuse. Admins effectively held all the power and were rarely active
    > No ruleset. Rules were effectively based on mob rule. Quality control was non existent.
    > Vandalism. See Admins section.

    • 2009: Wikia founded. Not much happens. No real coherent ruleset. Admins do as they see fit.
    • 2010: Wikia continues to grow, not much happens. No real coherent ruleset. Admins are infrequently active.
    • 2011: Greatbeing is annoying and creates a minor era of being irritating. Rampant vandalism and visual glitches due to poor coding. No real coherent ruleset. After a period of no admin activity, three admins (Lither, Supah, Total) are promoted out of the blue in attempt to placate the community. Interna…

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  • BrowncoatMando

    A thank you

    November 5, 2015 by BrowncoatMando

    As the title says- I want to thank all of you on the wiki who have helped me out with one thing or another and especially to all those I've collaborated with. I relay enjoy that part of this wiki's nature- creative people coming together to tell stories, made so much richer because of it.

    I'm very happy to a part of it, a vast intricate universe made even more so(even if unofficially) by its fans. Thanks to all of you who have welcomed me in, helped me smooth out the rough patches in my writing, and offered knowledge. Much more to come and I look forward to it. --BrowncoatMando (talk) 06:26, November 5, 2015 (UTC)

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  • OrkMarine

    Demotion of Myself

    October 30, 2015 by OrkMarine

    After much internal debate and discussion with the rest of the admin team, I, OrkMarine, have decided to step down as an administrator of this wikia due to my waning activity on the site. The reason for this is due to the increased activity of my own personal life, my bangin 9/10 girlfriend, dealing with my clinical depression, aswell as a general lack of interest in 40k anymore. I know all of you will be sad to see me go, being the first democratically elected admin on the wiki and its primary user relations officer, but all good things must come to an end eventually. I wish the best of the luck to the rest of the administrator team and hand over my burden of leadership to whoever is chosen for the illustrious role of my replacement.

    I kno…

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  • RemosPendragon

    Sororitas convents

    September 18, 2015 by RemosPendragon

    Question of the day is:

    How many Adepta Sororitas convents there are in the Imperium of Man?

    Because there are few Sororitas articles that claim their Order's convent to be something else than Convent Prioris or Convent Sanctorum. As I have understood, the Adeptus Ministorum was reformed by the fabled Sebastian Thor after the Age of Apostasy and High Lord Vandire Goge's Reign of Blood. In this particular reformation, the Daughters of Emperor all-female warrior cult that served as High Lord's personal bodyguard, were reformed into Adepta Sororitas Orders of which half became situated into Convent Prioris and half into Convent Sanctorum. After while, many of the Orders spawned number of new orders, which became known as Lesser Orders, and as we…

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  • BrowncoatMando

    Naval Battles

    September 13, 2015 by BrowncoatMando

    Does anyone on here know how to write a naval battle? Asking for my own sake since I want to do a (very likely a community project) major engagement featuring Battlefleet Medici.

    Ideally Riga Binary(so named because of it's location- a Binary star system named "Riga")would feature all 68 ships under the command of an admiral with the Amador surname and keep it within what I've already written here. and

    Note: the Superbus cruisers, the Medici Shadow and the Amaranthine need to survive- they're active in the 650s- 740s M41

    on that no…

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  • OrangeTharsis

    Where to ask for help?

    September 13, 2015 by OrangeTharsis

    Hi! I'm a newer user and I was curious where I am supposed to ask more experienced members for help or advice. 

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  • 40kfan

    I'm Done

    September 7, 2015 by 40kfan

    I can't take this anymore.

    How is a picture of dead children out of ten be a tolerable thing in any sort of situation? And why is it that these days anyone who isn't a literary savant or a jaded satirist is looked down upon for polluting the wiki with their so-called "mediocrity"?

    News flash perfectionists: if everything on this wiki was a masterpiece of fanon, then the content here would get pretty boring pretty fast, don't you think? What's the point of standing out if you've got nothing to be compared to? Furthermore, I'm pretty sure that most people who contribute here write because they like to write, not because they want to win an award.

    But I think what gets me the most is that people who are the most judgmental are the one who don't …

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  • RemosPendragon

    Space Marines policy

    September 3, 2015 by RemosPendragon

    About the Space Marines' canon policy, we had a discussion of the loyalist traitors and the actual neccessity of that particular rule. Here:

    The bolstered text is the part I wish we'd rediscuss about. While the first sentence, "There will also be no 'loyalist traitors' (characters that were part of Traitor Legions and stayed loyal to the Emperor) who survive the Great Scouring" was written to ensure that no chapters were written which gene-seed was from traitor legions, there has been no numerous horrendous examples of traitor loyalists. Loyalist traitors always seemed to find out their gene-seed donated to one chapter or another, usually with the help of a somewhat corrupted inquisitor.

    We also allow Thunder Warriors to survive the Great Sc…

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  • Supahbadmarine

    Recently I have been thinking on the nature of how the Imperium Navigates it's way through the Warp while engaging in faster than light transit. Now bear with me here. The Imperium's sole means of FTL travel is through the Warp. However the issue with that aside from the obvious dangers and mishaps is that it's impossible to get one's bearings within the Warp. The Warp is constantly shifting, changing and flowing meaning that there are no discernable landmarks within the Warp itself, and one can not check on the surroundings in realspace while in the Warp. This means that while a Navigator can still see into the Warp and read its currents, they have no reliable way of knowing their position within the Warp relative to Real Space, which mak…

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  • OvaltinePatrol


    August 14, 2015 by OvaltinePatrol

    Unlike the Red Chinese, glorious Nippon folds helmets over 1000 times. Helmet Comparison.

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  • BrowncoatMando


    August 12, 2015 by BrowncoatMando

    Been doing a lot of fluffing lately: However there are a few I feel need some more work but I'm not sure how to go about it- to that end I'm opening them up to you(just talk to me about anything huge- I think that's fair.)

    Asad Hanif

    Fidea Prime

    44th Fidea- I mention that the Fidea units have started to see service elsewhere in the Imperium so if you've got any ice worlds for them to fight on go for it- again talk to me before you do anything big.

    Wel'Kor'cha- a minor xeno race, mostly extinct as of 723 M41

    anyway-looking for a little help- looking to collaborate. --BrowncoatMando (talk) 06:12, August 12, 2015 (UTC)

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  • BrowncoatMando

    I ask the question in the title because of something I realized.

    Most of my work is connected: The Kashidaan Cluster, The Tricamerate Pact and Fidea Prime all interact, as does Neck's Kanye Cluster.

    The Kashidaan Cluster fell to the Tyrannids during the 1st Tyranic war- which occurred in the Ultima Segmentum- which means that those worlds that interact with them have to be there too.

    I mention this because if you do have work set in the Segmentum Ultima go ahead and connect it to my work if you want, but if you want to please talk to me first, wanna keep things organized.--

    On a similar note- anyone willing to take in Kashidaan Cluster Refugees? anybody have worlds where Medieval Italians (Medici) would fit in?

    BrowncoatMando (talk) 23:50, Jul…

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  • BrowncoatMando

    Thoughts? Ideas for improvements?

    It has been 13 days since the last transmission from the Imperial Guard fortress on Yovida home to the 1-5 Ankylus Mechanized Regiments and a small permanent garrison. The last transmission was peppered with static and panicked voices screaming about monsters. The base has not been heard from since and the fate of more than 5000 men remains unknown.The Storm Trooper Company sent to investigate has not been heard from in over a week.

    It falls to the Deathwatch to solve this mystery and if possible rescue the men of the Ankylus Imperial Guard, should they choose to do so. It is a dark and stormy night as your Thunderhawk, painted Deathwatch black enters the atmosphere of Yovida, your pilot dodging lightnin…

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  • Supahbadmarine

    Hello everybody. It's that time of year where I go off on my family vacation. So you guys are going to have to make due for a while. Tomorrow I leave for vacation, and my internet access will likely be limited at best. Thus I may be unavailable if you guys have anything you need of me. I will be back on the 13th of July, but if I can I will try and check in beforehand. All I ask of you all is that if you are going to murder each other try and save a few victims for me when I get back.

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  • StormWarriors2

    So i just came back after my vacation away for a while, and I was wondering why my Storm Crusader chapter was deleted O.o 

    The shitty thing is that I don't have a back up of the storm crusader lore so. Yeah I have to rewrite... Everything hurray.....

    Unless this wiki has a backup. I am not too enthusased about writing something like that again. Any Suggestions to redo parts of my lore?

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  • Imposter101

    With the recent Space Marine Codex and a recent Black Templar novel, their numbers have been reduced to a thousand Astartes.

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  • Imposter101

    We've done it everyone. Six years of hard work have paid off, as we celebrate 1000 articles on the wikia.

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  • Khalael

    So we've tried this concept before with varying degrees of success. The basic idea is to serve as a hub for linking articles with other articles without the need for massive collaborative projects.

    Post the article you want to see linked to others in the comments below and it'll added to the list.

    The List:


    • Ezekiel Cornatus: always up for some mischief. Friends, enemies or even just a random encounter.
    • 3rd Britisher Grav-troopers: Want to be noticed. Give allies and enemies pls.
    • 5th Britisher Dragoons: Want to be noticed. Give allies and enemies pls.
    • 17th Britisher Hussars: Want to be noticed. Give allies and enemies pls.
    • 33rd Britisher Fussiliers: Want to be noticed. Give allies and enemies pls.
    • 95th Britisher Las-Rifles: Want to be notic…
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  • T42

    Alright, so as anyone whose been on this wiki a while knows I have my numero uno article the Storm Draugar, who are in the process of expansion on this wiki. As the page itself is already overstuffed with lore, I will be making several other articles related to the Storm Draugar in an attempt to make them more of a confederation of articles as opposed to a single monolith. Within a short period of time I will being one of the most important pages of this soon to be confederation, Lupercal's Folly.

    What is Lupercal's Folly? Well newfriends and party members, Lupercal's Folly is what happens when you take the festering cesspool of a Hive City, slap it smack dab into the near center of the Maelstrom, and build a gigantic fortress around it. It…

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  • OrkMarine

    Unfortunently I will be absent from the wiki for the next 5 business days, this unforseen hiatus is due to me taking part in an outdoor excursion with my educational facility and I will of course be unable to conduct adminastrative duties during this time.

    Also as a side note, we have reached 1500 articles, good job team.

    Orkmarine 03:25, June 22, 2015 (UTC)

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  • 40kfan

    I'm Sorry

    June 12, 2015 by 40kfan

    Yeah. This is long overdue.

    I'll be perfectly honest and say that I don't want my entire reputation on this wiki to consist of the words; "mostly tolerable". Of late I had a particularly childish incident in which someone pointed out my own blatant hypocrisy, namely accusing others of wanting to "impress the cool kids" when that's really all I've been doing, and deleted pretty much everything on my user page. I then tried to just blow the whole the off and go back to... whatever I was doing, only to once again be shown just how petty my actions are. As much as I'd love to spend the entirety of this blog ranting that I'm right and the rest of you are wrong, lets face it, you'd still maintain the moral high ground and I'd still look like a co…

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  • Imposter101

    Hi all.

    As of 5/6/15, I have been promoted to Admin by Suphabadmarine through popular vote by the current Admins (all of them, actually). I hope to cover the following issues;

    • Article Quality
    • NCF
    • Updating the templates of older articles

    Feedback is greatly welcomed.

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  • RemosPendragon

    Been thinking about this for a while so I'll put these here for my use, if none else finds them of any.

    For saints. Living and others:

    • List of Imperial Saints

    For major characters in Imperium's history:

    • Major Fanon Characters

    Adeptus Terra divisions:

    • Adeptus Immateria Cartographum (cartography)
    • Adeptus Curates


    • Carta Exheredatus

    Medals and awards for non-Astartes combatants:

    • Imperial Awards and Medals

    A list of referred Imperial weapons:

    • List of Imperial Weapons

    Weapons that don't have enough information on their own may be placed here:

    • Imperial Weapons
    • Imperial Weapon Prototypes

    • Dejitar

    • Bone Collector

    • Brotherhood of the Dajakk

    Races that may be freely referred to:

    • Derkallen
    • Dridect (Warp entities)
    • Rixari
    • Zoragons

    Necron dynasties:

    • Estomik Dynasty

    Tyranid H…

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  • T42

    Okay but Seriously

    May 30, 2015 by T42

    To finish something that was not said in Chat, and is actually kinda important for me to say, yes I'm actually going to write this blog posts. Now I'm tired as hell as I write this so its gonna be a little incoherent but here goes. I've been on this wiki for two years now, which hey is not much to alot of you admins but its a surprising amount of time for me. And, while I don't know all of you as well as I would like, what with this being the internet and all, you're all actually pretty important to me. This wiki is important to me. 

    Every day I'm here in one form or another, either procastinating about edits or sitting more or less alone on chat while I do other things. And for a long time, I really had an issue with the admins, how they b…

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  • Imposter101

    People might be wondering why I've decided to tag articles with the quality issue template.

    Well, after a recent discussion, it's come into light that the lack of uniformity between articles and the "quality" of what users choose to make use of in their info boxes (Chapter Respect springs to mind). This ultimately means that we are no longer plagued by the issue of the new friend and his inability to read the rules.

    Furthermore, it also alerts people to that fact that we already have a large (and growing) array of custom templates. It isn't hard to use these, and they keep the coherency and neatness of the wikia in check.

    And also, the first time an article was tagged for this issue, it was one of our admins (Remos) and so far, I have not bee…

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