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The Blazing Brotherhood is a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes created during the 8th Founding as a successor Chapter of the Death Eagles.


The Blazing Brotherhood was created from a gene-see of the infamous Death Eagles Chapter. As their Progenitors, Space Marines of the Blazing Brotherhood are known for a deep perfectionalism. Every little detail must be concidered, every possibily situation must be foreseen, every opporitunity must be used and every part of the Blazing Brotherhood must be in its finest form, both as a collective and as an individual, both spirit, mind, body and machine. This appears not only in Chapter tactic but just as the Death Eagles' Chaplains are teaching their Successors, in its culture and mentality. Every Blazing Brotherhood's amour and vehicle is sophicticately decorated to show Imperial ideals and values to the enemy. Following their Progenitors Blazing Brothers are learning all possible siences and arts to be as close to the ideal of the Primarchs and of the Emperor of Mankind. Since 8th Founding Blazing Brotherhood have been involved in many military conflicts across the Galaxy. Because of so many victories it became an object of Imperial propaganda.

Notable Campagins

  • Battle of Faghul-Gerdonus-23 (M35) - The Blazing Brotherhood fought against WAAAAAAGH!!!!! of Warboss Kurcalma the Yellow Ork from Snakebites klan alongside with the Sons of Sanguinius, Genesis Chapter and the Death Eagles, their Progenitors. Battle ended with overhelming Imperial victory.
  • War with an Eldar Craftworld of An-Iolsus (M37) - This long war didn't end as anyone's victory but both sides of the conflict were heavily damaged.
  • Siege of the Crimson Fortress (M37) - The Blazing Brotherhood alongside with the Red Talons and the Imperial Guard attacked "the Crimson Fortress" of the Chaos Space Marine warband known as the Crimson Sons. Result is unknown.
  • Duel of the Iron Hulk (135.M39) - Three Squards of Blazing Brotherhood's 7th Company took a challenge of the Iron Warriors and faced their forces on the Space Hulk known as "the Iron Hulk". That was a trap and all Loyalists were slayed. Blazing Brotherhood blamed Traitors in a lack of honour but as usually Iron Warriors didn't care about such things and words.
  • Indomitus Crusade (999.M41 - 100.M42) - The Blazing Brotherhood was involved into the Indomitus Crusade. It is known that it fought such foes as the Sons of Malice and the Sanctified.

Chapter Belifes

Cults of personality are strong within the Chapter - according to their belifes the Emperor of Mankind gave His perfection to the Primarchs who gave it to the Chapter Master. Chapter Master gives it to Capitans, Capitans give it to Sergants and Sergants give it to usual Blazing Brothers. In some point of their history Blazing Brotherhood accepted Ecclesiarchy's teachings and regized the Emperor of Mankind as the God-Emperor. Blazing Brotherhood accepts Codex Astartes as a divine book. Alongside with Codex Chapter also uses so-called "Purple Book".

Chapter gene-seed

Chapter's gene-seed is known for being extremly clean but for some reason almost every Blazing Brotherhood Astartes have white hair. Also Blazing Brotherhood have little less Librarians that most of the Adeptus Astartes Chapters.

Known vehicles and relics

Solar Blade II - Chapter's flagship
"I am your doom" - Relic double-bladed power sword given to the Deathwatch
Crystal Phoenix - a relic Land Speeder Tornado. According to a legend it was used by Blazing Brotherhood's first Chapter Master
Heavy Eaglee - legendary Thunder Hammer that contains a teleport, just like the Dawnbringer of Vulkan the Dragon, Primarch of Salamanders
Purple King, Golden Queen, White Prince and Silver Princess - Four huge and ancient identical relic power swords. Purple King is used by Chapter Master, Golden Queen is used by 1st Company's Capitan, White Prince is used by Chapter Chaption and Silver Princess is held by a giant golden statue of the God-Emperor of Mankind inside of the Solar Blade II. Every of these Power Swords have an energy sphere around it which reminds flame.
Terra's Tear of Happiness - Battle Barge of the 3th Company known as "Battledancers"
Adamantium Light - And ancient and large Battle-Barge, even larger than Solar Blade II itself. It doesn't belong to any formation inside of Blazing Brotherhood but to all Chapter same time.
Fraternal Palace or Blazing Palace or Blazing Fraternal Palace - An ancient and large star fortress and de-facto Chapter's second flagship. According to dicriptions it is full of artworks, temples and treasures, just like every ship of Blazing Brotherhood.
Purple Book - Originally it is a book written by Battle-Brother Benjamin the Writer about philosophy of Blazing Brotherhood and the Death Eagles. After that every Space Marine of the Chapter must write his own Purple Book about his experience and philisophy and it will be added to the common Purple Book. Current Purple book contains tens of thousands of thomes and is considered by Blazing Brotherhood to be as sacred and rightly as Codex Astartes itself.
Swanhead - Once a Battle-Barge of Blazing Blazing Brotherhood. Now it is known as the Black Whale and is a flagship of the Black Sword Bearers. In its heart there is the Colosseum of Lightning where the Black Sword Bearers force their slaves and inprisoners to fight for joy.
Swaneye - 10th Company's Strike Cruiser
Golden Fury - Gladius-class Frigate captured three times. First it belonged to the Brothers Penitent and was known as Warm Light, then it was captured by the Ture Sons Chaos Space Marine warband and renamed into the Fist of Horus, then it was cptured again by the Iconoclasts (Chaos Space Marine warband too) and renamed into the Eye of the Dark Four. In the end it was captured by Blazing Brotherhood and renamed into what it is called today. It was offered to the Brothers Penitent back but they didn't want it. Unfortunately it have no more machine spirit because of long service to the Chaos forces.
Hand of Justinian Master-crafted relic Lightning Claw given as a gift to Justinian Granernorlog after he became a Chapter Master.
Starshaker Battle-Barge of the 4th Company (known as "the Defenders of the Pure Sun")

Known members

Alexandorus the Impossible - current Chapter Master of Blazing Brotherhood
Benjamin the Writer - a Battle-Brother of Blazing Brotherhoodwho started to write the Purple Book
Julius Abdullah the White - former Chapter Master of Blazing Brotherhood
Julius Abdullah the Black or, as he is known in modern times, Julius the Lightningwing - former Chapter Champion of Blazing Brotherhood, now a Champion of Slaanesh and leader of a Shaaneshi Chaos Space Marine warband knwon as the Black Sword Bearers
Justinian Granernorlog - former Capitan of the 1st Company of Blazing Brotherhood and former Chapter Master of Blazing Brotherhood
William the Skull-from-Heaven - former Hight Chaplain of Blazing Brotherhood
Zun-Xan - former Chief Librarian of Blazing Brotherhood

Fall of the Black Julius

In the middle of 39th Millenium in the Chapter there were two Space Marines both known as "Julius Abdullah". They were brothers and twins even before to be taken to the Chapter. They were born on the dark medieval feral world of Mircadon. On the small unhabited moon of this world was located a secret fortress of Blazing Brotherhood, which also served (an probably serves today too) as a requitment center. Mircadon was divided between two superpower fractions - Empire of the West and Caliphate of the White Mosque. These two shared different opinions about Emperor as a God. Despite Ecclesiarchy recognized both of them, they didn't accept each others and therefore Mircadon was always bleeding in unnumbered religious wars. Julius Abdullah -twins were born from two refugees - one from the Empire and one from the Caliphate and therefore they were a part of both cultures and neither. They and their parents were hiding in a small neutral kingdom known as Pokojnya but were also foced to fight for it when one of fractions attacked. When brothers were requited there came a problem, how to call them separately because of the same name. The decision was that that of the brothers who was more positive became called Julius the White and more gloomy one became known as Julius the Black. When they became complete Space Marines they were divided to different Companies. Time went on and both of them started to rise abowe their Battle-Brothers. Century by century, Julius the White became a Sergant, then a Capitan of the 5th Company ("the Godlen Shields of Terra and Mars") and then, in the end, a Chapter Master. While "the White" Julius Abdullah rose as an organizator, commander and tactican, "the Black" one showed to be more a mighty warrior and swordman. Due to his great talents and knowledge in using of a power sword even more great than Astartes usually have he bacame a Champion of the 2nd Company ("Hrud Executors") and then a Champion of the whole Chapter. So, in the height of Blazing Brotherhood tho Juliuses Abdullahs stood together once again.
From battle to battle, from fight to fight, from glory to glory walked these two great Emperor's Angels of Death together. Not only their Battle-Brothers, but all the Imperium praised them and created countless of monuments in their honour as if they would be some kind of heroes of ancient times. Many times many dark lords and enemies of Holy Terra challenged them, seeing a victory over them as an opportunity to gain their personal glory. And many time were they slayed, banished, dishonoured and overccame by two brothers both in blood and in spirit, both as demigods and as mortals. "Wisdom an blade", so were they called by one Inquisitor. But such is a life of Astartes that often greatest triumphs end as the worst tragedies. Once upon a time Blazing Brotherhood started a campagin against Rahn'Klagron'Nummu, a heretical cult that conquered a heaven world of Aboljanus. This cult was led by a creature known as Mnaarghut and his teaching was that the Emperor was nothing more than a prophet of the Dark Gods and that Chaos Cultists and the Imperium were both wrong and should be united into one Impeium of Chaos. A fleet of Blazing Brotherhood was near when the upristing started and came to destroy this cancer on the Mankind's face. Space Marines attacked according all doctrines the Death Eagles gave them - perfectly. Chapter was divided between forces led by Julius the White, Julius the Black, Justinian Granernorlog (Capitan of the 1st Company) and William the Skull-from-Heaven (Hight Chaplain). They face millions of skreaming Chaos Cultists holding banners with combined Aquila and Chaos Star and showed them their warfare art, walking from victory to victory. Soon they attacked the Fortress of the South Coast, where Mnaarghut himself was hiding. Blazing Brotherhood started an assault there. During the fast and easy war Space Marines gained such a reputation that even the bravest of defenders ran away only hearing them coming, for they knew - there is no weapon against such perfection. Juliuses, both White and Black ruched into the central hall to face a legendary monster. Mnaarghut came, and he was a huge, ten meter hight mutant with countless heads, legs and hands, all holping a mighty weapon or a Chaosite spell. In that fight fell many Space Marines, but their sacrafices were not wortherless because they gabe two Juliuses opportunities to kill the enemy. Once Julius the White attacked Mnaarghut, but was seriosly wounded by a largest of swords that held. Julius the Black in rage started a vegenance attack, more rageful and brutal than ever and slained the monster. There were no Apothecaries around and the White called for help, bit the Black, in his pride, was concentrated on taking a trophies and didn't hear him. Julius the White could be saved only by an one little movement, but his brother didn't do it. So the White one died. Other Battle-Brothers didn't know about this event and despite of their grief about the White's death they glorified Julius the Black who became the main canditate to be a new Chapter Master of Blazing Brotherhood. The only his concurent was Justinian Granernorlog, who was also the only one who have seen truth about Julius the White's death.
Before the eclection of a new Chapter Master Blazing Brotherhood was involvet into another military conflict. In a near star system agriworld of Hulbratrack was attacked by forces of a Slaaneshi Chaos Space Marines warband known as the Children of Torment. Blazing Brotherhood immediately cane to help and attacked Traitor forces led by Julius and Justinian. Two enemies were worthy of each other. Blazing Imperial perfection faced a dark perfection of the Dark Prince of Pleasure. In the capital city of Boplandur, in the highest of belltowers of the Great Cathedral of the Emperor Julius faced the leader of Slaaneshi invaders - Lyokratus the Butterflyhand, a former Space Marine of the Black Guard Chapter who betrayed his Chapter and the Imperium and turned to Slaanesh. He bacame its Champion and held in his hands a mighty Daemonic Sword Horf'Jockardfark, "The Angel who eats Angels". Fight between Julius the Black and Lyokratus the Butterflyhand was long and hard and noone of them could overcome other's perfection in using a sword. In the the end the tower's down levels were exploded by a missle strike and the tower fell. Julius the Black was fortunately saved by a Land Speeder, but Lyokratus fell and almost died. When Julius landed, he found his foe and brutally killed him. He didn't know that that was only a part of a greater plan of Slaanesh. Lyokratus' amour was full of daemonic dust that contained a daemon known as H'ayayarkar. Dust attacked Julius and stated to play on his pride, telling him that his brother's death was not his fault and that he is perfect and the only reason of White's death was the Imperium that didn't give him an opportunity to realize his abilites. Usually Space Marine can overstand such whispers, but a pain of Julius the Black was so great as well as his pride that his soul fell to the hands of the Prince of Pleasure. He secretly took H'ayayarkar and Horf'Jockardfark with himself and returned to the Chapter, being glorified even more than ever.
Slaanesh's plan was to corrupt Blazing Brotherhood and to add it to its collection of "perfect" Chaos Space Marine warbands, such as the Emperor's Children and the Flawless Host. But there was the one man who stopped this. It was Zun-Xan, Chapter Chief Librarian. He felt two daemons and publicly declared that Julius the Black is corrupted by Chaos. Several tens of Space Marines stood with Julius but everyone else remained loyal to the Emperor, Justinian, William and Zun-Xan and attacked the Traitors. Julius with his White Prine and Horf'Jockardfark and Justinian with his Golden Queen started to fight and Julius was winning. Everything changed when White Prince's machine spirit uprised agains Julius, ruining all his strategy. Julius threw it away but was wounded by Justinian due to hia lack of concentration. He and his followers escaped on the Battle Barge known as "the Swanhead" and flew to the side of the Eye of Terror. This was one of the most tragic pages in the history of Blazing Brotherhood. Justinian became a new Chapter Master and ordered that to prevent such events in the future every Battle-Brothers is forced to say a same phrase ten times in a day - "Pride is the greatest of laws and with pride perfection is flawful and not perfection at all."
Julius and his newly formed warband entered the Eye of Terror. They became known as "the Black Sword Bearers" and recognized Slaahesh as their god. According to dicriptions of those few who faced Julius, who was now known as Julius the Lightningwing and survived he became a Champion of Slaanesh and a machine of perfect killing who found a pleasure only in killing of great warriors. From hos back rose two migtly lightning wings made my the Deak Mechanicum from the tortuned machine spirits of his and his follower's equipment. In his hands he holds two Daemonic Swords - Horf'Jockardfark and H'ayayarkar, that also became a daemon sword. "Black Sword Bearers" have appeard in the 13th Black Crusade of Abbadon the Despoiler, Siege of Vrax and Second Battle of Terra. Their number is much higher than before and now they contain several hundreds of Slaaneshi Chaos Space Marines. "Black Sword Bearers" are one of the most hated enemies of Blazing Brotherhood. Events of Justian's fall are kept in deep secret and within the Chapter they are known as the Shame.

Notable Quotes

"My blood is divine. It is God-Emperor's. So it is not my own honour but His. We fight for the Emperor. We are on His place. And therefore we must as perfect as we can be."
—Alexandorus the Impossible, current Chapter Master of the Blazing Brotherhood
"There is no more honour that a mortal can manage than to become an Angel of Death. We managed. And the only path of honour that is still aviable to us is a path of perfection."
—Alexandorus the Impossible, current Chapter Master of the Blazing Brotherhood
"Emperor gave us His perfection. The only reason why we can't realize it fully are our minds, our sins, our weaknesses, flaws and unperfections. We must be liberated from them. That is the real freedom. Not whispers of the Dark Prince, not degrodation offered by the Plague Lord, not skreaming of the Lord of Skulls, not secrets of the Lord of Change. They are nothing but chains that keep us down. Freedom is order. Freedom is honour. Freedom is beaty. Freedom is strenght. Freedom is courage. Freedom are loyality and perfection, freedom is a freedom from flaws. To became truly free you must rise like a swan, eagle, hawk, angel or a phoenix and fly into the enternal searching of perfection. Why to remain stupid animal if you can become a blazing bastion of the civilization and of the Mankind? This is not only the way that should be followed by us, Emperor's Angels of Death but also by every human being that exists. Why to be nothing when you can become almost everything? Why?"
—Benjamin the Writer, Battle-Brother who started to write the Purple Book
"There is no a path that a blade could not pass. We just need to know how to do it. And I know, belive me."
—Julius Abdullah the Black or, as he is known in modern times, Julius the Lightningwing, former Chapter Champion of Blazing Brotherhood, now a Champion of Slaanesh and leader of a Shaaneshi Chaos Space Marine warband knwon as the Black Sword Bearers before his fall to Chaos
"Where our body fails us there intellect and wisdom carry us."
—Julius Abdullah the White, former Chapter Master of Blazing Brotherhood
"Julius was proud. You may say that pride is a good thing, that it is a value, just like courage and stenght. But it is not. If not pride our former brother would not fall. If not pride there would be only few Traitors, if not at all. Isn't that obviously? It is said that on Ancient Terra pride was considered as a greatest of possble sins. Same with many other worlds till today. And I think the same. Pride is the greatest of flaws. If you want to fight for yourself, not for the Emperor, leave this Brotherhood right now."
—Justinian Granernorlog, former Capitan of the 1st Company of Blazing Brotherhood and former Chapter Master of Blazing Brotherhood
"I am the Champion of everything, of the Universe itself! Slaanesh, the Blazing Dark Prince is my patron. I slayed hundreds of Corpse's slaves and xenoscum and other worshippers of Warp as well. Both mortals and non-mortals, both angels and daemons. My two swords held in my two hands before you have brought death to billions of people, obliterated worlds, slayed warriors so great that you cannot even imagine and made such a pain to all life in this galaxy that if you and ten of those like you would feel it you would die more times than there is grains in sand on your bornworld. I am not just an angel, I am an angels of galactical importance. I am the Black King of Victory. I am the Allcutting Sword. I am Julius the Lightningwing. See those wings? How do you think, how much of intelligent creatures did they kill? Tens? Hundreds? Thousans? Okay, maybe thouands, in one little rest fight. But usually much, much more. My name scares infabitants of thousands of worlds, and if it comes to my names I have a lot of them too. Obliterator of Batjuk-Groganor. Maimer of the Hioptar's Triple-Palace, Lord of Glass fields of Jahnadar, Black Horror. Do I need to continue and do you think all these beatiful combinations of words and names are based on nothing? Do you see all my glory, all what I have managed? Do you realize that you are nothing compared to me and that I can cut you into a hundrer of pieces right now? If it's sad, don't you think so? But don't fear, I give you hope and a chanse. You can accept me and my god Slaanesh as your lords and masters and become the one of my Black Sword Bearers. And then you will became a horror of everything existing, a god, not just demigod of the Corpse on the Golden Throne. You will be able to call me, Julius the Lightningwing, Champion of Slaanesh, the Lightcutter your Brother. You will became... something more than a nothing."
—Julius Abdullah the Black or, as he is known in modern times, Julius the Lightningwing, former Chapter Champion of Blazing Brotherhood, now a Champion of Slaanesh and leader of a Shaaneshi Chaos Space Marine warband knwon as the Black Sword Bearers after his fall to Chaos
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