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"Death is almighty, Death awaits us all, so let us worship those who died, because one day they will lead our way."
—Captain Armedes

The Black Seraphs are a loyal Space Marine Chapter. They are descendants of the Blood Angels founded in the 36th Millennium. They are known for their deep strike tactics, where they deploy large amounts of Space Marines directly behind enemy lines in Drop Pods.


The Homeworld of the Black Seraphs is Eden Prime. This name was chosen from an old Terran myth, in which Eden was the place everyone went to after the died. The fortress-monastery Heofon is build on Eden Prime's moon. Before the Black Seraphs were founded and chose Eden Prime as their homeworld it was called Hel.

The people of Eden Prime are mostly farmers. Because of the hot climate on most of the continents they developed many technological advantages in their agriculture.


Just like their Progenitor Chapter, the Black Seraphs prefer melee combat over ranged weapons. The most common tactic of the Black Seraphs is to lure the enemy with a small battleforce on the ground and then launch a massive Drop Pod bombardment after the battle has started, crushing their enemies between the hammer and anvil of their righteous fury.

Death Company

Every Black Seraph knows his ultimate fate is death. Furthermore they know the Red Thirst and Black Rage are part of their lives.

The Black Seraphs' Death Company is feared as it is honored.