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The Black Raptors are a Codex-Compliant Loyalist Space Marine Chapter founded in 33rd Millennium as a part of strategic prognostication to liberate the Death World of Espada-Delta against Tau Forces. They are a Chapter facing a near extinction after their first battle against the Hive Fleet Arachnid on the War World of Hardok in Ultima Segmentum, reducing their forces to only 400. They are the only Chapter that lacks a Tactical Squad, having them lost in their first mission. Their Assault Marines filled in the role of a regular Tactical Marine, and was one of the Chapters that utilize Ground Assault Marines. In their second mission, the Chapter was able to liberate the Death World of Espada-Delta. They were given direct rule over the Planet and established their fortress-monastery there since then. They descended from the Imperial Fist Space Marine Chapter.



Black Raptors Chapter was created as a part of strategic prognostication to defend the Planet Espada-Delta located in the Segmentum Ultima. The Planet was considered a Death World by Imperial Departmento Cartographicae yet, holds value to the Imperium. The Ordo Xenos wants to know the increased Tau activity on the Planet. The Chapter was sent there to investigate but they were delayed when they came across a Planet invaded by Tyranid Forces. The Planetary Governor of Hardok has sent help to any responding Imperial Forces nearby. The Chapter received the transmission and landed there to help. The Chapter has led a series of Campaigns and battles on the Planet but they failed to repel the Tyranid Invasion. The combined efforts of the 45th and 76th Cadian Regiments and the Chapter was wasted. Many of their forces has fallen from battle. Escaping the Planet, the Chapter lost nearly 600 of its Space Marines, mostly Tactical Squads. The Planet was considered 'Perdita' by the Imperium and soon, subjected to Exterminatus.

The Chapter has lost nearly 600 of its Space Marines against the Hive Fleet Arachnid in the Battle of Hardok. Most of it, comprising of Tactical Marines of the Chapter's companies, was killed in action. Because of the unbearable heavy casualty, the Chapter Master, Habbakuk Caesar, has decided to strip the remaining Marines of the Assault Companies off their Jump Packs to fill the role of the Tactical Marines. This was just temporary as they wait for the time when their Chapter would be returned into full strength.

Liberation of Espada-Delta

The Chapter resumed its journey to its original destination, being late to arrive on the Planet. Tau Forces has arrived already on the surface. Three of its Septs has established a stronghold topside, spreading its cadres of Fire Warriors across the world. The 97th Alakdan Regiment of the Imperial Guard has arrived early to fight the Tau Forces on the Planet, turning it into a wasteland as the battle rages on. Two unknown Regiments were reported to have arrived on the planet fighting alongside the 97th but they faced total annihilation against the Xenos. Upon their arrival on the Planet via Drop Pods, the Black Raptors Chapter faced Cadres of Fire Warriors with extreme difficulties but they managed to defeat them with the help of the remnants of the 97th. In their third skirmish against the Tau Forces, Captain Gabael Cloelius of the Black Raptors 1st Company has discovered a Chaos-artifact on the Planet. The Captain was not sure if the Tau was searching for this artifact which could explain their frequent activity on the Planet but deemed it unlikely. A Chaos-aligned warband of Space Marines named Dark Sun and Fallen Star has started to appear from the Warp induced by the artifact. The Chapter battled the Chaos Space Marines in a lengthy fight. The Black Raptors found themselves fighting a three-way war. Dark Eldar Forces soon joined the conflict as they tried to steal the artifact from the planet for unknown reasons. The Chapter fought through cadres of Tau and bands of Chaos Space Marines to reach the Dark Eldars. The two factions battled one another for the artifact, which they almost failed. Soon enough, the Inquisition is called in and several Imperial Guard Regiments has arrived to help the remnants of the 97th against the Tau and Chaos Forces. The artifact was handed over to the Ordo Hereticus and the Planet, cleared off from all of Daemonic influence and the Tau Forces, their fleet crippled, escaped the orbits of the Planet but was destroyed by patrolling Imperial Navy. The Planet was handed over to them and they established their fortress-monastery to their new homeworld.

Notable Campaigns

  • Battle of Hardok (Unknown Date.M35) - The Chapter fought the Hive Fleet Arachnid on the surface of Hardok but lost 600 of its Space Marines. The battle may have been lost but the Chapter has saved a large amount of civilians from the Planet. the Planet was considered 'Perdita' and soon subjected to Exterminatus.
  • Espada-Delta Campaign (999.M41) - The Chapter arrived late in the Death World of Espada-Delta where a battle has already took place. Three Regiments were outnumbered and outgunned against the unstoppable Cadres of the Tau Forces. The Chapter aided the remnants of the 97th against the Tau and discovered a Chaos artifact. A Chaos Space Marine Warbands soon started to appear on the Planet alongside Dark Eldars who wants to steal the artifact for profit. The Chapter fought hard in this multi-war that ended with victory at the cost of more Astartes and Guardsmen lives. The Inquisition arrived alongside more Regiments to wipe out the remaining Chaos Forces and to repel the Tau Forces on the Planet. The Planet was handed over to the Chapter in the conclusion of the battle.
  • Defense of Dark Haven (999.M41) - The Black Raptors assisted the Azure Vultures Space Marine Chapter in the defense of the Death World, Dark Haven located in Segmentum Obscurus in the sector of Coronid Deeps, sub-sector of Cyclops Cluster. The Azure Vulture and the Black Raptors has captured two Or'es El'leath-class Custodians of the Tau Forces that has made planetfall on the former Knight World. They used it to get close to the two Tau Gal'leath-class Explorers in the orbit of the Planet. Using their Battle-Barges would more likely to spark a ship-to-ship battle and since both Chapters are suffering heavy losses (with the Black Raptors still recovering from the Battle of Hardok and the Azure Vultures suffered heavy casualties in the early days of the battle), their Captains agreed to capturing the vessels and used it to ambush one of the Explorers. The first Custodian has managed to get close on the nearest Explorer but was attacked by them when the Explorer has established transmission on the Custodian and saw a platoon of Space Marines on-board. The Custodian occupied by the Black Raptors came in to help their cousins on the other ship but was ambushed by the Explorer in a deck-to-deck combat that resulted in heavy losses on both sides. The Black Raptors also found a wrecked Transport Ship nearby that was occupied by Terminator Marines from the Azure Vulture. Rescuing them, the Terminators aided the pinned down Black Raptors where they eventually managed to board the Explorer. They were greeted by a Cadre of Tau Fire Warriors, ready to destroy them. They raced towards the Control Deck of the ship, fighting through the Tau soldiers where they killed the Captain of the ship. They took control of the Explorer and filled it with stranded Space Marines from the wreckage. Soon, the second Explorer arrived, sending most of its Fire Warriors to the destroyed Transport Ship and kill the remaining the Space Marines stuck on the vessel. The Astartes made their final stand and the other Carrier, ramming onto the ship and boarding the Tau Fire Warriors, the Tau soon met their demise at the hands of vengeful Astartes.
  • Bronzia Campaign (999.M41) - Three months after their previous Campaign, the Black Raptors led skirmishes of Campaign against Tau Forces on the Death World of Bronzia where the battle ended on a stalemate. They eventually parted ways, leaving nothing but corpses and traces of battle. The Tau suffered most of the casualties and the Black Raptors gained key territories in the Planet.
  • Battle of Forge World Kazzak (999.M41) - The Black Raptors Chapter has once again been called when the Forge World Kazzak located at Ultima Segmentum was invaded by the Tau Fleet they have encountered back on Espada-Delta. The cyan-clad Fire Warriors marched across the Planet, shooting at everyone they sees, eager to take the technology being developed there. The Black Raptors, being the nearest Imperial Force, arrived on the surface of the Planet. The Forge World was covered in blankets of snow, forcing the Tau to send their Fire Warriors on foot because armored vehicles cannot move across the obstructed terrain. Their first objective was to capture a Munitorum Factory that was mass producing ammunition. The Astartes defended the Factory and fought the incoming Tau Forces, defeating them shortly. The battle moved to the outskirts of the Forge World where numerous Worker Shelters are erected. The Black Raptors has managed to eradicate the invading forces until the Tau Fleet was forced to retreat and leave the Planet due to heavy casualties and losses.
  • Morvidium Campaign (999.M41) - Taking place in the same time, the other half of Black Raptor's fleet is at Segmentum Obscura in a Planet called Morvidium. Two Regiments of the Imperial Guard has gone rogue and swore their allegiance to the Chaos. The only remaining Loyalist Regiment, the 54th Tetrasteel Tempestus Guard has sent out a plea. The Doom Bringers Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes arrived in to help. The early days of the battle has been going all too well. The Imperial Forces are winning and the Traitor Guards are losing. But when a warband of Chaos Space Marines of the Sons of Temptations arrived, the Chapter and the Regiment began losing slowly but surely. Calling out for another help, the Black Raptors received the call. They arrived on the Planet without half of their forces and assisted in the fight.

Founding Fathers

Chapter Hero

Battle-Brother Ezekiel Crispinus was a venerated as a Hero for his ability to follow orders under duress and execute it with extreme precision. He holds the rank of Veteran Sergeant and one of the few remaining Tactical Marines who survived the battle of Hardok. Had it not for his bravery and intelligence, the last of the Tactical Marine would have been killed. He, alongside others, led their fellow Tactical Marines on the Planet and escaped successfully.

Early Life

Crispinus was a Necromundan, growing up in the Hive City of Trazior. He was a habber in the Lower Level, and a member of a tech gang. When an Ork invasion has took place, he signed up to be an Imperial Guard where he was picked among thousands by an Imperial Fist Sergeant in the Recruitment Center. He was first inducted into the ranks of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter at the age of 15 as a Neophyte where he was educated and trained. Three months later, he, along with others who came from various Hive Cities, have undergo surgery to fortify their bodies. Another five more months, he undergoes more surgeries until he was fully implanted with the Gene-Seeds of the Imperial Fists. At 891.M32, he was deployed as a Scout with his squad in his very first mission at Lorax. There, they are to quench a rebellion instigated by a Slaaneshi Cult, influencing the population to revolt against Imperium Control. Their objective on the Planet was to assist the 5th Company in a fight against a corrupted Planetary Defense Force in a city. They fought valiantly, diverting the attention of the Lorax PDF to them and allowing the 5th to advance in the inner cities. Their efforts has brought about the victory much needed for their conquest in the Planet. The battles goes on with the Imperial Fists alongside the 143rd Cadian Shock Troopers and 56th Elysian Drop Regiment winning slowly but surely. Within three years, the Planet was eventually brought back under Imperium control. After this Campaign, Crispinus was commended in his actions together with the other Scouts. From then on, he earned his Power Armor was inducted as a full Battle-Brother. After a month, he was assigned to the 9th Company as a Devastator. In his first mission as a Space Marine, he was assigned to the Squad of Sergeant Draius, a scar-faced Veteran who leads a Devastator Squad. Their mission on Planet Desmond was to repel the Black Legion Warbands that has made planetfall. They are to assist the 3rd and 4th Company if ever something goes awry. As the Astartes of the 3rd and 4th were inserted via Drop Pods, they immediately occupied the nearest city that was long abandoned by the population due to the massive carnage that had happened not too long ago. The citizens may have probably left the city in fear or have been killed off by the Warbands. It is possible that the citizens have fallen to the Ruinous Powers too. The 149th Cadian Shock Troopers have arrived together with the 150th and 151st Regiments. The nearby cities, having been besieged by the Warbands is slowly descending to chaotic destruction. This has forced the 3rd and 4th to move unexpectedly towards the cities alongside the Guard Regiments. The 9th Company was immediately called in to guard the abandoned city. After a couple of weeks, a word has came from the 3rd Company, requesting for additional reinforcements. The 9th complied and sent out 4 of their Devastator Squads and a Tactical Squad. Among these squads are led by Sergeant Draius. There, they encountered the Sons of Eye Warband, firing at the 3rd Company relentlessly. The newly arrived squads provided support fire for the 3rd, allowing them to advance and drawing most of enemy fire to them. As the 3rd closes in, the battle had become bloody, resulting in the total annihilation of the 149th. Eventually, they won the fight, resulting with the Sons of Eye retreating because of their decreased numbers. Another conflict took place between the Warband of Sons of Eye and the Companies of the Imperial Fists that ended with another bloody result. Out of the 5 Squads, only 2 Devastator Squads survived the 9th Company, including Draius' Squad. The 3rd was badly crippled that their numbers are reduced. But this has brought them victory as the Sons of Eye retreated completely. More reinforcements arrived, replenishing the lost forces of the 3rd and three more Regiments of the Cadian Imperial Guard arrived in order to assist in the battle. With the Sons of Eye defeated, the Imperial Fists prepared for another fight. The 3rd Company has assisted the 4th in its battle against the Black Legion and the Wolves of Horus Warbands. This time, the entire 9th Company present on the Planet has launched massive waves of Space Marine Squads against the Warbands. The result, just like the others, were bloody as well but it ended up in victory, at the expense of many Space Marines. After a year, the Planet was eventually annexed to Imperium control. After the Campaign, Crispinus was commended again for his actions. He was promoted as a Tactical Marine and then eventually assigned to the 5th Company.

He fought in many of their Campaigns and showed exemplary faith and great tactics amidst each battles. After serving them for two centuries, he was assigned to a newly formed Chapter as a part of strategic prognostication in an effort to repel the Tau Fleet hovering over the Planet of Espada-Delta. He also provided the Gene-Seed for the Chapter, allowing them to inherit Imperial Fist Gene-Seed as authorized by the High Lords of Terra.

Foe of Chaos

Battle-Brother Ezekiel Crispinus led his fellow Astartes on the dreaded surface of Espada-Delta against the Dark Sun Warband's Champion and slew him in a long violent fight. The Warband had the 97th pinned down on the trenches they made. They came to support the remaining Guardsmen. He shoot and hacked his way through Chaos Space Marines with his subordinates following him and providing supporting fire. Knowing that the Warband would fall apart without its leader, he charged towards across the battlezone, heading straight for the Champion where they fought. With each slash returned with bolter rounds, Crispinus eventually won the fight but lost his left eye in the process.


The Gene-Seed of the Black Raptors Chapter came from the Imperial Fist Space Marine Legion which explains their toughness and high pain tolerance. Their stubbornness in combat that they inherited from Ezekiel Crispinus is also notable among Black Raptor Space Marines. Just like its parent Chapter, the Black Raptors also lacks Sus-An Membrane and Bletcher's Gland. Their Gene-Seed is pure and they have inherited one of their Gene-Seed Flaw. The other Flaws came from the Chapter itself.

  • Pure Gene Seed - The Black Raptors Space Marine has inherited some of the Gene-Seed traits of their Progenitors but the inferior traits came from themselves which stemmed from the original Gene-Seed Trait they got from the Imperial Fists.

Gene-Seed Traits

Death Before Dishonor

Just like the Imperial Fists, the Black Raptors has this flaw. The Veterans of the Companies often criticize their own Squad and sometimes himself which results to complete ignorance and sometimes disregard of one's life in the field of battle. This flaw, is by far, one of the reasons why the Tactical Companies of the Black Raptors were completely eradicated in the Battle of Hardok. The Veteran Sergeants or sometimes the Battle-Brothers would have a desire to redeem themselves in battle that they will even go to the heights of sacrificing their lives.

To Be Sure

The Black Raptors Space Marines also have a habit of scanning the battle zone twice for any enemies that might lurk within. Most of the time, when they spotted any enemies they are fighting, they would fire at them and even if they were dead, they would hail another barrage of fire. This habit is another act of desire for perfection that would have stemmed from the Death Before Dishonor attitude. Just to ensure the precise execution of their enemies, they always have to check things twice, and do things...TWICE.

We Know No Fear

Veteran Sergeant Ezekiel Crispinus is known for his stubbornness in battle that even if the enemies had them overrun at all side, the Sergeant would still hold his ground and make a last stand against the assaulting enemies. He provided the genetic template for the Black Raptors Space Marines, bearing the Gene-Seeds of the Imperial Fists. From there, the Astartes of the Chapter inherited his bravery in combat and the refusal to retreat even when faced with a tremendous amount of enemies.

Gene-Seed Deficiencies

  • Oolitic Secretions - Having been a Fleet-Based Chapter for more than Millenias, the Space Marines of the Black Raptors have a weird skin color due to living inside Battle-Barges. The absence of atmosphere and sunlight has affected their color greatly, making them pale. Add the fact that they haven't been deployed into combat to Planets for like centuries since the day of their founding and most of them drifting across the space, waiting for the time of their arrival in their destination.
  • Disturbing Voices - As a result of their Gene-Seed deficiency, the Astartes of the Black Raptors sounded like they gargled cigarettes for fifty years due to their inflammed voiceboxes caused by the rigorous implant of the Gene-Seeds. The cause of this would be the age of the Neophytes being implanted for a very early age (ranging from 14 to 18) that causes many of the aspirants to either die, or survive but with the price of messed up voices.

Chapter Flaws

The Black Raptors are afflicted by the traits they inherited from their Progenitor and the deficiencies they unwillingly attained as side-effects from their Gene-Seed implantation. The Chapter itself has also displayed mistrust to the Administratum and their desire to be alone in fighting battles is visible even from other Chapter's point of view. The Captains of the Black Raptors, when called to assist a crippled force, would ask whoever leading the force to "stand down and stay out of the way" as they destroy the enemies of the Imperium. However, this is not always the case when they work with the Arbites when assisting to enforce laws on a Hive World or maintain peace in Penal Colony incursions, or working with the Azure Vulture Chapter in fighting the Chaos or Xenos on any Planet. Out of all the other Chapters, they seemed to only trust their Progenitors and the said Chapter for some reason.

  • We Stand Alone - The Chapter usually fights alone even when other Imperial Forces are around. Either the Gene-Seeds implanted to them has affected them psychologically or it is because the forces they are assisting, being inferior as the battle worn them out over time, are slowing them down. Their demeanor to assisting forces were "good" but they like to keep distance from them.

Missing Zygotes

Just like their parent Chapter, the Black Raptors also lacks Sus-An Membrane and Betcher's Gland. But this does not hind them from doing their duty.


The Black Raptors Chapter is a former Fleet-Based Chapter whose purpose is to investigate the increased Xeno activity on Espada-Delta. Formed out of strategic prognostication, the Chapter was expected to be disbanded and reabsorbed back into its parent Chapter once the task is done, or act as a sentry on the Planet against more invading Xeno forces. Fortress-Monastery wasn't necessary for the Chapter until the Liberation of Espada-Delta took place. After displaying their effectiveness as a Chapter on the battlefield, the High Lords of Terra has granted the Black Raptors authority over Espada-Delta where they established their Fortress-Monastery.

Espada-Delta was a Death World of blasted wastelands. It was said that the Planet was formerly a Knight World occupied by various Houses before the Great Crusade. Fighting for supremacy, the Houses fought in an endless war, reducing the Planet into nothing but a floating ball of dust. Millenia passes by and the remains of anything that was there were buried deep beneath the sands of time and the radiated wasteland itself. After centuries of isolation, the Departmento Munitorium detected Tau Ships of the Water and Fire Castes heading towards the Planet. Fleets after fleets descended on the Planet to search for an artifact long forgotten. A fragment of the Great Conflict that transpired many years ago.

The Fortress-Monastery of the Black Raptors Chapter were patterned after the terrains of the Planet to provide obscurity to the enemies. They did not put any banners or anything that would show their allegiance to the Imperium outside of it so that they would be concealed completely. One would mistake the Fortress-Monastery as a huge cliff. The Adeptus Astartes of the Black Raptors would recognize the strange engravings and pillars of rocks that looked like natural formations of the cliffs if they were to enter the Fortress-Monastery. This gives them the element of surprise against any forces that would try to invade the Planet. Espada-Delta never have any inhabitants aside from the Astartes of the Chapter. Their recruitment grounds would be the Planets around it but their main headquarters is located on the Death-World. The Fortress-Monastery is usually guarded by Neophytes who were inducted as Scouts in the Chapter's fragmented 10th Company. Its vicinity and surroundings are constantly patrolled by the Scouts too. Any ships that are not of Imperial Forces are shot down by the concealed patrolling Scouts without hesitation and the Assault Marines would destroy it by close range before disappearing among the shadows of the valleys. Any Imperial Ships that are seen would also be shot down if they did not responded to any transmission that are sent to it. If they had not received any replies after four hours, anyone on-board should expect being shot down before interrogated by the Assault Marines.

Chapter Organization

"Greetings, young ones. I am here to guide you into the path that will change you forever. Your past lives are completely erased, for you shall live a new life. A life of pain and sufferings. A life of war and battle. A life of an Angel whose craft is death. Welcome to the Black Raptors. You are now, an Angel of the God-Emperor."

-Chaplain Simon, Black Raptors

The Black Raptors originally have 10 full companies that consists of Tactical Space Marines, Assault Space Marines, Devastator Marines and Terminator Marines but when they participated in the battle of Hardok, it was reduced to only two companies. Habbakuk Caesar merged the remaining Assault Marines into two large companies for the mean time while they recruit more Neophytes to restore their Chapter into full strength. Most of the Assault Marines in the Chapter was a hardened veteran who survived the horrors of Hardok. The Chapter have two Space Marine Captains, who served as Assault Marines in the previous battles. The third Captain was just a mere Drill-Instructor for the Chapter and oversees the training of all the Scouts that will be soon inducted as full Battle-Brothers. Just like most Chapters, they have a Chapter Master, an Apothecary and an attending Chaplain. Though, the Apothecary and the Chaplain served as Assault Marines due to being undermanned in the battles they fight.

The Chapter Master oversees both the strategy and the weaponries or loadout of the Chapter. He decides who to deploy and what tactics they should use to approach the situation they find themselves in. The Captains of the two Companies could decide for themselves and their Companies but when the Chapter Master could interfere, the two won't have authority to do much unless the Chapter Master says so.

Chapter Companies


  1. 1st Company "Pterodactyls" - Captain Sealtiel Helios (Battle Company, Veteran)
  2. 2nd Company "Claw Fangs" - Captain Michael Hadrianus (Battle Company, Tactical)
  3. 3rd Company "Night Dragons" - Captain Judas Antonius (Battle Company, Tactical)
  4. 4th Company "Triceratops" - Captain Abraham Balbinus (Battle Company, Tactical)
  5. 5th Company "Trident Horn" - Captain Raguel Caecilius (Reserved Company, Tactical)
  6. 6th Company "Flame Wing" - Captain Enoch Camillus (Reserved Company, Tactical)
  7. 7th Company "Verdict Motis" - Captain Azrael Cassianus (Battle Company, Terminator)
  8. 8th Company "Blood Bolt" - Captain Abdiel Egnatius (Battle Company, Assault)
  9. 9th Company "Thunder Ghosts" - Captain Castiel Felix (Reserved Company, Assault)
  10. 10th Company "Shadow Runners" - Captain Abner Herminius (Battle Company, Scout)

Post Extinction:

  1. 1st Company "Immortals" (formerly Pterodactyls) - Captain Gabael Cloelius (Battle Company, Veteran)
  2. 9th Company "Survivors" (formerly Thunder Ghosts) - Captain Castiel Felix (Battle Company, Assault)
  3. 10th Company "Shadow Runners" - Captain Uriel Aurelius (Reserve Company, Scouts)

Codex-Adherent Chapter

The Chapter followed the Codex Astartes to the letter much to the ire of Veteran Sergeant Ezekiel Crispinus, who sees it as a "waste of time". He also points out the near-extinction of the Chapter at the hands of the Tyranids on Hardok and how badly they needed more Space Marines to their Chapter. Had it not for the Codex Astartes, they wouldn't be suffering the loss they currently have.

The Black Raptors remained loyal to the Codex as an act of honoring the Emperor by respecting the book penned by one of his Primarchs. Their discipline, philosophy and battle tactics are drawn from the book but they cared not much if one of their brothers defied from it in a slight way or even completely. They follow it for enlightenment but they never forget to "think for themselves".

Chapter Recruitment

Black Raptors Chapter recruit from Planets around Espada-Delta, notably at Daga, a Feral World, Kampilan, a Medieval World, and Doble-Baston, a Hive World. The Planets are located around the Star, Arnis, where it got the name of its sector known. Arnis Sector contains the four Planet and most of it are under the control of Imperium. It was constantly attacked by various Xenos forces, be it Ork or Tau and occasionally fledgling Chaos Space Marine Warbands that has separated from its main fleet.


Daga was a Feral World that was previously attacked by a small force of Human Pirates. When a ship from Black Raptors Chapter was returning back to Espada-Delta after its annual patrol around the System, it sped past the Planet and detected Corsair Ships. It landed down to investigate. Sergeant Job Ignacius was the only high-ranking Battle-Brother on board the derelict patrol ship, who spearheaded the investigation on the surface of Daga. The Chieftain of the Brazen Skull Tribe, the dominating tribe of the Feral World, has welcomed their presence. Ignacius was fascinated at the unity of his people united under one banner. They have shown their allegiance to the Imperium of Man and to the Chapter before. It was noted that Habbakuk Caesar landed on the Planet before and forged a friendship with them. When asked by Ignacius about the Pirate Ships, it was revealed that the Corsairs have been pillaging villages after villages and even wiping out inferior Tribes. The Chieftain also says that "he will repay the Chapter for anything they will do just to rid the Planet of the vermin." Seeing this as an opportunity to replenish their Chapter's strength. He agreed at the exchange "of their strongest younglings."

A strike force arrived at the Planet and deployed a detachment of 30 Space Marines after learning that the Pirates uses weak weapons and armors. They trained Daga's finest warriors for a short time before leading them into battle where they successfully repelled the Pirates. They even managed to destroy the ships used by the Pirates and plundered the technology they have brought with them. Upon leaving, Ignacius has taken 50 young men with him to be inducted as Neophytes in the Chapter. The Black Raptors usually arrive on the Planet to recruit every two years in the day where they have come to assist the Planet from the Pirates. This was venerated as a special day in Daga.


The Medieval World of Kampilan was ravaged by a civil war and an Ork Invasion. One more conflict, the Planet would be crippled and it wouldn't be long enough for it to be classified as a Death World, much like the former Knight World, Espada-Delta, its sister Planet. Habbakuk Caesar arrived on the Planet to check its status. The Dukes and the Barons of the Medieval World immediately accepted Caesar and sees him as their savior, just like what the Prophecies in their Religion says. A Messiah that they have been waiting for, a God arriving to reconstruct their dying world after decades of battles. Knowing that the Planet was living around superstition, the Chapter Master exploited this and turned it into their advantage. He told them that he was no God, but an Angel of Death sent to protect the World but they will have to donate 50 of their strongest children to be an Angel like them. He also told them that he was sent here by a powerful God, the God-Emperor of Mankind. From then on, Kampilan was annexed to Imperial Control, venerating the God-Emperor as a Deity and worshiping Him. Caesar also sees the importance of the Medieval World (due to the fact that they manufacture Titans and heavy weaponry). So he left a detachment of Space Marines to guard the world "as a gift for their obedience". A representative of the Chapter always visits the world every year to recruit.


Out of all the Planets, the annexation of Doble-Baston was the hardest. A war has to be waged just to bring the leaders of the Hive Planet to its knees and make it submit to the Will of the Emperor. The defiant Planetary Defense Force and its legitimized gangs fired upon the Chapter's ships as they descended to the surface of the Planet. This has forced the Black Raptors Chapter to spring into action and fight back. Within just a year, the foolish attempt of the Doble-Baston's Governors were all wasted as the fury of the Space Marines descended upon them. Being superior in firepower and tactics, many laid dead to the rebellious people of Doble-Baston. This has gave Habbakuk Caesar no choice but to be tyrannical against them and employ a dictatorial rule. The Chapter forcibly took children of people to induct them into their ranks and the most rebellious of people are conscripted into the Planet's "Penal Defense Troops" and sent to off-worlds to act as an auxiliary force for the Black Raptors. Seeing them expendable due to their disobedience, Caesar never hesitates to leave them behind or fire at them if necessary. Mostly they act as canon-fodders for their goals. If any of the Troopers showed exemplary actions on the battlefield, they were given a chance to redeem themselves and become an Astartes of the Black Raptors, or be a Servant-Guard on their Fortress-Monastery.

Rites of Selection

After arriving at the Fortress-Monastery on Espada-Delta, they are first briefed by the Chaplain before being examined internally and externally. After that, they will undergo a series of test that would NOT weed out the weak but would just exhaust them. The test will evaluate all the things they can do in the battlefield and will test them to the limits. All the failing Neophytes will be given another chance. A second only chance to prove themselves but if they still fail, they would be inducted in the Chapter as Servant-Guards, serving alongside the Scouts of the 10th Company. But even the failing Neophytes were still accepted as Scouts in the 10th. For the real test begins there...

40 Years of Hell

Survival of the Fittest

After their tests, the Scouts will undergo surgeries after a year where they either die or survive as they were implanted at a very early age. As soon as the surgery is complete, they are inducted as Scouts of the 10th dubbed as the "Shadow Runners." They will set out on a seemingly eternal patrol outside the Fortress-Monastery where they will be "purified" by the desert by 40 years. Given the harsh environment of Espada-Delta, only a few would be able to survive the surface of the Death World. There, the weak will be weeded out, both in mind, strength and spirit. They will encounter the wildlife and the flora of Espada-Delta. Most Scouts have fought the infamous Tiger Lions of the Planet, and a huge worm that looked like a tentacle of Slaanesh called "Dagtang Lason." Once bitten, it will cause hallucinations and such that the bitten person would kill himself after a short period of what seems to be a hellish delusions. The desert of Espada-Delta may have been a blasted Wasteland but it was known for its dangerous flora, especially the one that bore the only edible fruit of the Planet, the Desert Coconut Tree. As harmless as it may sound, it was actually a poisonous tree that emits gas when it detected a sound. The only way for one to get the fruit was to shoot at the tree's exposed roots. Once the root is killed, the poisonous gas would be safer for an Astartes to drink. The 10th Company were not sent into battle unlike most Scout Companies from other Chapters. They tend to stay behind the Planet and complete their long patrol to protect the Fortress-Monastery from other elements.

The Servant-Guards of the Chapter usually assists the Scouts especially in a supply run. The Scouts, being forbidden to return to the Fortress-Monastery, stay behind their position while the Servant-Guards made the errands. It usually lasts in days or weeks accompanied by a bearable casualty before returning with the supplies. It was rare for a Scout Squad to be sent out with the other Battle Companies in Campaigns but when they do and they have managed to survive it, the Scout Squad would have their trials reduced by 10 years.

Ascension to Marinehood

The surviving Scouts of the 10th Company would be welcomed back to the Fortress-Monastery in full honor after 40 years where they have been purified by the never ending sufferings of the Desert. They were inducted as a full Battle-Brother while the dead are honored and venerated as Battle-Brothers too. The surviving Battle-Brothers would be assigned to the 9th Company and will be sent into Guard Duty for three months. Then, they would be sent into their very first combat mission against the enemies of Mankind.



The Chapter contains a dozen of Serfs and a handful of Servitors that maintains the Fortress-Monastery. The Serfs were pulled from the Neophytes who have failed in the Trials, and some are taken from a rebelling Human World that they have conquered. Unlike most Chapters, the Serfs of Black Raptors consists of male and female, of which are allowed to have relationship with one another. Their child would either be a Serf or a Neophyte to the Chapter that will soon to be inducted in the Scout Company. Habbakuk Caesar allows this so that he could bolster his dying force with more aspiring Space Marines. The Serfs are only allowed to have one partner. Having two more could be a gateway for Slaaneshi Demons to enter and wreck havoc so if any Serfs caught in the act violating it, he/she would be shot along with his partner/s as an example for the other Serfs not to commit the act.


Aside from Serfs, there are the Servant-Guards that acts as a PDF to Espada-Delta, and at the same time, honor guards to the Chapter Master. They are the Guards of the Fortress-Monastery and they rarely leave the Planet unless it was needed. Unlike the Serfs, the Servant-Guards of the Black Raptors receive a much more strict treatment but were seen with uttermost honor by both a Battle-Brother, Scout and a Serf. They are seen as higher than Serfs and the latter are not allowed to communicate to them unless the Guard asks them something. The Servant-Guards are not allowed to have relationship and reproduce due to the fact that they are being reserved to chastity and purity. They were also seen as holy much like the Black Raptors Astartes but inferior to them. The Servant-Guards observe great discipline and were constantly trained by Veteran Sergeants. When the Servant-Guard has proven himself, he would be inducted as a Neophyte and would become a Scout. His trial is automatically reduced to 20 years due to his service to the Chapter. From then on, he be inducted as a full Battle-Brother, ready to serve.

Servant-Guards never have any age limit of joining. Even a toddler could be a Servant-Guard. As long as the recruit would be ready to sacrifice his life, he is always allowed to join.

Combat Doctrine

Lightning Strike Assault

The Black Raptors are noted for their preference in lightning strike assaults. The Tactical Squad were given Jump Packs in some instances, causing terror to many enemies that sees them. Then the Assault Marines would be charging without Jump Packs, confusing many of the Rebels, Heretics and even Renegade and Chaos Space Marines. After a lengthy firefight, a portion of one of the Chapter's Companies would divert the enemy unto them and then the Tactical would hand their Jump Packs to the Assault Marines. The diversionary force would do the same before they send themselves into another attack against the said enemies. As the enemy force retreats at the overwhelmingly confusing attack, a series of Drop Pods would be launched unto them, carrying nothing but empty space. The remaining force would hide from it, waiting for the Space Marines inside of the Drop Pods to come out. This leaves their blind side exposed. Another set of Drop Pods would be launched at this direction so when the Astartes finally arrives, it wouldn't be hard for them to slaughter the enemies in a helpless position. After the attack, the Black Raptors would leave immediately. The smaller forces of the enemies would eventually see what had happen to one of their main fighting force and this would totally crush their morale.

This action has been done many times before the Battle of Hardok when the Black Raptors fought minor wars against Rebel Forces, Heretical Cults and Renegade Chapters alike in every Planets they passed by. The method was effective against the Human Forces, as this would make them think twice about what to do.

Apparently, this has never been effective with the Tyranids.

Chapter Creation

The Black Raptors Chapter were created with the Gene-Seeds of the Imperial Fist Chapter, inheriting some of their traits and deficiencies. The reason of their creation is part of a Strategic Prognostication when the Emperor's Tarot has told the High Lords of Terra that Espada-Delta will be a bastion to the Tau Forces and the artifact hidden on the Planet. This will bring about the fall of Arnis System and the neighboring Planets of Espada-Delta.

  • Strategic Prognostication - When the Emperor's Tarots displayed bizarre predictions about a Tau Fleet conquering the Planet of Espada-Delta and how the Planets of Arnis System would fall to their hands, the High Lords of Terra has authorized the creation of the Black Raptors Chapter to counter the Xenos approaching the Planet. It was not really well thought about what will happen to the Chapter at the conclusion of the impending battle. If they are to win, they are most likely be reabsorbed back to its parent legion or will be assigned to the System to patrol it and guard it from Xenos. The Imperial Fists are chosen to be the donor of Gene-Seeds for the Chapter. The production began immediately and soon, 1000 sets of organs are already created. The chosen 1000 Neophytes are soon implanted with the Gene-Seeds and were trained under Ezekiel Crispinus. When they are deemed combat-ready, the Imperium sent the Chapter to the Planet.