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Bartholomew Arinus is an Adeptus Arbite Marshal, tasked with organising Arbite forces on the planet Triam. Arinus is often referred to as the "fist of Strestein" for his unwavering loyalty to Gregor Strestein, the Lord Marshal of the Sephadollion Sector. Arinus harsh reforms have seemingly lessened crime on Triam, with allegations of corruption being increasingly common ever since Arinus has taken office.


Early life

Like many in the Adeptus Arbites, Arinus was born into the Schola Progenium. Abandoned on the streets on Triam, Arinus was raised by the members of the Ecclesiarchy in the Progenim. As he grew Arinus showed clear signs of an analytical mind, as well as regularly excising his force of will on others and his intense loyalty to the ideals of the Imperium. These contributed to his recruitment into the Adeptus Arbites.


Stoic and hard faced, Arinus is infamous for his never faulting attitude, and ability to stay composed and emotionless in a situation. Arinus is fundamentally a pragmatic man, who does not care for rhetoric and ceremony, only his duty. Arinus has little conscience for those he kills. This has given him a reputation of being cold and emotionless, a reputation Arinus neglects to challenge.

Abilities and traits


Arinus often wears plain black robes lined with a deep red, with a black fur cloak, and carapace armour. He is tall, and stocky, with hard grey eyes, and a reported penetrating stare. His grey hair is clipped short, and his face passive and emotionless. Arinus skin is rugged and pale, with distinct frown lines.


  • Carapace armour- Arinus wears carapace armour in all places but his private bunker, in order to protect himself. His armour is purely practical, with very little adornments.





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