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"All other races have tried the wrong methods of violence and destruction to calm the storm. Only with the Greater Good will this ancient war cease!""

Aun'O T'au Korva Tares Onuesh (Generally known as Aun'tares, 'pronounced "Orn-tar-rees"'), is the highest ethereal of the Oresh'uan Sept.


Auntares is somewhat unique amongst ethereals, he seems to turn a blind eye to the bulk of celestial tradition (especially the more complicated ethereal rituals and the like, such as used by the ethereals of the Kar'das Sept and the Aun'Va Coalition), often regarding it as a pointless affinity, and that attention to the greater good is what matters most to an ethereal.

so but on the battlefield has the agility that can be likened to a 20 year old Fire Warrior.

Traditionally, Auntares prefers to onlook the battlefeild and provide spiritual guidance to those in need, but if he were to come under the threat of danger, or be in the presence of a fellow Tau falling under danger, then he will not hesitate to take action.


M'yen Oun'vas Aun'i (blinding unforseen light)

Honour Blade. The last resort, a weapon Aun'tares pulls out only in the direst of situations.

  • It has been said that in a single blow the ethereal can cripple or kill a normal man with this blade, but when used with concentration can decapitate an entire squad of men in a single 360 degree swipe.
  • The twin blades are made of an extremely rare metal compound, known as Ankavus, and are inscribed with the blade's name in Tau.


Sheild drone

Usually one drone generating a defensive energy feild, the drone offers insurmountable protection to Aun'tares, who is otherwise unarmoured.

Gun drones

Seeing live bodyguards as a pointless waste of valuable life and resource, the ethereal is accompanied by anywhere from 1 to 5 gun drones, equipped with pulse carbines or burst cannons.