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Animus Branch, Vitores Tenebras


See, but do not be seen

Tenebrous One

The Magister (aka Dalila Isiminger)


Spying on, sabotaging, and otherwise hindering the Imperium through espionage, blackmail, and bribery


Late 41st millennium


The Animus Branch is a sub-division of the Vitores Tenebras. Headed by the mysterious Magister, who is in fact the rogue Inquisitor Dalila Isiminger, the Animus Branch is in reality a sector-spanning network of spies, informants, assassins, and saboteurs that have infiltrated almost every echelon of the Sephadollion Sector's society. Their goal is mainly to gather intelligence and/or hinder the Imperium's efforts within the Sector by any means possible, all while keeping their presence hidden.


The first seeds that would become the Animus Branch were sown by Dalila Isiminger during the xenocidal war known as the Lak'vrey Retaliation. It consisted of a select group of high-ranking members of Sephadillion society and former members of the Luminus Cabal, all of which had been brainwashed through a mixture of hypnotherapy, psycho-reactive drugs, and Dalila's own telepathic power. Since then it has grown into a vast network, spanning the reach of the entire Sector.


The organization of the Animus Branch is one based around a small, secretive group who is in turn based on a single planet. While not very large in number, the agents of the Animus Branch make up for that in sheer efficiency.


The title given to the leader of the Animus Branch's operations on a given planet, the Orchestrator's purpose is to coordinate the efforts of agents on said planet and report all important findings to the Magister (or rather, one of the Magister's many dopplegangers, who in turn reports to Dalila herself). The Orchestrator also recieves orders directly from the Magister.


The generic title given to any one of the Animus Branch's numerous agents, Operatives can be spies, informants or assassins, or in some rare cases a combination of the three roles. Most Operatives are enhanced by the Corpus Branch in some way, whether through genetic modification or bionic augmentation, as a means to increase their overall efficiency in the field.


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  • The Magister - The mysterious leader of the Animus Branch, the Magister has been reported to have been killed at least five time by the Officio Assassinorum, only to reappear at a later date. In reallity this is because the Imperial Assassins keep targeting Dalila's doppelgangers, men and women who have been brainwashed into thinking that they are the Magister, and she has plenty more to spare.


The Animus Branch does not have a main base of operations, rather having small hidden bases scattered throughout the Sephadillion Sector. It is believed that the Magister commands from one of these bases, although it is unknown precisely which.




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