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Angui'visa was the name bestowed upon one of Star Gods of old, that elected to take the form of a gargantuan serpentine creature, and was thus crowned the Star Serpent. As with the rest of its kindred, the C'tan was shattered in the aftermath of the War in Heaven, as the Necrons rebelled against their masters. However, a notably powerful Shard remained unshackled by the Necronytr, before entering into a deep slumber and several others are scattered amongst the cosmos, now chained to the will of their former slaves.



War in Heaven







Angui'visa takes the shape of a colossal Serpent, which reflects it's namesake. In this form it can vary the very size of its body to suit its needs.

Abilities and Traits


Preferred Enemies



Notable Shards

While the largest shard of Angui'visa is still known as the Star Serpent, several other Shards of the beast have been located in the possession of the Necrons.

Entwined Serpent

Shattered Wyrm

Meandering Obelisk



"The Galaxy shall burn in the twilight of my ascension"


"I spied a hateful worm crushing worlds between its scales. Could it be, that this wanton beast knoweth not: all the worlds, however dim their stars may be, are mine to despoil?"
Ashur-El Artashumara


  • The Star Serpent first existed as the main plot twist in Imposter101's first RPG on DakkaDakka. I jokingly asked if I could join as a C'tan and the idea stuck, thus the Star Serpent was born (becoming the mysterious evil which lurked beneath the world the RPG was set on). This RPG was started Pre-5th Edition Codex, and thus on the NCF side. Thanks to Ward though, the Star Serpent is now acceptable on the site. Thank you Matt Ward.

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