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Orbiting at a distance of 1.58AU from its White Dwarf Sun, Alsace is a Feudal World and is the third planet in from the sun. It holds a breathable atmosphere conducive to human life, with an average temperature of 18 °C and surface gravity of 1.15G.

A heavily forested and cold world, Alsace features Tundra in the north and south poles, agricultural farms are widespread in the north, but are few and far between, while the south relies on animal husbandry.

Cities are fairly isolated from each other, and some require half a day's travel by horse, they are surrounded by high walls and ruled by an aristocratic family. While some cities are self sustaining, others require trade to keep up with local demands. The planet's Capital, Saint-Lau, has recently undergone a major industrialisation, and all equipment fielded to the Grenadier Guards of Alsace is produced there. Castles are rare, and only two currently remain standing.

The Ruler of Alsace is Grand Duke Jean-François d'Gauthier IV, who has been on the throne for the past 25 years. While Jean's title used to be 'Grand Emperor', it has since changed in order to not insult the memory of the God-Emperor of Mankind. Jean's full title is - His Imperial and Royal Majesty Jean-François IV, By the Grace of the God-Emperor and the Constitutions of the Grand Duchy.


Alsace was the site of a colonisation some millennia ago. Something went wrong in the attempted colonisation of the planet, and the colonists were reduced to an almost Hunter-Gatherer society using primitive weapons such as the bow and spear.

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Black powder was discovered sometime in the late 30th millennium and muskets invented not long afterwards. The tactics used by the armies of Alsace were similar to the Line Infantry tactics of 18th-19th Century Earth. A Grenadier was originally a specialized soldier, first established as a distinct for the throwing of grenades and sometimes assault operations. At that time grenadiers were chosen from the strongest and largest soldiers. After multiple major reforms in tactics the throwing of grenades was no longer relevant, but grenadiers were still chosen for being the most physically powerful soldiers and would lead assaults in the field of battle. Grenadiers would also often lead the storming of fortification breaches in siege warfare.

When the Alsatians peoples were discovered by a Death Korp of Krieg Regiment in 485.M41, en-route to their homeworld, first contact was bloody, mostly due to culture shock from the locals, and the staunch imperialism of the Death Korp. Alsace had just recovered from a 200 year long war to unite the world under one banner, and almost half of the world's population had perished from war and famine. The Alsatians speak a very bastardized version of Low Gothic, and the Kriegs first attempt to negotiate ended in a firefight and a blockade to the planet. When an official ambassador of the Imperium arrived, the Alsatians people at first did not wish to join, nonetheless ten years later, Alsace was considered a core world of the Imperium of Man.


Alsace is a is a terrestrial, Earth-like planet that has been classified as a Civilised world . Alsace's natural environment is much like Terra's was millennia ago, with a large ocean covering 68 percent of the planet's surface. The land mass that does exist is divided between incredibly thick pine forests and vast glaciers. The planet is slightly colder than most human-settled worlds and a higher than average gravity but not to the point that it adversely affects growing conditions. 

The entire population of Alsace is destined for a military life from the middle class peasants to the high born aristocrats. Alsatian children are taught from a very young age about diligence and the honours and glory of a life in the battlefield. Alsatians are also known for the manufacture of excellent military equipment for their regiments which are equipped with only the finest weapons.

The Grenadiers raised from Alsace have a reputation for following orders to the letter, and without a moment's hesitation. Each Grenadier rigidly obeys and respects the chain-of-command, and are amongst the most dependable troops in the Imperial Guard. Alsace Horse Grenadiers are as disciplined as the infantry, their training as strict and rigorous as is humanly possible.
Royal Alsace Coat of Arms

Royal Alsace Coat of Arms

The Grenadier Guards of Alsace march to war in bright colours and ornate uniforms. Some enemies of the Emperor have been misled by the sight of the Guard, believing they were fighting amateurs or ceremonial troops, only to find tough, determined, professional soldiers. Upon each regiment's founding, a lavish banner containing the Royal Alsatian Coat of Arms, created within Alsace's Royal Palace, is presented to the regiment in a parade ground ceremony during which every Grenadier Guard swears an oath to never let the colours fall in battle or be captured by the enemy.

The genome of the Alsatians people has deviated from the human baseline with a number of minor mutations, although the Alsatians are still considered fully human by the Imperium. The most notable of these mutations is the Alsatians' trademark height, which provide any son or daughter of Alsace with an imposing appearance.