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"If I haven't heard of them, then it's not a problem. If it's not happening to me, then it's not a problem. If they ever make it here, then that's some other poor sod's fault, not mine."
—Alexander Buhoveckey, when asked for his opinion on the Tyranid threat

Alexander Buhoveckey is the current Planetary Governor of Halcyon who bought his way into the Tenebras Cabal due to his vested stake in the Sephadollion Sector and previous ties to the Inquisition. A staunch Recongregationist, many believe that Alexander aims to manipulate the Sector in order to force change in the ruling classes that would further benefit his interests. His reign of planetary Governor was marked with controversy, most particularly over his ultraconservative policies, however he is considered a national hero and founding father of the modern Halcyon regime.


Early Life

All records of his early life have been expunged by Inquisitorial agents. His official birth date has been given as 700.M41 but this is doubted by many within the Tenebarite Cabal who have found that dates don't quite add up.

Planetary Government

The Buhoveckey Dynasty next appear in Imperial Records as having become the sole rulers of Halcyon as the ruling Noble House. Like Alexander's own personal records, this data is missing and there appears to have been a large population shift at the point where documentation begins. According to local historians the Buhoveckey Dynasty had always been the rules of the planet as the chief amongst the noble families of the Paradise World.

Tenebarite Cabal


Tall, handsome and regularly resplendent in the height of Sephadollion fashion, Alexander Buhoveckey tries to emulate perfection in his form. His skin has been modified to be free from all blemishes and his face is said to have been almost completely reconstructed by the Magos Errant of Dedriton with archaic gene therapies and prosthetic enhancements that range from cybernetic eyes to enhanced auditory canals. Rumours persist about the legitimacy of his chin cleft and utter lack of hair loss.

Alexander consistently keeps his hair in tip top shape, fielding a common shined, wet-hair look which retains considerable popularity on his homeworld. The man also sports a fierce moustache of a breadth and voluminosity perhaps greater than many a lesser man he has encountered.


Generally considered to be extremely vain, petulant and impossible to placate, Alexander Buhoveckey takes a great pleasure in maintaining his personal appearance with no expense spared. Regularly accompanied by a retinue of dedicated servants, he treats official engagements as a hindrance to his free time if he has not expressly invited himself along to them. Many within the Tenebarite Cabal have come to find that one of the few unifying factors amongst them is their shared loathing of the man.



Tenebarite Cabal

Jacki Vulsen

Jacki loathes Alexander Buhoveckey with every fiber of her being and only tolerates him because of the generous resources he has provided for the Tenebarite Cabal. If he had retained this as the only extent of his relationship with her organisation, she would have maintained a professional respect for him, however she despises the way in which he installed himself into the group under a veil of passive aggressive threats. The fact that he is well versed in Inquisitorial doctrine and appears to have been trained as an Interrogator only serve to make Jacki distrust him even more. Alexander quite likes Jacki and one day hopes she'll put out.

Rayas Mearas

On more than one occassion, Rayas has threatened to exorcise Alexander as the Inquisitor is adamant that the only being that could serve to be as arrogantly interfering as a Planetary Governor with intricate knowledge of the Inquisition must be possessed by daemonic powers. The two have not seen eye to eye since the incident with the surgical knife, the rectal cranial inversion therapy and the brass table.

Avarious Van Hohen

The Puritan Inquisitor respects Alexander on a professional basis and is thankful for his devotion to the cause of eradicating the Vitores Tenebras. Alexander has made it one of his life's goals to try and make Avarious smile but his attempts have all been but ignored by the straight laced servant of the Imperium.

Bradan Peregrem

Alexander finds Bradan to be rather bland and joyless. His membership within the Cabal has been the only issue that the Planetary Governor has, as the Radical Inquisitor only became wound up in the plot thanks to sheer dumb luck, as opposed to having to bribe countless officials, call in several political favours and passive aggressively blackmail the Inquisition. Alexander is probably just jealous.

Cherrice Bauyon

Typically viewed as the best dressed members of the Tenebarite Cabal, and arguably the entire sector, in their own humble opinion, the duo have a familiar rapport in public matters. Of course, Cherrice and Alexander continue to compete in terms of formal dress, particularly when one is subjected to the hospitality of the other. The extended stays of Cherrice upon Alexander's Paradise World has come to be a source of tension amongst the less relaxed members of the Cabal. Cherrice is adamant that every hour of her stay on Halcyon is spent conducting professional research.

Alexei de'Ossmann

The Radical Inquisitor has become a favourite of Buhoveckey and they are regularly found in the same company. Both have admitted to a preference to conducting their diligent research upon the more accommodating world of Halcyon than the barran rock that is the official headquarters of the organisation.

Adversaries and Enemies



"I'm not saying he's innocent, but one man's heretic is another man's hero."
—Alexander Buhoveckey
"I'm just the Planetary Governor with the not bad looking daughters."
—Alexander Buhoveckey
"The actions of one's past have no bearing on the present. Judge a man on the actions of his future."
—Alexander Buhoveckey
"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it then surely the owner is liable for neglect."
—Alexander Buhoveckey
"If he decides to be so brazen as to throw down his badge, then do me a favour and be sure to tell the Tech Priests to expect a fresh delivery of servitor parts in the morning."
—Alexander Buhoveckey, after his Marshal threatened to resign
"Why should I be worried? Halcyon is a pillar of stability. I needn't bother myself with the affairs of other Governors. It's entirely their own fault if they can't control the place."
—Alexander Buhoveckey, after the Estomor Uprising
"Oh Throne! I didn't mean for you to actually shoot the poor bastard. It's just a psychosomatic response that I shout 'kill' whenever I hear people use words like 'Rogue Trader'. I only meant it rhetorically."
—Alexander Buhoveckey, to his Palace Guard.


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"A true Hero of the Imperium if I ever saw one."
—Florianus Buhoveckey
"Is this the kind of people they send to oppose us? Emperors arse, if they were all like this Buhoveckey than I would be on the Golden Throne by now."
Cutler Kar
"A prime example of the gangrene that clusters around the wound that is the Imperium. But even gangrene has it's uses..."
Dalila Isiminger
"Our Cabal needs as many allies in the Sephadollion Sector as possible. I don't enjoy having Alexander around, but his cooperation ensures the loyalty of both himself and his planet."
—Lady Inquisitor Jacki Vulsen
"Allow me to be blunt when I say that I greatly enjoy dear Alexander's companionship, even if I may not agree with at least a minority of aspects of his personal philosophy. I would gladly drink the Governor beneath the table, and maybe discuss "other business" while we're down there."
Alexei de'Ossmann
"He states he follows the Imperial Creed, yet rather than live a penitent life he indulges on Halcyon. I must say I am disappointed, I expect more from the Emperors servants"
Ahtar Delcon 
"I completely understand Alex old buddy, there's always some little dick head trying to bring down great men like you and I. Wealth inspires jealousy after all."
Radriar Drazin
"It's my pleasure to provide you with the tools you need to keep the barbarians from the gates of this lovely corner of the Imperium. Halcyon is right up there with Sybaris LXIX. Similarly, it'd be my pleasure to chaperon those lovely daughters of yours."
Douchard Bagge
"I admire your ability to talk to me without shitting yourself, that's quite the accomplishment. However, my tolerance for eccentric idiots is strained as it is. Utter one more syllable and damn the consequences, I will twist your neck around so far you'll be able to look yourself in the eye."
—A very irritable Blight

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