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"May the weak be prepared for the sundering of their mundane and fragile lives. May the strong be prepared for the destruction of their lords and brethren. May all be prepared, for I shall burn all that exists and shed all life-blood from the cadavers of my prey! For Khorne! For the Legion! For Chaos!"
—Akakios Zervas

Akakios Zervas, also known as the Lord of Slaughter, was originally a loyal member of the Legiones Astartes; specifically belonging to the World Eaters. He eventually betrayed the Imperium of Man and followed his Primarch into damnation, becoming a berserker of Khorne. Seemingly, he began to rise murderously, slaughtering all whom opposed his forced rule in the long deteriorated organization of the World Eaters; morphing into a Champion of Chaos within the massive mob of maniacs. Now, he presides over a select amount of soldiers in his traitorous legion, butchering whom ever he desires.


Animosity of Youth

"We were all born into this universe with nothing, however some of us remained that way."
—Akakios reminisces to himself

Akakios Zervas was born into poverty from the depths of Terra during the late 30th Millennia, approaching the age of the First Founding; his family often resorting to small accounts of thievery. His father, Alkaios Zervas, remained unemployed for long extensions of time; however, his father persisted to support his son on a regular basis, as it should have been. His mother, Klymene Zervas, on the other hand, extended her potential in the world of philanthropism. She would help others despite her current situation, these kind flaws allowed her to be manipulated by those she perceived to be assisting. A shifty and unstable dynasty of people it was, yet things remained passable by the standards of living.

On one dismal night that all radically changed; Akakios’ family had complicated their means of supporting him with Hive Gang dealings. A group of gang members forced their way into Akakios’ habitation unit and assaulted the family, leaving his mother and father severely wounded and on the brink of death. Before the hoodlums departed, they had robbed Akakios’ family of what little they had owned; their laughs and crows of single sided triumph was certainly a mockery in some shape or form. Unfortunately, there was no hope of assistance, for the unruly rebels had torched the unit. Thus, engulfing most of the habitation unit with cleansing flames. Within the fires of destruction, Akakios managed to escape his seemingly imminent demise. The boy had lost the vital part of his life at the tender age of twelve years--his parents. Eventually, Akakios became an orphaned street urchin; surviving off of what little he could find amongst the arteries of the corrupt beast that was Terra.

As the years passed by, the slaughter of his guardians and the incineration of his home consumed Akakios with bitter rage. He was also stricken with the grief that he would have to resort to the same ways of his family’s murderers. Thereafter, despite the hatred and despair that brewed within him, Akakios remained in wait for his eventual evolution into what could only be described as preternatural.


"The training was more than any mortal could bear, they would surely shatter under the pressure. However, I did not due to my enlightenment."
—Akakios remembering his training

Once the era of the First Founding arose from the heart of Terra, the Legiones Astartes began a planetary scale recruitment process. The Legions would absorb those from both wealthy and impecunious backgrounds alike; training them to be the instruments of the Emperor, in all of his unifying glory. Akakios was one of the many that were taken under the wing of the Legiones Astartes, specifically the War Hounds Legion. He was inducted into the Legion through the grueling procedure of implantation, warping his body to inhuman levels of strength and capacity. Thus, Akakios had his original frail form cast off and replaced by a brutish and barbaric exterior.

After the implantation process was complete, Akakios continued on to his training for the Legion. He would experience the most difficult and challenging of hardships, as the training process was far from the doctrines of the Imperial Armed Forces. However, he emerged victorious, appearing to be the more brutal of the recruits. Despite his barbarism, Akakios contained within his mind the intellect of a scholar; where he acquired such knowledge is unclear, but he was highly respected by his peers as being a strategic prodigy. Eventually, as the ages passed by, Akakios evolved into a fine warrior of the Imperium; his past still ate away at him, regardless of his new purpose his harsh memories remained.

March Into Madness

"We were fine soldiers at one point in service of the Imperium, we had our wits about us constantly. However, on the day Angron installed the 'Butcher's Nails', we lost a part of ourselves. The part that was consistent and predictable. I often wonder if those ghoulish devices were an improvement or a curse."
—Akakios' view on the Butcher's Nails

As the crimson age of Angron’s leadership arose on the horizon, many changes were made within the War Hounds Legion. To name the most memorable of the many, the Legion’s namesake was forfeited for their new title--the World Eaters. Akakios saw this name as slightly more fitting, due to their wretched duties to the Imperium. Since his training, he had arisen to the illustrious title of Captain of Fourth Company, this is where Akakios led many of his brethren into the fires of conflict and war. He won many battles under this position, some minor and some major; overall he proved to be fitting of the nickname, Master of Stratagems.

To follow close after Angron’s reunion with his Legion, the wrathful Primarch ordered his very soldiers to be implanted with the experimental and brutal devices known as ‘Butcher’s Nails’. These contraptions were attached to nearly every warrior within the World Eaters, including Akakios Zervas. These newfound changes and enhancements ultimately altered Akakios, his strategic mind would simply vanish in the heat of battle in a fit of bloodlust and rage. Akakios himself welcomed and regretted this change, he partially longed for his controlled mind on the field and partially enjoyed the sheer amounts of adrenaline and power he had gained from the dark tool. Eventually, he would slowly march into insanity, his mind remaining torn between rational and irrational thoughts.

Warlord of the Great Crusade

"Many of our own fell that day, their sacrifices honorable. However, we as a Legion slaughtered more Greenskins in return. Tearing their carcasses asunder and ripping their flesh from their bones! I will never forget that event, for men under my command perished because of my lack of leadership."
—Akakios recalls the Ullanor Crusade

The Great Crusade was intended to be the spectacular show of dominance that the Imperium of Man could muster to the outer reaches of the galaxy beyond the Sol system. This stunning display of power was lead primarily by the Emperor’s most trusted son, Horus; whom of which was deemed Warmaster by the Emperor himself. The Great Crusade was also comprised on many smaller crusades, which may have been enacted to liberate or conquer any world that the Emperor saw fit. However, Akakios and his Legion only participated in the most important of battles, their manpower only used to cleanse the world of life by axe and bolter. Akakios deeply disliked the concept of being caged animals, only allowed free once the civilized were in need. Despite those thoughts and negative emotions, he remained ready to be called upon for the sake of his Primarch.

The most noteworthy Crusade the World Eaters took part in was the Ullanor Crusade, alongside the other Legions of the Emperor they stormed the planet and wreaked unlimited amounts of havoc upon the Greenskin plight. Akakios’ company fought with their respective peer companies in such a Crusade as that, in which some in his company perished; their fortitude and strength overwhelmed by the tide of Greenskinned foes. Most of the Legionnaires thought the fallen of their own Legion to be weak and frail, unfit for battle. However, those that doubted the fallen of the Ullanor Crusade obtained no quota of war trophies or accomplishments, they were simply slanderous dogs. Akakios thought those fallen to be the true heroes and warriors, their fearlessness in the eyes of death, he respected them. Ultimately, the Crusade had concluded and the Greenskin threat had been driven from Ullanor, the human deaths proving to be beneficial for doing their part in the conflict. This event would later be known as the Triumph of Ullanor, a true test of courage and strength.

Betrayal of the Imperium

"Those spineless fools! They dare insult us by serving that false Imperium! Slaughter them all in the name of Angron! Charge my brothers! Charge!"
—Akakios in the midst of battle against the Ultramarines

As the Great Crusade was coming to a bloodied close, a sinister scheme that had been brewing since slightly after the start of the righteous journey reared its twisted head. The origin of such a scheme being traced to the corrupted Warmaster Horus and his fellow corrupted Primarchs. Once these plans were set into motion they later became known as the Horus Heresy by Imperial scholars. The Horus Heresy was comprised of many atrocities, the most notable being the Battle of Calth and the Schism of Mars. Akakios and his Legion, however, participated in neither of those brutal and dismal events. In all actuality he and his comrades were mostly responsible for the treacherous events of the Battle of Istvaan III and the Drop Site Massacre. The Heresy as a whole, was truly a dark age on the face of the Imperium, their trust betrayed and their rule in shambles.

During the Battle of Istvaan III many were slain, both blood of traitors and loyalists was spilled. However, in the heat of battle, Akakios reigned supreme with his fellow brothers under the command of Angron and the other corrupted Primarchs. Unlike the loyalists from his Legion that had remained under the rule of the Emperor, he had seceded with his true family--the World Eaters. Akakios had become so mightily indignant of the sheer disrespect and structure of the Imperium, he could clearly see that the once proud Imperium was simply a hollow husk of its former self. He now followed a new master alongside his Primarch, that master belonged to the Ruinous Powers of Chaos and his name was Khorne. How Akakios could have betrayed his Imperium so easily lies within that very master, the corruptive powers of bloodlust and rage. However, his betrayal was still by choice, just slightly encouraged by higher powers. Shortly after the Battle of Istvaan III emerged the event previously mentioned as the Drop Site Massacre, where Akakios and his fellow traitors murdered loyalist after loyalist in a merciless wave of combat. The fighting was seemingly endless, as entire loyalist legions were on the verge of destruction due to the sheer amount of loss experienced by the traitorous Legions of Chaos. Eventually, the Siege of Terra would become a reality for Horus and his corrupted minions.

Siege of Terra

"Go my brothers of both the Legion and the Warp! Eradicate anything that resides on Terra! Purge all life from this rotten carcass of a planet!"
—Akakios fighting the defenders of Terra

The plans of Horus and his brothers came to their climax soon after the atrocities of Istvaan III and Istvaan V, causing the Battle of Terra to become set in imminence. Horus lead his traitorous war machines into the Sol system, weapons primed and ready for void warfare. As he did so, the Loyalist Imperial Fleets arrived to make contact with the approaching malignant force. When they did, the void was illuminated with the rays of war and the flashes of destruction. However, the Traitor Legions reigned supreme due to their dark benefactors, allowing them to ravage the Loyalist crafts. Eventually, the protectors of the Sol system were subdued and the chaotic Legions flowed into the skies of Terra. Many forces joined alongside the corrupted sons of the Emperor, those forces being those of Chaos. Terra had become under siege by both traitors and the cancerous Daemons of the Warp.

Akakios Zervas, since the end of the Great Crusade, had become lost in his own mind; he often found himself slavering for the taste of combat. This disgusted part of him, seeing himself as being reduced to a true animal. Despite those feelings of disgust, he now embraced the powers he received by his new overlord, the Blood God. His analytical mind saw the ability to forget himself in the depths of slaughter as an advantage that the loyalists lacked. He thought they lacked the courage to go against the wrathful droves of the Blood God and Angron, whom had ascended to a new level of existence. Once the void war was over, Akakios was ready to drown his worries away in the baptism of blood that would be the Battle of Terra.

Once the traitorous forces of Chaos arrived on the soil of Terra, Akakios blistered for the upcoming campaign against the heart of the Sol system. All the while, the Butcher’s Nails slowly gnawed against his conscious mind, with help from the whispers of Daemons. When the time came, Akakios released his fury upon loyalist and civilian alike, marking a swathe of blood along the corridors of his former home. He cared not for the innocent or guilty in this time of conflict, only the worth he could prove from it. He fought with more than battle brothers, he fought with the living incarnations of Khorne--Daemons. He saw them as worthy warbred creatures to fight alongside as the Battle of Terra seemingly drew to a close. However, after nearly days of fighting, the Loyalists proved themselves, more than Akakios previously expected, to be the righteous protectors they were and drove Chaos from Terra. Therefore, forcing the broken legions of the corrupted soldiers to flee into the Warp and void. Concluding the Battle of Terra as a failure for the forces of Chaos. With Horus befell by his father, the hordes of treacherous legionnaires became aimless, following their Primarchs into whatever safe haven they could locate, they would remain inactive for several years to come.

Sundering of Skalathrax

"I remember the cold and unyielding world of Skalathrax. I remember the wretches we destroyed. I also remember the betrayal of a once admirable warrior. Khârn gave in to his primal emotions and dismantled the unity of the Legion! For that, I cannot forgive him!"
—Akakios remembers the Battle of Skalathrax

Shortly after the Siege of Terra and the slaying of Warmaster Horus, the treacherous forces of Chaos retreated from the Segmentum Solar and fled into the Eye of Terror. They remained there for several years to come, fighting and warring amongst themselves. The two largest participants in this endless journey for total control and domination was the World Eaters and the Emperor’s Children; whom eventually hosted a great battle upon the Daemon World of Skalathrax. This struggle would simply be referred to as the Battle of Skalathrax in the later years of the galaxy. Akakios and his brothers of bloodshed would work as one wrathful force against the decadent fools of the Emperor’s Children, giving them no mercy in the dispute of Skalathrax. He and his followers slaughtered fool after fool and daemon after daemon, decimating the morale of the sinful sons of Fulgrim. Akakios and his Legion's rage was quite simply unmatched among the legions of Chaos that existed within the annals of the Eye of Terror. However, night soon fell upon the Daemon World, ushering in a wave of frigid punishment.

The nights of Skalathax were extremely hazardous, for the temperature often dropped low enough to kill those of the Legiones Astartes; which within itself, is a true accomplishment in the sense of overpowering those with the abilities of a monstrosity. The weather was so unbelievably bitter that it forced both contributors of the battle to commit to a cease fire. Once this hastily made agreement was forged, the members of the World Eaters and Emperor’s Children fled to shelter in order to protect themselves from the elements. Amidst the several hundreds of fortifications there existed the battle company of Akakios Zervas, whom was also huddled into a miniscule refuge. As he was contemplating the flow of the previous battle, he received word of an ambush, from inside the camp. Mislead to believe that the lustful dogs of the Emperor’s Children had betrayed their agreement, he rushed out with his men screaming cries of primal rage.

However, what he saw before his eyes disgusted him more than any honorless slave of Slaanesh, for it was the figure of Khârn. Later he learned that Khârn had grown impatient and doubtful during the ceasefire and began exterminating fellow legionnaires, because he saw them as cowards that did not deserve to live. The following madness that ensued afterwards could only be described as true chaos, as brother slaughtered brother in a mad frenzy. Ultimately, this sudden battle-sown bloodlust tore apart the unity of the World Eaters as well as the ranks of the Emperor’s Children, whom were eventually driven off world. As the once proud legion fractured into smaller warbands, Akakios Zervas and his battle company escaped the mindless conflict by butchering the frenetic crew of the ships, Wrath of Angron and Fury of Angron. They did so alongside the remaining sane companies that followed the coolheaded Akakios. Once the ships were commandeered by the legionnaires, they fled the planet, sailing off into the void.


The following descriptions are of the psychological and personal traits that Akakios possesses. All of these traits have their negative and positive effects on his decisions and stratagems.


  • Openness to Experience - Akakios has the mental structure of a strategist, he is constantly attempting to find new ways to enact warfare and new doctrines to follow. Unlike most of his brethren he is curious and inquisitive, always seeking knowledge from his surroundings to better understand the situation. However, because of this knowledge seeking attitude he often was punished by his superiors for testing his experimental ideas on the soldiers under his command, despite the outcome of the battle. In regards to those punishments, he built up a cautious mindset alongside the curious one. Overall, he remains a Master of Stratagems and warfare.
  • Conscientiousness - Akakios as said before, has a strategic mind. Therefore, he is a very efficient and organized person; allowing not a single warrior to die in vain unless the objective calls for it. When he lacks the influence of the Butcher's Nails, Akakios is normally a very self-disciplined warrior, despite his servitude to Chaos and chiefly Khorne. He usually tries to contain control over the soldiers he fought to dominate, to make them more effective in combat. However, under times of extreme pressure or wrath alone, Akakios will make slightly spontaneous decisions; some of these choices may be impulsive and foolish, yet most are relatively controlled.
  • Extraversion - Akakios is quite an energetic warlord, constantly the life of the battle. He is almost constantly attempting to raise the morale of his allies and troops by spouting taunts and bellows of conquest to the enemy and his own. Despite his weary exterior, he has a sort of primal vigor brewing within him, always ready for combat. In the spectrum of conversing, Akakios is indeed the sociable fellow; he would constantly go into deep conversations with his advisors and such, sure to understand things of them and the matter at hand. Ultimately, he was one of the more vigorous and wild lords of Chaos.
  • Agreeableness - Despite Akakios' social and energetic nature, he is cruel and callous to others; often he would refuse to help them completely, considering them too weak to deal with the problem on their own. This heartless behavior eventually led to him becoming a daunting leader, using his men as pawns in a chess game. Unaffected by their losses, only hoping to achieve victory through skill. Even if the cost was possible destruction. If his soldiers feared, he would give them something more to fear, that being himself.
  • Neuroticism - Akakios remains torn between the two hemispheres of calmness and wrathfulness, constantly interchanging the two. However, this allows him to taunt individuals with extreme effect. He would first appear to have an eerie calm about him and then lash out into a fury of rage. Akakios was simply one of the more unpredictable and inconsistent lords of Chaos in existence. However, if he were to lose a true ally and comrade, he would be stricken with grief for a short period of time; mourning the loss of a grand warrior. Truly, he was an odd lord indeed.


"Those eyes! They speak of primal vigor, yet weariness. They speak of barbaric rage, yet calmness. They follow the enemy to the far ends of the galaxy. May the God-Emperor help you if they fall upon your cursed hide."
—A Commissar warning his troops before the coming battle

Akakios Zervas contains the outward features of a true veteran of warfare, his face covered in scars and old lacerations. Amongst such scarring, there also exists the pale carapace that seemingly mimics healthy human skin. What is donned upon his scalp is remnants of the cruel device known as the Butcher’s Nails, which are crudely implanted into the epidermis of his head; they seemingly frill out like a mechanical mane alongside his raven hair. Despite the rough and war-ridden details of Akakios, he holds within his skull the emerald eyes of despair and hatred. These orbs of vengeance are constantly calculating when free of the blood lusting rage that he experiences in combat, they also are continuously searching for targets without discrimination. Overall, his facial distinction is that of fatigue and wrath for his enemies.


The following abilities and traits are simple descriptions of Akakios' infamous gifts; most of his abilities were acquired through his ascension into the Adeptus Astartes and others were through Warp-born conquests.

  • All-Consuming Hatred - Champion is filled with unyielding ire and hate against everything that stands in his way.
  • Fragment of Immortality - Gifted one has ability to cheat the death.
  • Mark of Khorne - An individual bearing the Mark of Khorne is imbued with a portion of his patron's battle rage; he becomes even more ferocious in close combat and loses all sense of fear or self-restraint. Often the skull rune of Khorne is branded or otherwise etched on the bearer's flesh.
  • Mechanoid - Champion's flesh incorporates itself into the armor he wears.
  • Mind of Metal - Champion cares naught of witchcraft or psychic powers aimed at him.
  • Praise of Khorne - This praise increases the chance that champion's armor deflects hits from him.
  • Purity of Aggression - The gifted is blessed with the utter clarity of Khorne's will; all emotions other than bloodshed is driven from his mind; no foe is beyond hatred and the feeling is mutual.
  • Rage of Khorne - Imbues such a desire for combat in its bearer that his rage builds and builds before exploding out in the first combat encounter.
  • Strength of the Berserker - Champion is pumped up with inhuman strength.
  • Unholy Crusader - The champion becomes tireless in his quest.
  • Warp frenzy - Gifted one is filled with rage.


The following items are simple descriptions of Akakios' armaments and paraphernalia; most of his weaponry and garb were acquired through his ascension into the Adeptus Astartes and others were through Warp-born conquests.


  • Kinslayer - This monstrous weapon was acquired shortly after Akakios' defection, in which he slaughtered former brothers with its crude saw-toothed edge. The tool was classified, previously, as a Deimos Pattern Mark II Legion Chainaxe; now the weapon has been blessed in blood, decorated in trophies and mechanically enhanced--evolving it into a true Khornate Chainaxe. Thus, the blade of slaughter and violence was designated, Kinslayer. Many speculate that its name was a cruel nod to the berserker's own betrayal of his people, others think it was an already established name. Akakios wields the death dealer within his left hand primarily, unlike his other tool Skullcleaver.
  • Skullcleaver - This standard issue weapon was given to Akakios shortly after his ascension into the ranks of the World Eaters Legion. The blade is considered to be a Reaver Pattern Chainaxe, which currently has heavy upgrades and augmentations provided by the adepts of the Dark Mechanicus. The weapon has been dubbed, for very clear reasons, Skullcleaver. Skullcleaver has taken the lives of many enemies of the Imperium before its repurposing; now it only takes the blood of those it previously protected. Akakios wields this weapon in his right hand, unlike his other tool Kinslayer.
  • Oathbreaker - This firearm is classified as an Umbra Pattern Bolt Pistol. The ranged death-dealer has been modified by the dark forces of Chaos and the sinister mechanisms of the Dark Mechanicus. The pistol is decorated with religious symbols and skulls, some sections of its design have been warped by the powers of Chaos; thus, allowing the wounds it inflicts to be severely wounding if not fatal. The weapon acquired its name as Kinslayer did, through a harsh nod to a time of betrayal.


  • Artificer Armor - The armor-clad warrior, Akakios, has donned many suits in his service to the Emperor. However, the armor designated as Mark V Heresy Armor is his current and chosen set. Over time, Dark Artificers of the Dark Mechanicus have updated and altered the suit's circuitry and performance parts; mostly in order for their Dark Lord to be more efficient in combat. Besides the evolution in mechanics, a select few outstanding features of the armor are the high amount of religious symbols and war trophies. Much like his weapons, Akakios has decorated his armor with dedications to his God. For example, the skulls of slain Sisters and Psykers alike line his belt and pauldrons to prove his worth in war at a mere glance. Ultimately, his armor is as much a place of prayer as the battlefield.
  • Banner of Rage - Contains the souls of the most bloodthirsty of Khorne's followers and emits these emotions into the minds of those nearby, increasing their appetite for blood to a new level.
  • Collars of Khorne - Are spiked collars engraved with sigils of Khorne, supposedly forged at weapon foundries at the foot of the Blood God's throne of brass. A Collar can control the Warp energy around it and protect the bearer from incoming psychic powers.
  • Flesh Banner - Made from living flesh, this hideous standard resembles the skin of human being that howls and screams against its bearers foes.
  • Talisman of Burning Blood - Allows the bearer to control his rage for slightly longer than usual, as well as that of those around him, or to force them into an even higher rage.


Friends and Allies




The following quotations are from Akakios . . .

"Kinslayer and Skullcleaver thirst for war and bloodshed, will you sate this thirst Loyalist"
—Akakios taunting an Astra Militarum Commissar
"Your people are so weak, little creature. Once we brave your ranged assault and get close, you become frail and panicked. Truly pitiful, indeed."
—Akakios to a wounded Tau Commander
"Psyker! Your sorcerous trickery offends Khorne greatly! I will have your skull decorate my armor personally!"
—Akakios to an Imperial Psyker whom is assaulting his warriors


The following quotations are about Akakios . . .

Additional Quotations from other users is allowed with permission.

"How would one describe the traitor? He slaughtered his own brethren and murdered Imperial citizens. He turned his back on the Imperium and ended some of its most heroic figures. One could only depict him as a shameless hound, out for blood."
—A Scribe enlightening an Inquisitor
"Why did he turn on the Imperium and the Emperor? I can only assume that the Dark Gods used his mindless rage against him. He is forever damned, a true slave of Chaos."
—An Astra Militarum General to her Advisor
"Let's see. According to his pre-heresy profile he's: Conscientiousness, extroverted, and open to new experiences. Gosh, I wonder why a prize like him didn't have ladies hanging off either elbow. Oh, oh wait, yeah. Right here. He's 'neurotic.' Which is code for calling women 'milady' and other such nonsense. No doubt there's a fedora under that helmet."
Douchard Bagge


The following is a short list of meanings and interesting facts about Akakios Zervas, Chaos Lord of the World Eaters Traitor Legion.

  • Akakios' primary name comes from the Ancient Greek civilization, which meant 'innocent, not evil.'
  • Akakios' secondary name comes also from the Ancient Greek civilization, which meant 'left-handed.'