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"That guy over there looks strange. He is probably a heretic."
—Aisha Morgan

The radical inquisitor Aisha Morgan, is a member of the Ordo Hereticus, and baroness on her homeworld of Malitia. She is despised at home and abroad for her volatile purges, and intense hatred of mutants and percieved heretics, and has gone out of her way to amass a personal army powerful enough to level entire planets. She seeks to cleanse the Imperium of it's blights, and do what she believes the Imperial Guard has failed to do themselves in regard to keeping heresy from spreading on the worlds across the Imperium of Man. Aisha's irrational hatred of hethens drives her mission to accomplish something that will be worthy of an Imperial servant of her kind. Like the rest of her family, she is not of mental stability, and this is a major factor in her visions of purity. She works closely with her brother Thaddeus Morgan, a fellow inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, and the only person she views as worthy enough to assist her in quest. Her insane dreams and those of her brother have done much to alienate her from fellow inquisitors.


Personality & Traits

"Oh Aisha. Where did I go wrong?
Perhaps when you dropped me on my head when I was a baby?
—Bellatrix and Aisha, during a short conversation

Sadly, like the majority of the Morgans, Aisha is a nutjob without fail. Her mind is without a doubt, no more twisted than many others in her family, as is the norm amongst Maliti. She sees no wrong in her actions, and ever deed is simply a means to an end. Like her brother brother Thadeus, she seeks to transform Malitia into a theocratic oligarchy, like much of the Imperium, and bring the Maliti people closer to the Emperor, or so she believes. Inquisitors and heretics hate her, and her actions in the past have done little to improve that. After the Pio Incident in 979.M41, she was nearly proclaimed Excommunicate Traitoris by a rival inquisitor who had witnessed her purging of an innocent settlement on the mere suspicion of heresy. Her father has grown rather disappointed by her increasingly paranoid actions, and has attempted to distance himself from her less he be deemed a traitor in the event Aisha goes too far. As for her borther, Aisha's affection for Thaddeus is one of respect and honor. As one of the few people she deems trustworthy enough to work with, and his presence has an emmense effect on her additude. While he is no better, he provides Aisha with some semblence of sanity, thought, this is rather limited to the two, as merely listening to one of their conversations will clearly prove neither are right in the head.

Skills & Abilities




"In my judgement this woman constitutes a clear and present danger to the stability of the Imperium. I therefore request permission to eliminate her, and her brother Thaddeus Morgan and their associates."
—Astral Agent 6342's report and recommendations. [src]
"Every now and then you meet somebody who makes you glad you don't have a family. "
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