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Aeonia is an Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World located within Segmentum Tempestus. The sun Aeonia orbits contains an unknown element that gives it it's blue-purple glow.


Aeonia has a mostly rocky surface, with a large amount of a mineral unique to the planet. It is this mineral, known as Aeoniad Adamantium, that give it its purple appearance. It is believed by tech priests of Aeonia that this material is created by a reaction between adamantium ore and the radiation of Aeonia's sun.

The main power source for Aeonia's manufactorums comes from powerful plasma power generators that use solar matter collected from the systems sun to produce more than twice the amount of energy of an ordinary plasma generators.

Aeonian Tech Priests

Most of the high ranking tech priests, including the Fabricator, on Aeonia are Magos Metallurgicus and as such specialize in material sciences. The second largest groups are Magos Alchemys, who specialize in chemistry; and Magos Investigatus, who specialize in the military applications of technology. There is also a significant number of Magos Cybernetica who work on the planet. Most Magos Divisiones have a presence on Aeonia.

Notable History

M37 500 - Settlement

An Explorator fleet, encounters a strange planet on the border between Segmentum Tempestus and Segmentum Pacificus. Preliminary scans showed that the strange coloration was due to an unknown mineral on the planet's surface, and that there was a large concentration of Necrons, whose behavior showed that they had come from a nearby Tombworld and were not native to Aeonia. As per Imperial and Mechanicus doctrine the xenos were purged and the planet secured.


Aeonia produces many items for the Imperium, but there are certain items that are especially valued for either their quality or their effectiveness:

Plasma Weapons

Whilst not as valued as those produced on Ryza, the Aeonia pattern Plasma gun stands out for being stronger than most other plasma weapons and for their distinctive blue-purple glow.

Military Forces

Legio Iapetus

The Legio Iapetus are a legion of the Adeptus Titanicus that are based on Aeonia.

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