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Aaron Rahn is chapter master of the Knights of Redemption chapter.


Little is known about chapter master Aaron Rahn, before his ascending to rank of chapter master. He is known to have born and lived on a Hive World, a hundred and one years before the Knights of Redemption chapter was founded. At young age he was turned into a space marine, serving an unknown chapter at the time, until he was elevated into command of a new chapter, whose primarch remains unknown. Aaron Rahn became chapter master of the KNights of Redemption briefly after their founding.

Knights of Redemption chapter master

As chapter master, Aaron directed the first assault of the Knights of Redemption in 603.M32 on the planet Isolum. They were tasked with eliminating an Ork presence on the planet. Aaron Rahn sent the fourth company, led by Drent Knight, to pacify the planet and eliminate the Orks present.

Drent reported a victory against the Orks some hours later, with the Orks in full retreat. Drent had the Deff Dread moved to their orbiting forces for research, for this was the first time one such device had been discovered, a prototype nonetheless.