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"While our enemies fight for nothing other to pillage, plunder and kill, we fight for the God-Emperor and His Holy Imperium! That is why victory is certain! Now, how many of them shall we make die?"
—Lieutenant Carus Gerbret before the regiment's arrival to assist in the Drendix Crusade
The 8th Costellian Light Infantry Regiment, called the Raiders because of their wastelandish appearance and stealth tactics, are a regiment comprised of 2000 guardsmen trained on the planet Costellia as tithe to the Imperium. They served a crucial role in the defense of nearby Forge World Klani after it was set upon by Ork pirates, making their first mark on the pages of history.

Following the defense of the Klani system, they went on to serve in several more campaigns, assisting other regiments and and fighting off the enemies of the God-Emperor. They were present at battles such as the Drendix Crusade, and held the line while the Hammer Guard and Novus Krakens defeated the Ork WAAAGHs.


The 8th Costellian, having only been around for 51 years as of 999.M41, have a short history compared to regiments like that of the legendary 8th Cadian. Despite this, the 8th Costellian have a growing list of victories, as they travel the galaxy in defense of the Imperium.

Notable Campaigns

  • Helbricht Campaign (949.M41) - The 8th Costellian's first time seeing combat was in assistance of a crusade, where they provided scout and sniper support for frontline regiments against an Ork WAAGH.
  • Siege of Solaritus (960.M41) - The Raiders provide front line and sniper support to the newly-founded 2nd Solaritus in defense of their home planet from an Ork WAAGH that ravaged the system.
  • Battle of Ezsu (967.M41) - The 8th Costellian provide sniper support for Cadian regiments against rebel forces, ending when the Raiders ambush the traitors and breach the enemy's walls.
  • Drendix Crusade (977.M41 -- 980.M41) - In 977.M41 the 8th Costellian, 97th Craketun and 2 Cadian regiments are sent to clear out the world of Drendix, currently under attack from 2 Ork WAAGHs. They are assisted by the Hammer Guard Chapter of Space Marines, and are eventually joined by the Novus Krakens chapter of Space Marines in the 3rd year of fighting. The Raiders and other regiments are left to clear out the last pockets of Ork resistance while the Astartes push on to destroy the Ork Warbosses.


The Homeworld of the 8th Costellian, Costellia, is classified as a Death World, and this is evident after a single step onto the desert wasteland. Most of the planet was blasted and destroyed as part of an unknown battle soon after the Horus Heresy, and remains of the battle still lay scattered amongst the desert. This is where the Costellians make their homes, using the ruins as shelter and creating tribes and cities out of what they find in the wasteland.


The Costellians, despite being made up of several different tribes across the planet, are close with one another, practicing the ways of brotherhood throughout the wasteland, as they have realised they need each other, as well as the God-Emperor's light, to survive. This, ironically, has caused them to be split into five castes so that the community can thrive. Each caste has it's own job in the community, and all are valued equally. The Warrior Caste is trained for the Imperium, as well as to hunt and defend the tribe from bandits; the Scavenger Caste searches the wastes for anything they think will help improve the tribe; the Feeder Caste grows any plants that survive in the wastes, as well as cook for the tribe; and the Sultan Caste deal with the politics between tribes. The Priest Caste makes sure the population maintains their worship of the God-Emperor, and keeps the spirits up in the harsh wastes

Recruitment and Reinforcement

Warriors are a part of their caste from birth, and are trained their entire lives so that they can fight for the Imperium and their homeworld. It does not matter what sex they are, they are expected to be the best of the best, and those that fail are selected for different castes, never given the chance to fight again. This creates a tough breed of guardsman, who follow orders and their training, trained every day that backing down in the field is dishonoring one's tribe and the Imperium as a whole.

If they were in need of reinforcements, a Costellian Regiment would receive the best of the best from their homeworld, already trained and ready to fight.


The 8th Costellian are a light infantry regiment, meaning they lack many heavy weapons and are excellent snipers. Thus, their equipment in the field reflects this.


The Weapons of the 8th Costellian are picked for range, as the Costellians were trained to engage targets at range to minimize the risk of a deadly toxic bite or poisoned blade of the wasteland bandits, but in case of close quarters combat they have a backup.

  • Triplex Phall M-Galaxy lasgun, favored for it's scope
  • Long-Las, used by snipers
  • Kantrael pattern laspistol
  • Combat knife
  • Frag and Krak grenades

Armor and Miscellaneous equipment

The 8th Costellian Raiders are a stealth and scout light infantry regiment, and so they do not carry a lot as that would only weigh them down.

  • Camo-Cloak
    • The Costellian camo-cloak is a unique type of cloak made only for the Costellian Regiments. The Warrior Caste is trained with these, and the Raiders have grown to think of it like a body part, as valuable as an arm or a leg.
  • Combat Ration packs
  • Dog tags
  • Medi-packs for medical officers
  • Costellian Gas Mask
    • Each tribe on Costellia has their own design to the gas mask made in the Costellian system, and each Raider wears their mask with pride, it is what still keeps them unique in the regiment, and it links together members of the same tribe, who share a closer bond than those of different tribes. A Raider's mask is his life, and to damage one is to declare war on the entire regiment.
  • Flak Armor
  • Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer


The 8th Costellian often ambush their enemies, sometimes waiting days wrapped in their unique camo-cloaks for their enemy to show it's head. They also track enemies to critical locations to report back to the commanders of the campaign. When engaged in open combat they fight their enemies at range, employing their excellent aim. They are often supported or supporting other infantry regiments or armor regiments, and will provide any cover necessary for their ally's objective.