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"Mobility of forces is a tactical necessity. However to call my regiment drop troopers is to shame them, we don't drop into a battle lightly armed, we drop in bringing armor and weapons the likes of which the enemy thought could have never flown."
—Colonel Olga Rel-Rich

The Ozue Arial Regiments are a unique form of elite amongst the armored-warfare specialists of the planet. Like it's fellow Airborne Regiments the 63rd Ozue Airbone or Drakes of Ozue, is a regiment specializing in deploying it's forces via rapid aerial insertion bringing weaponry often forsaken by airborne regiments of other worlds with them to the forefront of the battle. Keeping tight with their Ozue roots the elite 63rd bring Anti-Material Field-guns and the Ozue's planetary tank the "Wing tank" as special deployment weapons dropped onto the field of battle by transport. The weapons, tactics and vehicles used by the Ozue 68th bring the dominate mentality of warfare of the Ozue to even the field of airborne regiments allowing the 63rd to quickly move armored forces to hotspots across any war-front to present the glowingly infamous Ozue aggression to bear against any enemy of man.

History of the 63rd Ozue Airborne


Ozue the regimental homeworld the 63rd is a world whose entire history seems to be seeped in mechanized and armored warfare. The world, a flat easy to farmed world whose empty terrain is only broken by forests, rivers, and the occasional city, was a perfect staging ground for armored warfare. Long before The Emperor's great crusade had come to their world, the population had mastered the arts of armored warfare. Mechanized infantry units and tank battalions ruled the planet's military history, while small factories produced the weapons of war as easily as those of any imperial forge. When the Imperial army discovered the world they attempted to claim it for the emperor by force, however aggressive tactics and shockingly mobile forces outflanked and destroyed the more technologically advanced forces of the Imperial army's small forward detachments. It wouldn't be until the Arrival of Horus, and the other Primarchs whose negotiation skills and reasoning, coupled by the world's leaders being awed by their "walking light tanks" brought this world to imperial control with the promise to allow the Ozue to use their tanks and armored forces against new, far off and interesting foes. A promise the Imperium has yet to fail to uphold.

Founding of the Airborne Regiments

After several hundred years of producing Armored and Mechanized Infantry Regiments, the people of Ozue gradually adapted airborne forces into their own military stratagems. Initial attempts for rapid deployment tanks and Chimeras were considered disasters by the Ozue, however the Ozue Commanders worked and reorganized the forces that would become the first Airborne Regiments. Soon the Ozue practices of Armored and Mechanized warfare found a nitch within the Airborne Imperial forces they not only filled but prospered in. Three Imperial tithes after the initial successes of the first Ozue Airborne Regiment, the 63rd Ozue Airborne Regiment became the fourth of the newest form of elite Ozue Regiment. Founded with the pressures of consolidating the position of the Ozue's Airborne Regiment's both within the Imperial guard and within the political Circles of the Ozue Warlords, the Ozue 63rd joined it's few brothers in the Imperium's wars and the pursuit of notoriety and victory.

The Drakes of Ozue's Culture

Regiment Culture

Driven by both the pressures of their duty and their position as one of the few regiments to be produced within the first tithe since the first experimental Airborne Regiment was introduced to the Imperial Guard, the Guardsmen of the 63rd adopted a professional but amiable approach to all things they do. The Regiment's men eagerly seek to join in the thickest of the fighting, and to rush to the defense of the most desperate of battle lines.

To the 63rd Guardsmen attaining victory in battle and defeating the enemy are key to recognition within the regiment. Often the regiment will view others are means to attain victory and keep their professional demure around them even as they try to tactically devise a way to victory with the resources on hand. Seldom does the 63rd behave with the same welcome and warm behavior of a Ozue Mechanized Regiment, nor do they have the familial feel of a Ozue Armored Regiment, instead the 63rd Ozue Airborne Regiment maintains a cool outlook upon life and only show a true passion for battling the enemies of the Emperor, something the Ecclesiastical attaches common amongst Ozue Regiments are keen to act upon.

While it is not nearly as strong as with other Ozue Regiment types, the Squads of the Ozue Airborne Regiments, the 63rd among them, do hold a strong connection between squad-mates. This connection is characteristic amongst the Ozue and despite how muted it is by the 63rd's culture is seen as a boon to the moral of the squads and thus exercises to encourage these connections are often preformed at the behest of the higher ranking officers of the regiment.

Recruitment and Replenishment

File:Patrol training.jpg
Like the majority of Ozue Regiments the 63rd replenish their ranks through a series of rare returns to Ozue, having new companies and Battalions shipped out to the Regiment, or by the Regiment's own children. The Guardsmen brought into the Regiment by Ozue are put through a elite training course meant to train the guardsmen destined for service in a Airborne Regiment not only the necessities for combat amongst the Ozue but also the skills needed to function the vast array of weapons and vehicles they will be in contact with while amongst the 63rd and Airborne Regiments like the 63rd.  Over the course of their Training Guardsmen aspirants for the Ozue Airborne Regiments will undertake constant drills meant to perfect their physique and make the combat actions they will preform from their transport craft second nature.

Despite any training the newest members of the 63rd undertake all new "soft-bottom" members of the 63rd first undergo a harsh hazing period, in which the regiment is allowed to torture and punish the new recruits as they please until the recruit successfully kills a enemy in combat. Once their initial combat kill has been confirmed the new member of the 63rd is freed from their initial hazing period, however they are still considered a "soft-bottom" and are treated as such, not until a new member has successfully participated in three combat operations after their initial kill do they lose their "soft-bottom" position in the regiment and are fully accepted into the ranks.


Like all Ozue Regiments the Ozue 63rd Regiment is a mixed gender regiment. Within the 63rd the balance of male to female guardsmen is close enough to not be of any significant note. However in-regiment relations regardless of gender are by regiment regulation supposed to be kept as professional as possible, despite this there are in-regiment relations and every year several children are born into the 63rd of purely Drakes parentage, though these children are typically outnumbered by those born from trysts one of the Drakes would have with civilians or guardsmen from outside the regiment.


First "Tempest" Battalion

The first Battalion of the 63rd Ozue Airborne Regiment, the "Tempest" Battalion not only holds the command staff of the Regiment but also serves as the forward force of the Regiment's military actions. The "Tempest" Battalion is famed for making a beachhead for the rest of the regiment and being the first of the Drakes to arrive to reinforce a faltering ally force.

First "Firestorm" Company

The First Company of the Regiment and seat of the Regiment Command. The famed Firestorm Company is the only of the three Companies in the First Battalion to ever hold itself in reserve of any kind. Whenever there is a situation dire enough, however, the First Company holds the most veteran of the Regiment's guardsmen and will descend "from upon the flames" unto a enemy typically breaking an enemy force within hours of landing.

Second "Hail" Company

The most wide spread spread of the First Battalion's Companies, the forces of the "hail" company scatter themselves into a series of pockets along the main battle-line of a campaign. From these pockets the Second Company will repeatedly launch assaults uppon the enemy slowly beating away at the mainline while reinforcing whichever Imperial forces are near. The Hail Company is also famed for their ability quickly deploy all pf their armored vehicles and anti-material weapons faster than any other company in the Regiment.

Third "Rain" Company

The "Rain" Company, of the three companies of the First Battalion the Rain Company is the most heavily engaged at all times. Rain Company will stagger their forces over a stretch of the battlefield, holding back just enough men in reserve to create a sense of a unending tide of men for the first few hours of a confrontation against the enemy, thus earning the Company the title of the Rain Company. The Third Company is also noted for their heavy reliance upon the guardsmen of the Regiment as opposed to the typical use of armor or counter-armor weapons and vehicles more commonly applied by the Ozue.

Second "Blue" Battalion

The Second Battalion and primarily second wave of any 63rd attack, the "Blue "  Battalion is considered the poster boys of the 63rd Regiment as their troopers will enter combat typically to turn the initial beachhead formed by the other Battalions and allies into a forward push against an enemy. As such the Blue Battalion's companies are much more situational suited than their cousins in the First or Third Company.

First "Sky" Company

The Sky Company of the Second Battalion is the Regiment's dedicated line assist company. The troopers of the First Company Second Battalion will typically enter a battle to reinforce a infantry-line push and are notorious for utilizing their aerial maneuverability to land behind or atop enemy battle-lines disrupting the enemies defenses allowing their fellow guardsmen to advance. As such the propaganda produced by the "sky" Company typically features them along side Death Korps of Krieg and other notable siege forces.

Second "Waters" Company

The Second Company of the 63rd Ozue Airborne Regiment Second Battalion, otherwise known as the "Waters" Battalion, is known for their role as assistance to Imperial Armored pushes. The Waters Company holds more Armor and Counter-Armor weapons than any Company in the Regiment, and as a result are the more publicized of the three companies in the Second Battalion in the propaganda of their homeworld. The Second Company often deploys their light tanks and field guns within close proximity of a Imperial Armored rush, often straining the ability to quickly drop and load guardsmen of the aircraft transporting them.

Third "Heavens" Company

The Third and final Company of the Second Battalion, the infamous "Heavens" Company are the urban combatants of the 63rd. Often the "Heavens" Company of the 63rd will join in the cleanup operations of a city siege or will partake of a cityscape battle after the initial defenses of the city have been penetrated. As there is little need for large Armor and Counter-Armor weapons the "Heaven's" company typically rely more on guardsmen who will repell off the back of the Valkyrie transporting them directly into the structures they will take, or directly into the enemy they will be engaging.

Third "Hawks" Battalion

File:Sole Survivor.jpg
The Third and most distant of the three of the 63rd Ozue Battalions, the "Hawks" battalion often operates alone. Instead of reinforcing imperial lines the Hawks battalion is expected to strike behind enemy lines attacking supply cashes and vehicle depots of the enemy. As the Third Battallion often operates alone, their guardsmen take a much more professional and nihilistic look on life than what is expected of any Ozue Guardsman, while the Battalion's success rate and fatality rate are both the highest in the entire Regiment.

First "Strike" Company

The one Company of the Third Battalion likely to interact with Imperial Lines, the First or "Strike" Company of the "Hawks" Battalion are the 63rds forward force. The "Strike" Company will find a vital enemy point ahead of the main Imperial push and deploy against it. Using their light tanks and Ozue aggression they will claim the point for the glory of the Imperium and hold until the main Imperial Battle-line can reach their location before repeating the process again. As they are the only Company in the Regiment who must hold a position for a extended period of time against the enemy the "Strike" Company are the 63rd's defensive experts.

Second "Talon" Company

The insertion specialists of the entire 63rd regiment, the "Talon" Company of the Third Battalion is a specialist force amongst the 63rd, the guardsmen of the Company are dedicated to the elimination of enemy supply lines in lightning raids. Often the "Talon" Company launches it's attacks without warning, it's forces amassed into single thrusts into enemy territory quickly cutting into the vitals of the Enemies of the Emperor crippling their ability to wage war. The Guardsmen of the "Talon" Company view themselves as the critical force of any war and will often behave as if they are the most vital portion of the entire 63rd Regiment.

Third "Eyes" Company

The most widely distributed of the three companies comprising the Third Battalion, the "Eyes" Company are the wide range scouts of the 63rd. The "Eyes" Company as a force are often spread across the entire forefront of any campaign the 63rd is locked in. Using their Valkyries the Third Battalion Third Company of the 63rd Regiment will launch scouting missions into deeper enemy territory seeking to located the primary strengths and weaknesses of the Enemy and to both harass said enemy and to relay this information back to their Imperial allies. Often the guardsmen of the "Eyes" Company act alone, and often they disappear fates unknown.


Guardsmen weaponry

Accatran Pattern Mark II Laspistol

A favorite amongst the Ozue Mechanized Regiments, This is the primary side arm of the 63rd Ozue airborne Regiment. As the Accatran pattern Laspistol contains more power and a larger clip size than the typical laspistol, in addition to the weapon's small size, the Accatran is the go-to weapon for close quarters engagements and general use amongst the Ozue regiments. Due to how the weapon uses a standard lasgun power pack allowing the regiments which utilize the weapon to cut down on the variety of needed ammunition and to holster their laspistols as a emergency reserve clip for their primary lasrifles in extreme situations.

M37 Bullpup Pattern Lasrifle

The Ozue issue M37 Bullpup Pattern Lasrifle, a locally produced modification to the standard Imperial Bullpup Pattern Lasrifle, is the primary weapon of the Ozue Mechanized and Airborne Infantry Regiments. Each of the M37 Bullpup Lasrifles which are modified for use with the Ozue regiments have a Bayonet lug primarily for mounting locally manufactured chain daggers on. The M37 Bullpup is also features a targeter system which allows the guardsmen using the weapon to more accurately and quickly sight in on targets. To complement typical Ozue Tactics the M37 is also modified to fire at twice the rate of the standard Bullpup Lasrifle, though the rifle has a lessened charge capacity as a result. The Bullpups given to the Ozue Airborne divisions also Grapenal mounting to aid in the rapid deployment of the troopers using the rifle into combat situations. Nearly all guardsmen in the 63rd can move with their weapon as if the Bullpup was a part of themselves.

Grenades/ Grenade Launchers

The Ozue guardsman is issued one fragmentation grenade and three krak grenades as standard issue, as the Ozue Munitorum prioritizes infantry to vehicle warfare over standard infantry against infantry warfare. However those amongst the Ozue who take up the role as a grenade specialist, and utilize the standard Grenade Launcher are granted access to a more significant supply of fragmentation and Krak grenades. When Employed the Ozue Grenade Launcher, is used primarily as a counter to enemy armor and fortified positions as to soften the targets of the Ozue Infantry.

Mark II Accatran Pattern Plasma Gun

As the Accatran Plasma Gun was designed to be lightweight for the famed Elysian Drop Troops, it was quickly adapted by the Ozue Mechanized infantry after they discovered the weapon. By the time the Ozue Airborne Divisions were formed the Plasma Gun was almost a standard specialist weapon within the ranks of the Ozue and easily found itself in the service of the Ozue Airborne divisions. With the ability to penetrate a vehicles armor at ranges most Melta weapons can not reach, the wide versatility of the Plasmagun was seen as a great boon to the Imperial Guardsmen. While the weapon is at times seen as a risk, nearly all Ozue guardsmen see the Plasmagun as a weapon of great potential and are proud to fight with one at their side.

Xennus Pattern Meltagun

A lightweight and truly exceptional weapon design, the Ozue Airborne Regiments make extensive use of this pattern of meltagun for it's ability to easily perentrate armor and relative lightweight when compared to the heavy autocannons utalized by more standard Ozue Regiments. While the Xennus Pattern is a exceptionally effective weapon the weapon is also known for it's tendency to seize up making it even harder for guardsmen using the weapon to unjam it when it has failed in combat. Despite these failure the Ozue Airborne and the 63rd in particular have scored a ever increasing number of tank kills with the weapon and praise it for it's ability to easily punch through armor.

Accatran MkIX Automatic Mortar

A Imperial Mortor Design which the Ozue Airborne Regiments discovered and quickly adopted into their own use, the Accatran MkIX Mortor contains a five round clip and can be remotely controlled by the user allowing various circumstances where the weapons operator can quite literally act as his own spotter. The accuracy of the weapon's control can be limited by vox-interference and local interference. However the value of the close fire support the weapon can never be denied as the Automatic mortar can be selected to fire either a single shell or it's entire five shell clip simultaneously placing a entire barrage on the spotter/operators selected target. This ability allows the Ozue to effectively use this weapon as both an ambush weapon and a weapon when hunting down enemy supply depots and motor pools.

Vekrineir Mk-5 Anti-Material Field Gun

File:Vekrineir Mk-5 Anti-Material Field Gun.jpg
Developed on Ozue for the planet's own Armored wars, the Vekrineir Mk-5 Anti-Material Field Gun is the favorite anti-armor weapon of any and all Ozue Infantry regiments. This cart carried Field gun is typically found within the Ozue Mechanized Regiments, where the armored workhorses of the Imperial Guard can easily move the large cumbersome weapons for the guardsmen who love them so. While the Vekrineir is large and difficult to move and operate, only firing a single shell at a time, the weapon's excellent range and armor penetration make it a must for the Ozue.  In the 63rd Ozue Airborne the Vekrineir is often airdropped into locations to grant the gun maximal effect.

Standard Gear

Ozue Model Flak Armor

While Offering little to no difference in both protection location and defensive value, the Ozue Model Flak Armor was designed with armored warfare at the forefront. As such the armor placement primarily centralizes around the upper body, thighs, and shins, while offering more mobility and comfort to locations of the Guardsman's body which have less to do with combat, in the eyes of the Ozue, and more with proper movement and supply storage while within a vehicle.

Ozue Issue Chain Daggers

Each Ozue Guardsman is given two Ozue Chain daggers for use in combat upon their acceptance into the Imperial Guard. The Ozue Airborne Regiments receive an additional Chain Dagger as their troopers are likely to get dragged into melee battles. The three knives of the 63rd are each maintained to pristine condition and ready for immediate use.

Ozue Field Supply Bag

Supplied by Ozue, the Ozue Field Supply Bag initially comes filled with spare uniforms, kitchen utensils, and various other supplies necessary for a soldier of the Ozue to survive on the field. Each bag is designed to attach to the outside of a Imperial vehicle as to allow a Ozue Infantryman to carry his needed supplies with his vehicle. Over time the bag's contents will become more personalized with it's contents varying from personal trophies, to extra food supplies. Often these bags are transported separately or left at the central drop zone of the 63rd from the troopers.

Ozue Issue Rucksack

The Standard issue Rucksack every Imperial Guardsman carries was seen as space consuming by the Ozue, and thus several modifications were made to the traditional Rucksack allowing for freedom of movement while in a transport. The Ozue Issue Rucksack was designed to rest more on the shoulders and side of the Guardsman carrying it, taking up less backspace from the guardsman in exchange for being seen as wider.

Ozue Entrenching Tool

Similar to most Imperial Infantry all Ozue Guardsmen carry a Entrenching Tool either strapped to their vehicle or on their Rucksack. These Ozue issued Entrenching tools feature a single spade head shovel with a extension. While locked into the shoveling position the pick is pressed against the handle of the entrenching tool allowing ease of use for the digging soldier, however the tool can easily lock into place as a pick allowing the guardsman using it to utilize the tool in a similar manner as the standard Imperial Entrenching Tool.  However this versatility makes the standard Ozue Entrenching Tool more delicate than the standard Imperial Entrenching tool and the Ozue Entrenching tool is known to break more often than the standard counterpart, causing some of the 91st to keep a spare entrenching tool of either design in their Field bag.

Mess Kit, 2 Canteens, 6 weeks worth of rations

Typically given to newer Guardsmen in their Standard Issue Ozue Field Supply Bag. Each guardsman begins his career amongst the Ozue with a single mess kit, to be replaced at their own expense if lost, two canteens of water, and six weeks worth of rations. The standard Ozue mess kit comes with two dining knives, and two eating utensils known simply as "sporks". The two canteens given to guardsmen by the Ozue Munitorum are granted to allow the guardsmen to continue traveling with fewer breaks between their point of origin and their destination. The majority of these supplies are typically stored in the standard field supply bad of each trooper.

Standard Repair Kit

True to their Ozue heritage every member of the Husk Riders was raised with at least a working knowledge of how to properly maintain a vehicle. While looked down upon by the Mechanicus the Ozue people all have a innate love for the maintenance and care for their vehicles. As such every Ozue regiment is supplied with the Standard Repair Kit, like any Ozue the 63rd know their Vehicle's maintenance and their repair kits almost as well as they know their rifles. The Standard Repair Kit, most likely as a effort to pass the kit by the Munitorum, also serves as a maintenance kit for the Ozue Infantryman's lasrifle and contains tools meant for the care of the various weapons employed by the Ozue.


As the interior of any vehicle can be loud the Ozue early in their time amongst the Imperial Guard adopted the use of Micro-beads to allow ease of communication between the soldiers. While the protocols, uses, and codes for the Micro-beads amongst the various regiments of the Ozue differ greatly, the Microbead of the 63rd are restricted only allowing the squad leader and Valkyrie pilots to speak into the beads while the squad is in flight.


Used by the Ozue Airborne regiments the Ozue Grav-chute is of the same model used by the Harakoni Warhawks. The Grav-Chute is utilized in much the same way as the Imperial Drop Regiments. The Drakes of the 63rd keep their Grav-chutes on hand during flight in case of emergency and for rapid deployment. In the Ozue 63rd, the Drakes hold their Grav-Chutes dearly each one is routinely maintained and cared for by the soldier assigned to it, and in the event of  a troopers death if they can acquire the trooper's Grav-Chute the Regiment will typically disassemble the unit ceremonially in honor of it's fallen owner.


Wing Tank

File:Wing scout tank.jpg
The wing tank, a unique armored vehicle of Ozue, is a lightly armored, but mobile, fast attack vehicle known to be able to travel long distances and continue fighting alone without supply for much longer periods of time than most Imperial armor. For combat these vehicles carry one turret mounted auto cannon along with a heavy stubber. However it's light armor, the casualty rates amongst it's crews, and slightly less diverse selection of terrain it can traverse ensure that the imperial Sentential will always be the far more preferred scout vehicle outside the Ozue regiments. In the Ozue Airborne Regiments the Wing Tank is dropped via Valkyrie as a support vehicle to the Infantry advances and to provide support against enemy armor. The vehicles comparative light weight and mobility make the Wing Tank a exceptional option for air transport as the robust tank can be dropped directly into the battlefield alongside the soldiers it supports.


The most commonly seen vehicle of the Ozue 63rd Regiment, the imperial Valkyrie is a standard areal transport for the majority of the Imperial guard, however the various ways the Valkyrie has been utilized by the Drakes of Ozue make their Valkyries highly notable units on the battlefield. For the Ozue Airborne Regiments the Valkyrie is the primary transport of both the guardsmen but also of their heavy support equipment. Often times using either grav-chutes or rappel lines the guardsmen of the 63rd Ozue will deploy themselves into outflanking positions of the enemy from their transports.

Combat Doctrine

As the 63rd Ozue Airborne hail from a primarily flat agri-world whose tactical mindset is centered around armored warfare and mobile forces the Ozue Airbonre Regiments do not hold the same standards for their force deployments as the more predominate airborne Imperial forces such as the Drop Regiments. The Drakes of Ozue instead view their Valkyries as high speed transport vehicles with the ability to bypass enemy armor and with the ability to deploy the Drakes into locations typically difficult to deploy in. Actual Infantry drops are reserved tactics for the Drakes as they would rather deploy directly from their transport and even more favorably with a heavy weapon of some form as support.

The 63rd Ozue Airborne primarily are trained as a high speed flanking force, meant to encircle enemy forces and to add their own firepower to the Imperial mainline. The uses of the Valkyries of the Ozue are more predominately limited to those of support roles as the Drakes of Ozue scarcely behave as a beachhead force. However the 63rd Ozue's tactical application rapidly deploying heavy weapons in positions difficult or even near impossible to place the weapon and it's crews make them a devastating force in their own right as the Ozue's light tank and favored weapons can easily be brought to combat situations standard Imperial Armor would never find itself in.

Notable Drakes


Colonel Olga Rel-Rich

File:Colonel Olga.jpg
On of the most relaxed commanders the 63rd Ozue Airborne Regiment has ever had, Colonel Olga Rel-Rich was born into the ranks of the Drakes of Ozue. As a child she was brought up and trained with the same cold professionalism and Amiability every member of the Regiment is expected to put forth. After coming of age and joining with the "soft-bottom" troops of the regiment Olga spent nearly eight years working her way up the ranks to the position of sergeant.  As a sergeant Colonel Olga received her first real taste of command when her Valkyrie was operated from the rest of the Regiment and she had to navigate herself and her men through a Tyranid infested battlefield to return to the main Imperial lines. After that incident Olga Rel-Rich's career became steadily more notable as she began to rapidly climb the ranks of her Regiment, attaining the position of Lt. Major in less than four years. Eight years after her she attained the rank of Lt. Major a series of cataclysmic battles left Olga as the Colonel of the entirety of the Drakes of Ozue.

Her time spent amongst the men and the bloody nature of her assent left Colonel Olga with a bitter impression towards the current structure of the 63rd, her regiment while more successful than many of their Ozue counterparts suffered significantly higher casualties. As such the Colonel of the 63rd is much more open than previous Colonels seeking to better intermix her forces with both Imperial forces and and each-other, forgoing the traditional Drakes ideology of the pursuit of glory. Since taking command Colonel Olga has proven to both be as strict and unbending as expected of a Colonel of the 63rd but far more tactically aware and capable than her predecessors.

Commissar Brutus Silconi

To be the Commissar of the 63rd Ozue is not to be a individual whose terrifying presence would drive men into the maw of hell itself, nor is it a easy role where one simply must maintain the moral and good order of the troops he has been assigned too. Instead to be Commissar Brutus Silconi must be a directing force, ensuring the limitless zeal for the attack of the Ozue soldiers is properly directed as to best serve the Emperor. Brutus, as Commissar of the 63rd is trapped in a constant battle of using his own tactical acumen, and maintaining the fear and respect of those around him to such a extent that the Ozue forces keep in proper order and fight according to the mission set before them by the high command.

In his time among the 63rd Commissar Brutus has been a force to be feared by the men of the regiment holding them to strict protocols and keeping the entirety of the regiment around him working in a tight order. Allowing the Ozue time to freely prepare their own plans and thoughts for combat, the Commissar has concluded, is to allow them to seek the most destructive, and disruptive to Imperial tactics, way possible to engage any foe. Under the influence of Commissar Brutus the 63rd Regiment has yet to ever preform any operation as disruptive or destructive as the typical Ozue Regiments hold a reputation for engaging in.

Lt Major Bruno Borillas

Sister-Missionary Elaina Kroust

File:Sister-Missionary Elaina.png
An Ecclesiastical attache to the 63rd Ozue Regiment, Sister-Missionary Elaina Kroust began her life in the service of the Emperor first within the Schola Progenium wishing to join the revered Sisters of Battle. However the young girl was unfortunately found unfit for the task of joining the militant cast of the Sisters, and instead her oratory skills along with her her exploratory nature made her a excellent candidate for joining the ranks of the Imperial Missionaries. Pressured into the service along side a more senior member of the Mission of a simple feral world Elania would spend the majority of her formative years upon a primitive rock disallowed from fighting the enemies of her Eternal Lord, on this rock however she would develop close connections with the local population. Upon her 19th year the Sister would come into her first contact with the Ozue 63rd Airborne, when a sudden upraise of the horrid Zombie-Plague would ravage the unprepared primitives of the world and a request for Imperial aid was sent. The 63rd would rescue Sister-Missionary Elaina Kroust but not until after the entire mission and nearly the entire planet had fallen to the plague. Since that time Sister-Missionary Elaina Kroust has been alongside the Drakes of Ozue.

In her time with the Drakes of Ozue Sister-Missionary Elaina has found the ability to fight at the forefront against the Emperor's foes as she had always hoped, however the loss of her mission and the death of several of those whom she cared for has scared her and the overly destructive tendencies of the Ozue people leaves her spending more time worrying about the safety of the innocent and those around her than the deaths of enemy. Sister Elaina both preaches fervently to both the men and those civilians near the regiment of the Emperor, often sparking fits of zeal in those that hear her, however her preaching and the wrathful zeal she causes is offset by her sermons of life and love. When she is allowed to participate in the strategic meetings of the 63rd Ozue the Sister-Missionary often comes to odds with the priorities set forth by Commissar Brutus and both she and the Commissar often find themselves at odds with the tactical suggestions of the Regiment's Colonel.

Sergent Joseph Morr

File:Joseph morr.jpg
One of the most decorated Guardsmen of Ozue who is also among the living. Sergent Joseph Morr was born on Ozue but enlisted early into the Imperial Guard and was scouted for the Ozue Airborne Regiments. To the Imperial Command the name Joseph Morr occasionally strikes a meaning as the man has received various accommodations from them, however to the Airborne around him Joseph Morr is a death sentence. In battle Sergent Morr is often in the first Valkyrie into combat, and just as often the first Valkyrie shot down. The Sergent has thsu far survived more encounters and unfortunate events than any guardsman in the entire history of the Ozue Airborne Regiments. However this seeming misfortune that follows the Sergent is a double edged sword, while he is often shot down, encircled, ambushed, and even warped to entirely new battlefields the Sergent continues to fight both valiantly and unwaveringly, seeking to exact the most destructive of attacks against the foes of man.  Whenever the Sergent is lost upon the battlefield, his disappearance is often followed soon after by the destruction of major enemy resources and the deaths of untold numbers of enemies.

Off the field of battle Sergent Morr is treated as something of a pariah, avoided by his fellow guardsmen. Currently the only individuals who partake of the Sergent's Company are the Sister-Missionary Elaina Kroust who has fought alongside him several times, and Commissar Brutus whose fearsome reputation is only increased by his association with the Sergent. Despite his loneliness the Sergent is a cheerful and warm individual who has yet ever seemed to despair at any given scenario.


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"Jacked a chain-dagger thingy from one of those Ozue drop monkies. Works pretty well considering the former user was run over by the Chimera. "
—Infamous Nemiraian Chimera gunner, Chozen "Blindspot" Herrn