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The 483rd is one of the more veteran fleets in the Imperium, with some vessels originating from the old Saturnine fleet. Though comprising little more than a larger than average squadron by the 41st millenium its ships are still some of the most powerful ever built by humanity.

Fleet Composition

Eternal Wrath

File:Retribution Battleship by The First Magelord.png

Though not the oldest or largest the Eternal Wrath serves as the flagship for the 483rd Imperial Battlefleet. Eternal Wrath is a retribution class battleship, victor of a thousand battles. Captained By Admiral Valenka it was instrumental in engaging Hive fleet Kraken in 992.M41, spearheading the fleet's assault and destroying many thousands of spores before they made planetfall across the galaxy. Despite the 'shadow in the warp' preventing astropathic communication the fleet was able to follow Eternal Wrath's path and suffer minimal losses. Eternal Wrath's macro cannons wrecked heavy damage upon the hive ships. Admiral Valenka utilised tactics not seen in the imperium before in order to achieve success. Switching off engines to maintain speed he rolled her  90 degrees to port and flew directly under the hive ships. Less than a mile apart, a tiny distance in naval engagements, he unleashed her full starboard armament of macro cannons and lance weapons, at the same time firing off plasma torpedoes into the belly as well. In this way massive damage was dealt  while suffering minimal damage against the starboard armour belt.


File:Dauntless Light Cruiser by The First Magelord.png
Inflexible is a Dauntless class light cruiser. Captained by the indomitable Chenkov the ship has survived many battles by the skin of its teeth. It was almost destroyed in the war against hive fleet kraken when it was boarded by a number of xenos. The sailors on board managed to fight them off and kill them all, but at the cost of many Imperial lives. 


Exultant is the second Dauntless light cruiser in the fleet but has significantly more luck than her sister, bearing little battle damage in comparison to the rest of the fleet.

Harbinger of Dismay

Spirit of War


Herald of Anger

Battle Honours


The many thousands of crew that serve upon the ships of the 483rd are primarily drawn from the segmentum solar and the worlds near Macragge. A high proportion of menial workers aboard the ship are volunteers from Hive worlds, drawn in by the promise of pay and a better life.