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The 2nd Solaritus is a siege regiment from the planet of Solaritus Solar, Capital of the Solaritus sub-sector, and the first siege regiment from the planet. The reason for this is the circumstances surrounding their founding, as the founding was interupted by the forces of the Archenemy, which locked the new guardsmen into a state of siege warfare for more than a year until the forces of the Archenemy grow weak through attrition and the 8th Costellian arrive to finish off what remained. Since then, the 2nd Solaritus have served as a large siege regiment, and every regiment from Solaritus Solar that followed would be trained by veterans of the initial siege or their replacements in the art of siege warfare, and every recruit is trained to hate the Archenemy for the destruction they caused through inquisition-edited stories of the war.



Originally founded as a Mechanized Infantry regiment to aid in a distant war, the governor's tithe was nearly ready to be payed when the planet was besieged by a Chaos Space Marine warband, who were summoned by a heretical cult. The 2nd was prevented from leaving the planet, and fought off the warband as long as they could, soon supported by the 8th Costellian Raiders. Through this war the 2nd learned the ways of siege warfare, and became experts at it. After the war, when the tithe to the Imperium was finished and the Regiment achieved it's full strength from recruits from the surviving population, they were given the tools required to fight as a siege regiment, having achieved technology equivalent to M3.

Notable Campaigns

  • The Siege of Solaritus (960.M41)
  • The Battle of Malleo (962.M41)
  • The Siege of Unorsk (970.M41)
  • The Colaris Crusade (980.M41 -- 983.M41)


The 2nd Solaritus recruit from their homeworld, the Imperial world of Solaritus Solar. These recruits are conscripted into service in order to keep the regiment at optimal fighting strength. They often have trained the recruits on their homeworld to a degree before shipping them out to fill the empty spots, so that they do not waste lives by throwing untrained recruits into the fires of war. The regiment does not care about gender, conscripting men and women all across Solaritus Solar in order to fight for the Imperium.


The 2nd Solaritus come from Solaritus Solar, the capital of the Solaritus Sub-Sector. The planet is classified as an Imperial world, consisting of only 2 hives, and several cities dotting the landscape. The landscape away from the Hives is lush and green with dense forests, and the planet has almost constant rainfall. This rainfall has caused Hive Sealtus, the capital hive from which Jarconic Vendi rules as the Sub-Sector's governor. Citizens of the ironically named Solaritus Solar have built life around self-sustaining industry and farming, creating their own tools to farm and live, all at about the level of 3rd millennium technology.

Regimental Doctrine and Organization

The Solaritus are a siege regiment, consisting of batteries of artillery, as well as thousands of infantry which are backed up by tanks and transports. They hold positions to the last man, fighting tooth and nail for every inch of ground, usually setting up large defenses around key points. When the enemy attacks, they will often shell the attackers for several hours while their tanks and other heavy weaponry blow apart the enemy's front lines. On the offensive, their infantry will follow a sheet of heavy artillery, alongside their armor.

The Solaritus are a well equipped siege regiment, and are equipped with many heavy weapons such as autocannons and lascannons, as well as weapons such as the Hotshot volleygun, and carapace armor for higher-ranking officers. In terms of artillery they are equipped with Basilisks and Griffon heavy mortar carriers, while for vehicles they have Crassus Heavy Armored Assault Transports and Chimera transports.

As a siege regiment, the Solaritus are a larger than average regiment, due to the possibility of being stuck in a warzone for several years. Many of these are conscripts, waiting to fill in for the guardsmen that fall during the siege. The 12000 soldiers are split up into 4 battalions made up of 10 companies, each given their own role. Each battalion has 2 artillery companies, 1 armor company, and 7 standard infantry companies

Battalion Company CO
1st Battalion
1st Company Colonel Lukas Vegral
2nd Company Captain Alexander Pragal
3rd Company Captain Dernom Fargers
4th Company Captain Maximian Houchard
5th Company Captain Kantor Puul
6th Company Captain Cedrik Moratti
7th Company Captain Solon Praig
1st Armor Company Captain Karren Colomy
1st Artillery Company Captain Aurelian Mortz
2nd Artillery Company Captain Suellen Mozo
2nd Battalion
1st Company Major Anna Telger
2nd Company Captain Donatus Nacht
3rd Company Captain Nina Beletsky
4th Company Captain Reinbert Buitekaar
5th Company Captain Crispijn Nieman
6th Company Captain Clarice Blondel
7th Company Captain Grant Blanco
1st Armor Company Captain Fyodor Baikov
1st Artillery Company Captain Ema Reite
2nd Artillery Company Captain Rolf Teffelen
3rd Battalion
1st Company Major Kelson Garok
2nd Company Captain Vincent Mostert
3rd Company Captain Carl Reichert
4th Company Captain Karl Mueller
5th Company Captain Jacques Durande
6th Company Captain Heinz Hermsmann
7th Company Captain Corralith Pyre
1st Armor Company Captain Jacob Gaert
1st Artillery Company Captain Lazarus Blattmann
2nd Artillery Company Captain Emmalyn Weiss
4th Battalion
1st Company Major Anton Harend
2nd Company Captain Krijn Parre
3rd Company Captain Mercedes Yañez
4th Company Captain Fadey Safin
5th Company Captain Quiteria de Andrada
6th Company Captain Lydia Molendijk
7th Company Captain Sydney Castelnuovo
1st Armor Company Captain Reynard Thaddeus
1st Artillery Company Captain Fyodor Baranski
2nd Artillery Company Captain Uze Eliarhg


The wargear used by the 2nd Solaritus can be divided into 3 parts: weapons, equipment, and vehicles.


  • M36 Kantrael Pattern Lasrifle, the standard lasgun used by the regiment's infantry
  • Kantrael Mg Defender Pattern Laspistol, the standard sidearm of all guardsmen in the regiment, from officers to artillery teams
  • Hades Pattern Mark III Assault Flamer
  • Hellguns, used only by veteran troops
  • Heavy Bolters
  • Chainswords, used by officers
  • Bayonets
  • Frag and Krak grenades


Equipment is classified as any utility item the regiment uses, such as armor and tools

  • Flak armor, used by standard guardsman
  • Carapace armor, used only by the elite veterans and officers
  • Vox-caster
  • Medi-packs
  • Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer


Being a large siege regiment, the 2nd Solaritus can field a number of their own tanks and vehicles, widening their different number of vehicles.

  • Basilisks, the regiment's artillery vehicles
  • Griffon Heavy Mortar Carriers
  • Chimera Transports
  • Crassus Heavy Armored Assault Transports